How To Play Hard To Get And Actually Get The Guy

Pretending to be uninterested in someone is often thought to be the foolproof method of attracting them. However, that idea is flawed because if you appear disinterested, the person will likely seek out someone who does express interest in them. Therefore, it is crucial to modify your strategy. While you can still act aloof, you also need to be flirtatious and follow through with your intentions if you genuinely desire to win the person over.

1. Tell Him You're Busy, But Suggest A Rain Check

Rejecting someone outright can damage their self-esteem. To prevent this, it is advisable to give them some hope, even if you intend to appear unattainable. This way, they are less likely to abandon their pursuit of you and seek out someone else.

2. Lean In Close, But Don't Touch Him

To playfully tease your love interest, lean in close enough to almost touch lips but do not kiss them. This will generate a mixture of anticipation and sexual tension, causing them to become incredibly eager to touch you.

3. Don't Answer Texts ASAP, But Do Answer

If you want to stop a person from pursuing you, ignoring their messages is not the solution. It can give them the wrong idea that you want them to stay away from you. Instead, it's best to wait for some time before responding to their messages, but make sure you do respond eventually.

4. Don't Tell Him Your Life Story, But Tell Him A Little

To create an air of mystery around yourself, you can choose to reveal information about yourself gradually. However, when he attempts to communicate with you, it's essential to respond and not remain silent. It's important to be polite and answer his questions.

5. Don't Tell Him How You Feel, But Do Hint At It

If your aim is to appear unattainable, expressing your desire to marry your crush immediately is not the best approach. Nonetheless, you can display some level of interest by using flirtatious smiles and engaging in light-hearted conversation. Such behavior is likely to motivate him to pursue you.

6. Tell Him Something About Your Weekend, But Not Everything

To make yourself appear more fascinating, you can embellish the details of your activities when he inquires about your Friday night. By doing this, he'll perceive you as a sociable person with numerous friends, and he'll think highly of you.

7. Mention Your Guy Friends, But Make It Clear You're Not Dating Them

It's okay to incite a little envy because it won't harm anyone. Show him that you have male friends, and he'll realize that you have options. But, make sure to clarify that you're single, so he won't mistake one of your male friends for your boyfriend.

8. Don't Have Sex, But Give Him A Kiss

The most effective way to inflict suffering on him is by withholding sex. However, doing so will cause both of you to experience sexual frustration. For this reason, consider giving him a couple of kisses, or even a makeout session, to quench his desire.

9. Don't Appear Needy, But Appreciate His Help

Women should not feel apprehensive about driving themselves to dates or paying for their own meals as men prefer independent women. Nevertheless, if a woman's vehicle malfunctions, and the man offers to change the tire, she should not refuse his help. By accepting his assistance, she gives him a chance to feel valuable.

10. Don't Rush Into A Relationship, But Don't Hold Off On One

It is crucial not to let life pass by too quickly that one misses out on the opportunities to relish it. Therefore, it is advisable to let a relationship progress at a comfortable pace without hurrying or stalling. It is essential to do what feels suitable and not move too quickly or too slowly.