How To Recharge And Activate Moldavite Crystals?

how to recharge and activate moldavite crystals?

Moldavite crystals are sacred crystals used by people of every class, race, and region. Like every heavenly crystal and gem, Moldavite must be activated and re-energized to be used at its maximum potential. When Moldavite crystal is exposed to the environment and surroundings, it absorbs negative energies and impurities. Therefore, it is imperative to know how to activate Moldavite and recharge before using it.

Why Activate and Recharge Moldavite?

Activating Moldavite refers to eliminating the negative energies from the crystal and re-energizing it for reuse. Before reusing the crystal, you replace negative footprints with positive energies to be used to maximum benefit. Moldavite enhances the healing process, concentration in meditation, protection from evil, and guidance.

If you are wearing a Moldavite, then you must know how to re-energize and activate to obtain maximum benefits from its positive energies. It is considered ideal to use self-activated Moldavite to match your body's energies and traits. Pre-activated Moldavite crystals are available on the market, but they are not as effective as self-activated ones.

Cleansing and Activating Moldavite

As Baptism is performed to cleanse our bodies and souls, you can use fresh water to clean and purify your gemstones and Moldavite. Seawater is considered the purest mineral mixture used for cleansing and purifying. Hold your genuine Moldavite under fresh running water to eliminate negative energy.

It is said, rainfall and flowing rivers are a source of fresh and pure water. You can clean and wash your Moldavite in the rain, but make sure it doesn't get washed away. Cleaning and energizing practices vary from region to region where it is being used. Still, the main idea is to clean and refresh Moldavite before it is used again and starts exhibiting positive energies.

Astronomers and researchers suggest using other sacred crystals for cleansing purposes. You can pile up your gemstones and crystals over Moldavite to eliminate any unwanted negative energies. However, you can use any effective method which is reliable and helps cleanse your crystal. You can use your Moldavite while meditating under striking sunlight, where sunlight can penetrate through the crystal, making it fresh, re-energized, and activated.

Re-energizing Moldavite

Moldavite is considered a sacred healing crystal that has uncountable and hidden benefits. It is ideal to re-energize and activate your Moldavite every month. You can place your Moldavite under the open sky, so it can reflect and absorb lunar light that extracts negative energies and impurities from it.

If you are more of a traveler, you can take your Moldavite along and make it experience the fresh, green nature of forests, beaches, and woodlands. Moreover, you can keep your Moldavite under the open sky in your backyard or bury it under the soil for a day. Moldavite is a naturally occurring crystal; it must be re-energized and activated only through natural and proven methods.

Your body's internal energy and heat activate Moldavite crystal, which later starts to connect with your body and its internal chemical reactions.