How To Recognize If You Are Receiving Divine Guidance & Protection

How To Recognize If You Are Receiving Divine Guidance & Protection

We all have intuition built-in. Whether we choose to tune into this abundance of information or not is up to us. Intuition is where we receive divine guidance. It's a sense that we can all develop with some practice and faith in it.

Some people were born with this sense as their natural gift, often known as psychic or intuitive people. Whether you are natural or not, we all have the ability to receive this guidance. The more you tune into and trust your powerful gift, the stronger it will become.

They are many different ways of knowing when we receive divine guidance intuitively. This guidance usually comes as thoughts or gut feelings, but also, the spirit or divine guidance will get our attention in ways that are unique to us.

Here are some ways to help you recognize when you are receiving divine guidance:

Divine Guidance Is Never Negative Or Harmful

Made of pure love and light, angels are beings from a peaceful realm where negativity isn't present. So any guidance you receive from these angelic messengers will never be negative or harmful to you in any way.

Divine guidance always encourages positive changes that are for your highest good. Sometimes this can involve distancing yourself from certain people or places that cause you to stress or drains you, leaving you with no energy. But no matter what, the guidance is there to uplift and offer hope.

You Can Feel Divine Guidance

Those "Gut Feelings" or "knowing" we have about certain situations, people, or decisions are very real. The Solar Plexus is one of the chakras located above our belly buttons and is very sensitive to intuitive guidance and energy. The spirit communicates with us through sensations in our Solar Plexus.

When you pay closer attention to this chakra, you will notice the different sensations. We've all felt them, but realizing they are signs from the divine helps us tune into them more. When you get that nauseous or tension feeling in this area, it can be a sign that something is wrong or something wrong is about to happen. When we feel we have "butterflies in our tummy" or an exciting feeling, we are on the right path. Your guidance is letting you know you are on the right path. All is well.

Divine Guidance Feels Really Good

We may find it hard to explain or even know how we know, but we always know what's best for us. Divine guidance always puts us on the right path, even if it makes no sense to us at the time. When it is divine guidance, it will feel right and it will feel good whether you can fully understand it or not.

Of course, we may feel doubt about certain situations, but when the underlying feeling is that it seems right or makes you feel good, you should go with it. Divine guidance comes with a sense of peace or a feeling that a weight has been lifted when a new direction is opened up for us.

Look Out For Signs

The signs can be very subtle. However, the more you start to pay heed to them, the more you will notice. For example, you may be thinking about something and unsure what to do. Suddenly, you start to notice things that are related to the subject you have been pondering over. You may see a billboard with a similar message or overhear a conversation about the same subject.

These are all signs from our divine guidance that our idea or what we're thinking about is the right way to go. These signs are everywhere. The more conscious you become of them, the more of them you will notice. There's magic everywhere, have fun with it!

Divine Guidance Is Always Available

It doesn't matter when or where divine guidance is always at hand for you to tune into. Take some quiet time, ask a question that you need help with and just listen. The answers you are seeking will pass through your mind in the forms of thoughts, ideas, or feelings. Developing our intuitive senses is something everybody can do. When we do it regularly and begin to trust our gut instincts, it will become stronger and stronger.