How To Manifest Anything You Want In Life

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What if I told you that you could have anything that you want?

You can achieve anything you want through manifestation. Including (and not limited to) your dream car, fancy home, or dream job. Even love and money! I know it seems crazy. But it's true.

What is manifestation? It's the creation of your imagination. In other words, it's bringing into existence what you imagine or dream about.

Manifestation is easy. Your reality is a manifestation of your own doing. That is, your real life is a direct translation of your thoughts. Therefore, everything you have in your life, you have manifested either knowingly or unknowingly.

If we can create the life that we want, why don't we start RIGHT now? Below are steps on how to achieve anything you want in life:

1. Know What You Want

how to manifest anything you want in life

Firstly, know what you want down to the specifics. For instance, you want to own a car. What type of car? The universe can gift you an old Hyundai with a faulty engine. It's still a car.

Narrow down what you want by giving specifications. If you want a car, include details like; color, model, and engine type. For instance, "I want a Maroon 2020 Range Rover Sport with a V8 engine."

Secondly, don't be timid. The specifics above are pretty bold, right?

Thirdly, ask the universe and be intentional. By narrowing down what you want, you become clear. Therefore, you avoid giving the universe mixed signals. Consequently, it makes you closer to achieving your goal.

Be specific, not general.

2. Visualize

how to manifest anything you want in life

Visualization is such a powerful tool. Imagination is a motivator to amplify your energy to realize your dreams and desires.

Once you know what you want, you need to visualize it. One way that can help you visualize is by writing down your goals. You can also pray or meditate about it.

Subsequently, feel the joy and gratitude that you will experience once you achieve your dream. Similarly, act as if you have reached your desire, that you have your dream car, job, or apartment. Act and believe as if it's happening now. For instance, you can buy a bigger purse if you desire to have more money. By having a bigger purse, you act as if you have a lot of money. You get the idea.

Through visualization, you acquire the unwavering belief that what you want is already yours, and it's on its way to you.

Above all, fully immerse yourself in your vision and dreams.

3. Positive Thinking

how to manifest anything you want in life

It's human nature to get discouraged and become frustrated that we'll never achieve what we desire.

Have you noticed that when you're sad, the sadder things get? For example, when you're frustrated, instead of good things happening, the opposite happens. More frustrating things happen.

The universe reciprocates your energy vibration. That is, you get what you give.

For instance, if you're feeling frustrated, the universe brings more frustration your way. Similarly, if you practice gratitude, the universe gives you more things to be grateful for. Which one would you rather?

4. Take Action

how to manifest anything you want in life

Asking the universe is half the job. Working towards your goal is the other half. Think of it this way: You want to lose weight. So what do you do? Join the gym, start a diet, or do both.

It doesn't mean you work hard. It means you should be intentional as you wait for the universe to bring you your desires. It speeds up the manifestation process.

By taking action, you detach from the goal. Consequently, it allows you to avoid obsessing over your desire as it emits vibrations of desperation and lacking.

For instance, you've ordered a package. After making the order, you don't call every 5 minutes inquiring about your package. Instead, you go about your business as usual. You are knowing at the back of your mind that your order is on its way to you.

Take action daily until you achieve your desires. Trust the universe's timing.

5. Release Resistance

how to manifest anything you want in life

We're so hard on ourselves that we think we're so undeserving of good things. Consequently, we're unable to achieve our dreams due to self-doubt and a lack of self-worth.

Habits you've picked up and experiences you've probably witnessed as a kid, believe it or not, influence what happens in your life.

Limiting thoughts and beliefs that are in our minds manifest in our lives. Remember, what you think you become.

Release the self-doubt and embrace self-worthiness. Don't conform to the limiting thoughts that society or your environment has led you to believe. Anyone that you see with that fancy car you dream about isn't more deserving than you.

Resistance slows down the manifestation process. Believe that you're worthy and deserving because you are. Don't get in the way of your dreams and desires.

To sum up, you have the power to achieve everything you desire. The first step is to know what you want. We have ideas of what we want floating around in our minds. Try focusing on a specific thing. Consequently, energy will flow in that direction, and results will inevitably show.

The universe wants to help you out. It responds, and I mean- ALWAYS responds. Therefore, all you need to do is ask and raise your vibrations. The universe matches energy. That is, if you think good thoughts, it's directly reciprocated into your life. Consciously become the creator of your reality.