How To Respond To Narcissist Silent Treatment

How To Respond To Narcissist Silent Treatment

Let's try and answer an important question: how do you get a narcissist to respond to you when they are busy giving you the silent treatment? Or rather, how should you respond to narcissist silent treatment?

If you have met a narcissist, you know there is no one more important in their lives than themselves. They only care about their opinions and ideas, and they think anything they do is orders of magnitude better than what you could ever do.

Even when a narcissist is using the silent treatment to make you miserable and more likely to bend to their will, they think they are doing the right thing.

Manipulation is one of the reasons why narcissists use silent treatment. These people can also use silent treatment when they want to break you, hoping that the unpleasant scenario will force you to break down.

What Do You Do When A Narcissist Gives You Silent Treatment?

how to respond to narcissist silent treatment

Interestingly, giving the silent treatment to a narcissist who is giving you the same treatment is one of the best ways to respond to the behavior.

Narcissists hate being ignored and feeling like they are irrelevant to those they keep close. Silent treatment, of course, is all about ignoring another human being.

Consequently, ignoring a narcissist by giving them a dose of their own medicine can be a great way to deal with the humiliation. Once the person realizes that you don't care about talking to them as much as they imagined you would, things will definitely change in your favor.

The most important thing is learning how to handle the silent treatment with dignity. And this is exactly what happens when you give a narcissist silent treatment.

Losing your cool and getting desperate is not how to respond to the silent treatment from a narcissist. If you do, you will have fallen right into their trap, and you will suffer immensely at their hands as a result.

So forget about how long silent treatment should last and focus on not falling for the trap the toxic person has set up for you. If you cave, you will pay for the mistake in many other ways you will regret it. These folks can be ruthless, and making people feel like crap is something they truly like.

So, you have to watch how you react when a narcissist ignores you. If you act desperate and create the impression that your life is miserable because of the behavior, they will find more ways to make your life hell. Unlike normal people, narcissists don't empathize. This person won't feel bad that the silent treatment makes you miserable; they will feel glad that they succeeded in making you feel like crap.

The Truth About Responding To A Narcissist Silent Treatment

how to respond to narcissist silent treatment

All narcissists find new ways to make those around them feel worse because that is the only thing that can make them feel better. How you deal with the silent treatment from your mother, sister, or friend is very different from how you deal with the silent treatment from a narcissist.

Whether you like it or not, a relationship with a narcissist will always be a struggle. You always have to protect yourself and get the upper hand or risk becoming another victim of narcissistic abuse.

As far as silent treatment goes, above are some tips on dealing with silent treatment and gaining the upper hand. Ignoring the narcissist silent treatment is the way to go because a few other options will be effective.

Even when a narcissist has decided not to talk to you, they expect your attention round the clock. Consequently, making it clear you have other priorities will send a clear message that you will not stand for the manipulations they want to put you through. These personality types cannot live without the attention they get from others.

Threatening to take this away by acting like you are totally fine with their silent treatment and move on with your life will make the person think long and hard about this immature approach to solving relationship issues. Repaying the silent treatment in kind is also one of the best lessons for shutting down the narcissist during the silent treatment and forcing them to respond.