How To Raise A Child Who Is Spiritually Awakened

How To Raise A Child Who Is Spiritually Awakened

Spiritual awakening is important, as it helps us find a dimension of reality beyond the physical world we see and improves our perspective on things. Kids need to find their spiritual awakening early to be enlightened about many important things in life.

But as a parent, in your attempt to take care of your kids, you can get in their way and hinder their attainment of this important attribute. You not only need to watch out for this but should also ensure you guide them towards their spiritual awakening.

Here are ways to ensure that your child is spiritually awakened.

1. Learn From The Kids

Because they are kids, we ignore them and think they have little, if anything, to offer. So, learn to listen to your kids and you could learn plenty from them.

2. Spend Time With The Kids

It's very important that you spend quality time with your kids. And watching the television together is not enough.

Kids are not babies; they deserve better quality attention because they are important in shaping their outlook on things. See them as people and not kids and put in an effort to talk to them and interact with them to engage their intellect and emotions.

3. Stop Trying To Own Your Kids

Parents can sometimes get very possessive of their kids. But instead, they should allow them to have the freedom to learn responsibility.

At the end of the day, your kids have to deal with many other people besides you, and they have to undergo situations that you cannot dictate.

So, you cannot really control your kids, even with the best intentions. The focus should be on supporting them as they go through the journey of life.

4. Create An Enabling Environment For Them

Raising your kids should not always be about creating a peaceful life for them. You have to be there to keep things from getting out of control.

For instance, when they are going through hard times, teach them to stand up for themselves rather than handling the situations and keeping them from gaining the valuable experience they need.

There are many forces in life that you cannot control, and yet they are very important in shaping our lives and experiences in this world.

If you want a child who is cut out to survive in this world, then you need to make an effort to ensure they are spiritually awakened.