How To Respond When A Guy Says You're Hot: 20 Ways

Being told "you're hot" by a guy can be surprising.

Here are some simple ways to respond to suggestive compliments from a guy:


1. "Thank You"

"Thank you" and act as if nothing happened. Good for compliments from strangers, such as when shopping or walking downtown. If they make eye contact, smile and move on.

2. "It's Kind of You to Say"

"Thank you," for a platonic friend who compliments on your appearance. Shows appreciation without encouraging further conversation.

3. "I Know"

"Thanks, that's kind of you to say." Works well to continue the conversation after a compliment such as "you're hot" or "you have great style/I love your dress."

4. "You're Hot Too"

"You're hot too," flirts and continues the conversation. Can also be used with a stranger, such as at the grocery store.

5. "Tell Me More"

To respond when flirting with a guy and he compliments you, say something like "Thank you, that's so sweet." This response encourages him to continue complementing you and makes the interaction more flirtatious, while still allowing him to do the majority of the talking.

6. "You're Not So Bad Yourself"

To make your guy friends feel good after they compliment you, respond by saying "You're not so bad yourself." This tells them that they too are attractive or have positive qualities, making it a flattering response. Use this after compliments on things like your sense of humor or hair, not just when they compliment your appearance.

To redirect the conversation and show gratitude for a compliment, respond with "Thank you, how about you?" This shifts the focus from yourself to the other person, making it a good option if you're uncomfortable with compliments about your appearance. It also hints that you are open to receiving compliments in return.

7. "Do You Really Think So?"

When flirting with a guy and receiving a compliment on your appearance, respond with "Really? Convince me." This response puts the responsibility on him to prove the sincerity of his compliment and tests if he's genuine or just trying to flatter you.

If he answers "yes" to your response of "Really? Convince me," use body language and tone of voice to flirt back. If he hesitates, it may indicate insincerity, allowing you to call him out on it.

8. "Yes, I Am, And You're Welcome"

Respond with "I know, right?" to show appreciation for a compliment and confidence in your own beauty. It's a playful and flirtatious way to acknowledge the compliment.

If flirting with someone unfamiliar, like an attractive stranger, use the response "I know, I clean up well." This acknowledges the attention they're giving you while still maintaining boundaries and not necessarily encouraging further conversation or flirting.

9. "Wow, I'm Blushing."

If you're shy or unused to compliments, respond with "Thank you, that's kind of you to say." This shows gratitude without encouraging further flirting, maintaining a comfortable level of interaction.

Use "Thank you, that's kind of you to say," as a response when faced with unwanted comments on your appearance or body language. It acknowledges the comment while maintaining a polite and respectful tone.

10. "You're The Sweetest"

Respond with "Aww, thank you. That's so sweet of you." to show appreciation for a compliment and acknowledge it with a friendly tone. It's a polite way to express gratitude without encouraging excessive flirting.

11. "Thank You, But There's More To Me"

Respond with "Thank you, but I hope people appreciate my personality too." to acknowledge a compliment while indicating that you want to be recognized for more than just your physical traits. You can then mention other qualities you have that make you unique.

12. "More Compliments Please"

Respond with "Keep 'em coming!" to encourage continued compliments while setting boundaries on flirtatious behavior. This response is playful and flirtatious while also making it clear what is and isn't appropriate.

13. "Nice Try"

Respond with "Caught ya! You're so smooth." to playfully acknowledge someone attempting to flatter you. This response is light-hearted and maintains a fun tone, allowing for continued compliments if genuine.

14. "You're So Full of It"

Respond with "Thanks, but ease up a bit. Let's get to know each other first." to let someone know that their excessive flirting or compliments are too much. This response discourages insincere behavior and encourages building a genuine connection before ramping up the flirtation.

15. "You Don't Have To Say That"

Respond with "That's too much, let's keep it respectful." if someone crosses your boundaries or appears desperate in their compliments. This response clearly communicates that their behavior is inappropriate and discourages future similar behavior.

16. "You Always Know How To Make Me Feel Hot"

This response is suitable if you want to acknowledge his compliments and show that you believe they are sincere. It allows him to take the lead in flirting and encourages him to continue if he desires.

17. "Do You Want To Move This Conversation To My Place?"

This response signals to the guy that you are open to exploring a deeper connection, and you are willing to act on the compliments he gives you. It's flirtatious and playful, while also being bold and confident. He'll understand that you are intrigued by him and ready to escalate the interaction.

18. "That Makes Me Uncomfortable"

This response sends the message that the compliment or advance was inappropriate and not welcome, and discourages future unwanted behavior.

19. "Let's Change The Subject"

This response is appropriate when you want to steer the conversation away from flirting and towards a different topic. It discourages further flirting without being confrontational or making the guy feel ashamed, leaving the possibility open for future interactions.

20. "I Like You As A Friend"

This response communicates your disinterest in flirting and sets clear boundaries. It firmly informs the guy that further advances are unacceptable while still being polite so he doesn't feel discouraged from future interactions.


When "hot" is used, it means someone finds the person attractive and good-looking. In some cases, it can also indicate sexual attraction, but this is more explicit.

Being called "hot" can indicate someone finds you attractive or good-looking, but it doesn't necessarily mean they are attracted to you. It could also be a compliment from a friend or a superior, or simply a compliment on your appearance.

To determine if his words are personal, observe his nonverbal cues such as body language and facial expressions. Signs like blushing, a beaming smile, or sustained eye contact suggest he may have a romantic interest in you.