How To Recognize Real Love When You Have Been Hurt Too Many Times

It can be challenging to open up to new people when you've been hurt in the past. The fear of being hurt again might make it difficult to trust anyone. However, if you do decide to give love another chance, it's essential to look out for specific signs to determine whether it's genuine or not.

1. It Feels Different From Anything You've Ever Experienced

The authenticity of a feeling can be discerned when it appears surreal, almost too perfect to be true. Previously, one may have mistaken infatuation for love, but the first encounter with true love will reveal its unique essence. Love doesn't require strenuous effort, intricate maneuvers, or discomfort. It's effortlessly simple and uncomplicated, leading one to ponder why they invested so much time in the wrong relationships.

2. They Don't Disappear For Days At A Time

When you have been in a relationship with someone who takes days, or sometimes weeks, to respond to your messages, you know how distressing and irritating it can be. It raises questions about how much you mean to them if they can't spare a few minutes of their day to communicate with you. A person who loves and is interested in you will not leave you guessing. They will look forward to spending their spare time talking to you and keeping in touch. That is the way it should be.

3. It Doesn't Leave You Questioning Everything

Experiencing love for the wrong person can be a daunting experience. One becomes accustomed to feeling insecure and constantly worrying about whether their feelings are reciprocated. It's painful to reminisce on the nights you cried yourself to sleep, your heart shattered. True love, however, should not cause pain but rather provide a sense of rejuvenation.

4. They Appreciate All Of Your Efforts

Genuine love comes with appreciation. A partner who loves you will always show their gratitude towards you. They will thank you for everything you do and ensure you feel appreciated. These actions prove that their love is authentic and true.

5. You Learn The Importance Of Honesty

Being truthful is a crucial aspect of any relationship, but not everyone adheres to it. Some individuals wrongly assume that they're being truthful even while withholding information from their significant other. However, genuine honesty in a relationship is evidenced by one's willingness to voluntarily disclose things without being prompted. When your partner opens up to you about aspects they might not share with others, it's an indication of a unique bond. You also feel compelled to share things with them that you may have kept hidden from others.

6. They Want To Know Everything About You

When your partner makes a constant effort to discover new things about you, even those you try to conceal, it is a clear indication that the relationship is unique. The intensity to uncover every detail about you never fades away. However, if your partner stops inquiring about you and fails to make an effort to know you better, the love that once existed begins to fade.

7. They Bring Out The Best In You

If you have ever been in a relationship where arguments were a norm, and your partner failed to meet your expectations, you know it is not what you desire. True love brings out the best in you and your partner, and together you overcome any challenge that comes your way. If your partner does not encourage and motivate you, it is simply not authentic love.

8. They Pick You Up Instead Of Bringing You Down

Distinguishing between genuine and fake love is simple: genuine love makes you happy more than it makes you sad. If your partner causes you to cry frequently or doubt your emotions, it is not the kind of love you need. Love is a beautiful feeling, and it should not cause you pain to determine whether it is genuine or not.

9. You Don't Question Your Self-Worth

When someone makes you doubt your significance, it's best not to give them any more thought. Authentic love is honest and unadulterated, and it doesn't make you feel inadequate or excessive for someone to love. You are sufficient just the way you are. A person who truly loves you won't rest until they show you the things they adore most about you.