How To Relieve Sexual Tension In A Relationship

Do you know how strong the sensation is when you are attracted to someone? Sometimes, it comes with a sexual thirst that reconfigures your senses and in-builds in you the thought of working towards its satisfaction.

Sexual tension is not uncommon in relationships where there is close proximity between two individuals who get to see each other from time to time. This may be at school, workplace, or home among couples. Sexual tension is mostly developed when the relationship is flirtatious and close.

Sexual tension is a psychological process that can be created or built-in with someone else. If you feel sexual attraction towards someone, you may decide to take some workable steps that will gradually stimulate such a person's sexual chemistry.

It's important to know that you do not confuse sexual tension for the real sexual act. That you are sexually tensed does not necessarily mean that you have to consummate it with the person involved. Sexual tension is just a mental process of sexual desire that may lead up to the actual act.

How Can You Relieve Your Sexual Tension?

Sexual tension is ideally described to be blatant, difficult to avoid, and can put the body in an uneasy state. Can you just imagine how it feels when you set your eyes on someone you admire in a relationship? This may lead to sexual chemistry eruption which makes you feel awkward and accompanied by increased heart rate and body temperature? To be sincere, if you are asked to make a wish right at the spot, you can't ask more than to get relieved of the tension.

So, how do you deal with it when it appears. You may want to try the following tips and tricks:

Don't Flirt:

how to relieve sexual tension in a relationship

Flirtatious acts are fundamental triggers of sexual tension. If you really intend to relieve the sexual tension, then you should avoid it. You must be conscious of every flirtatious advance from your partner and watch out for yours too. If you can leave all the flirty comments unspoken, you will surely be okay.

Don't Be Controlled By Your Feelings:

how to relieve sexual tension in a relationship

Self-control is a powerful weapon against most emotionally sensitive conditions. Well, it's not everyone that can control themselves. But it's a good way to stop yourself from doing what you don't want. Make that decision and stand firm with it. With time, the physical sensation will disappear.

Keep Your Distance:

This may somehow be arduous when you are in a relationship with someone you dearly love and can't do without daily. However, it may be the best step to take. Regular proximity may lead to some signs of sexual tension such as eye contact, flirting, touching, or other body language which may trigger real sexual desire. You don't want to stay alone with someone to who you are sexually attracted. Anything can happen!

Give In To Distractions:

how to relieve sexual tension in a relationship

This is another effective step to take. You may decide to visit a store to get something, pick up an office assignment that can divert your thoughts to something else, or get a hobby.

Ignore The Feelings:

how to relieve sexual tension in a relationship

This may not really be effective when it has reached its extreme stage. But when it's at developing state, you can draw your attention away from it. You must understand that it's not the actual act but just a mere desire that comes and goes. Regard it as such and focus on something else.

Place Your Sex On A Schedule:

how to relieve sexual tension in a relationship

Scheduled sex in a relationship between you and your partner may help to deal with the feeling. This is because you already have a specific time when such a feeling is needed. So, anything less or more can easily be death with.

Text Or Video Chat Your Partner:

how to relieve sexual tension in a relationship

This helps mostly concerning how to relieve sexual tension in a long-distance relationship. The absence of your partner may trigger sexual desire and subject you to sexual tension. But you can still forward to your partner your naked pictures or videos. This may relieve (inside you) your sexual tension.

Exercise Your Body:

This is another effective way to relieve sexual tension. A good exercise will make you sweat and later help you relax by promoting chemicals that can help you calm down.


how to relieve sexual tension in a relationship

Sexual tension can be relieved via massage. But you have to be certain if you can handle the non- sexual touch from someone. It's a nice method to relieve sexual tension physically if you can take the touch without getting aroused.


This can be considered as an effective traditional method of relaxation. Meditation helps you focus on your breathing and bring you into the present moment, and show you how to control your thoughts to remain calm.

Avoid The Triggers:

how to relieve sexual tension in a relationship

If you don't want it in the first place, why will you want to play around with things that can stimulate it? Avoid anything that's tempting sexually. You may want to stop/ excuse your friends when they raise sexual matters that may have an effect on your mind and eventually trigger or increase your condition.


For one reason or the other, you may decide not to subscribe to masturbation, but that doesn't stop it from being a great way to relieve sexual tension and positively affecting your mental health.