How To Release Emotional Attachments That No Longer Serve You

How To Release Emotional Attachments That No Longer Serve You

There are some people who just remain imprinted on our minds and in our thoughts forever. Old flames, family members, and close friends. Try as we might these people who have made a significant impact in our lives are often tied so closely to specific moments and memories that even many years later they can still turn up in our thoughts. Part of the joy of being human is having these connections and remembering people, but what about the people who you shouldn't be remembering? It's one thing to remember nice moments with an old flame, and another to be constantly having arguments with them many months or even years after the fact.

Sometimes we have to accept that we've outgrown an emotional attachment and remove them from our lives.

One method to do so is learning how to cut "etheric cords". Think of the etheric cord as being an energetic connection between two people. When things are going well this connection should be more or less in equilibrium. Taking and giving are done equally, and there's a healthy exchange of energy. A toxic connection on the other hand is when one person is doing all the giving and the other all the taking.

Obviously, if you've got a toxic connection in your life it needs to be cut out, however, we're prone to just cutting out the connection physically and forgetting to cut it out emotionally. That's where cutting an etheric cord can be helpful. As well as excising the toxic person and relationship from your life, you should cut them out emotionally as well. No more arguments in your head with your ex, former boss, or your parents. Cutting the etheric cord will allow you to properly move on and heal.

We like to use a visualisation technique when we practice cutting the etheric cord.

Firstly you'll want to find a nice quiet place. Think about this as a sort of meditation. You'll want to feel comfortable and at peace in the space. If you've got a yoga or meditation practice, feel free to use some of your props, or maybe just dim the lights and light a few candles.

Next, close your eyes and get into your own headspace. Visualise the energetic connections that exist between all living creatures. Then visualise the toxic connection that you have. There's no right or wrong way to visualise these connections, so however you may see it - whether it be light, a tunnel, a cord - is perfect.

Keep the connection and then in your mind take a sword and slash it. Feel the weight of the sword in your hands and the resistance of the cord as you cut it. Feel the relief ease when you've cut through with the sword. If you feel there is more than one connection to cut, keep cutting, letting the waves of relief and positive energy come to you.

When you've cut all of the toxic cords, allow yourself some time to let the relief wash over your body, starting from the top of your head and traveling through all parts of your body. You should feel a sense of freedom and liberation.

Feel free to repeat this process as often as you need!