'How To Roll A Joint' Google Searches Spike In NJ After Marijuana Legalized

'How To Roll A Joint' Google Searches Spike In NJ After Marijuana Legalized

New Jersey has officially legalized the use of recreational marijuana. The "dope" move left many state residents in "high" spirits, leading them to spend the rest of the day preparing themselves for the changes by Googling "how to roll a joint."

Things Will Never Be The Same Again

According to statistics, there was a 2,800% increase in the search for this phrase for more than four hours.

But that was not the only thing New Jerseyans were curious about after the landmark legislative change. There were also lots of searches for the phrase "when will weed be legal in New Jersey."

You see, the expectant stoners are still to get a green light to enjoy this increasingly popular pastime of recreational marijuana use.

In fact, it might take a while before people can safely roll joints and have a good time. As in, before they can do so without fearing that the authorities might kick down their doors and make arrests.

However, many feel that it's the high time the state finally found a way to regulate the industry.

But One Thing Is Clear: This Recreational Weed Industry Is Sure To Be A Hit

Marijuana use will definitely catch on, that's for sure. However, it's not yet time to roll joints.

For one, no members have been appointed to the Cannabis Regulatory Commission. Their input is necessary for creating the regulatory framework for the highly anticipated industry.

But still, many state residents are excited about the upcoming legislative changes and the freedoms they will give them.

The day weed is finally legal is awaited by many with palpable anticipation.

Even before the new measure was passed, a resident sent this tweet:

I have 3 victory joints rolled up ready to go! And if it doesn't pass… I'll still have 3 joints rolled up ready to go!

As soon as the constitutional amendments were passed, a reporter commented on Twitter about what might follow.

The reporter predicted that pizza joints would see a monumental rise in order numbers from media workers during Election Night.

Based on this comment, a journalist asked:

And how many peeps are about to roll legal joints in NJ.

Clearly, more than anyone could have ever anticipated.

The legalization of recreational use of weed seems like a long-awaited gift for many New Jerseyans. They clearly won't let the rare and exciting privilege go to waste if the telltale Google searches are anything to go by.