How To Make Your Penis Bigger: Penis Enlargement Methods

how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods

Having a large penis is associated with masculinity and strength. That's why most men simply want to have bigger ones, despite knowing that size doesn't matter if they know how to use it.

In the millions of results that Google provides when you ask it "how to get a bigger dick," you'll find various ads for drugs and exercises for your peer. A lot of money is invested in this industry segment, which earns real wealth because there are men who would give everything to have something bigger in their pants.

We understand that penis size may disrupt a person's sex life, whether it's a man's irrational frustration or the fact that the penis is truly in micro-size. Neither is easy.

However, because of your mental health, you should be aware that not everything is about size. There is something in technique too.

When it comes to the size of male tools, pornography is probably the most deserving of a disappointment for a significant number of men.

It's vital to know that these are actors who went through the casting. Out of many men, one or a few who are of a suitable size are selected. Always bear that in mind.

There are a few choices if you want to increase the size of your sausage.

Some of them are unpleasant and costly, while others you can practice at home. And some methods are temporary or don't work at all.

Below are the different options for increasing the size of your penis that are available nowadays.

But first, let's take a look at what qualifies a penis to be below average.

Average Penis Size

how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods
how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods

What do the numbers say?

Roughly 90% of men have a penis that is between 4 and 6 inches long. The typical erect penis length is 5.16 inches.

Isn't that decent?

Although! According to studies, only 55% of men are happy with the size of their penis.

Girls don't seem to be choosy. 85% of them are content with the size of their partner's willy.

Despite this, men appear to be worried about the size of their penises, rating it alongside height and weight as one of their main body issues, according to a 2008 survey.

It's all in your heads! The size of your penis has nothing to do with what's actually in your pants. In reality, many well-endowed guys aren't self-conscious about their penises, while many men with smaller penises flaunt their assets with pride.

Anyways, here's a list of ways to enhance the size of your dick.


how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods
how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods

These tricks are easy peasy.

Trim those pubic hairs

Removing the pubes near the base of the penis will give it a more desirable appearance. You have to be careful while doing this task.

There are plenty of "body grooming" trimmers that include protections and adapters, which can help you achieve a better outcome. These also help you avoid any unwanted scratches and wounds. Don't forget - it is a susceptible zone you are dealing with.

Lose some weight

Chubby people's pubic fat can sag over their penises, making them look smaller. There is even a disorder, "buried penis syndrome." It is a term used to describe serious situations.

If you think you should lose some weight, give it a shot. It's a win-win situation.


how to make your penis bigger: penis enlargement methods
how to make your penis bigger: penis enlargement methods

There are many methods for increasing penis length, including using your hands or using enlargement tools.

Is this something that genuinely works? Yeah, it does.

Does it work for good? Not really. But it's better than nothing.


Stretching is among the most effective practices for achieving quick results.

Slide the skin from top to bottom with your pointer finger and thumb.

Try not to masturbate. If an erection occurs, allow the penis to soften before proceeding.

Do it every day for 10-15 minutes.


Softly shift hands around the penis from top to bottom. Heating the penis before its erection is a good idea.

Jelqing is a widely accepted type of exercise for men. It contributes to the thickness of manhood.

We advise you to do it a minimum of once a day to boost your penis length.

Note: The effects aren't lasting, and jelqing carries a significant risk of harm. A lot of folks go to see a doc after jelqing, crying because their penis is numb. Therefore, be careful.


Put some lubricant onto the penis and slowly massage. You must repeat this process to see quicker results.

This exercise will expand the skin of your love muscle, aiding in penis enlargement.

Penis Pumps

how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods
how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods

A penis pump device is an air-filled, cylindric tube that you stick to your penis. Such vacuum tubes drive blood flow through the penis.

To prevent pain and irritations, add lubricating oil to the phallus first. Cover the penis with the duct. When you turn on the pump, it will take a bit of time for you to get an erection.

You'll be able to ejaculate easily, as you've never imagined, once the pump is on. It will ultimately result in penis enlargement. Pumps will give you an erection, but they won't make your penis grow permanently. Unfortunately.

In a six-month survey, 37 individuals used penis pumps for 20 minutes three days a week. The procedure was only 10% successful, and the participants' mean penis length increased by only 0.1 inches (which is 0.3 cm).

Note: It's unclear if using a vacuum device to increase penile girth in young males would induce any erectile dysfunction.


how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods
how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods

Penis extenders provide men with a non-invasive way to lengthen their penis and correct penile curvatures. Harder erections are another advantage.

Simply strap a penile traction device to your penis in a flaccid state, and wear it a few hours a day, every day.

Penile elongating may occur as a result of this practice, but it can take many months to see the benefits. The effects of using extenders will be directly affected by the pressure you choose to deliver to your penis and the number of hours you carry it each day.

Some gadgets are too cumbersome to wear under your clothes secretly, while others are simply too heavy and uncomfortable for extended periods.


how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods
how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods

Male enhancement pills promise to guys a variety of sex benefits, such as harder and longer erections, increased sex drive, increased sexual endurance, and improved sex life.

There are many enlargement meds on the marketplace today which promise to increase the size of your penis. These tablets include nutrients, minerals, and some herbs.

Scientific research says that no matter how good an idea of those "male enhancement pills" sounds, they won't make your dick bigger. So disappointing, right?


how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods
how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods

Penis fillers

Some specialists inject temporary cosmetic fillers into the penis to increase girth. These fillers are similar to the ones used to plump up cheeks, brows, and fine lines.

A penis filler is a substance that is pumped into the soft tissue under the shaft's skin, normally hyaluronic acid.

It is a non-surgical procedure that can be completed in a specialist clinic in a couple of hours. It costs about 4000 dollars per procedure.

It's intended to boost a man's flaccid girth up to 1 inch in diameter, depending on the volume injected. It lasts for about a year and a half.

Fat injections

Fat grafting is another term for a procedure in which a doctor injects the fat into the penis with injections.

Unlike dermal fillers, fat grafting has the benefit of being obtained from the patient, which eliminates the risk of substance rejection.

Purified fat from the patient's body is transferred to the penile shaft in this minimally invasive procedure.

There is a form of stem cell In fatty tissue, which may help boost blood flow and more natural growth.

The effects will be modest but visible right away.

Platelet-rich plasma injections

This technique, which is still fairly new, includes extracting platelet-rich plasma from your blood and injecting it into your penis. It should increase blood flow and make one's penis bigger.

Physical pumping for a few weeks is part of the standard P-Shot procedure, which is the name of this procedure. The pumping stretches the suspensory ligament and boosts circulation.

This operation is optional, and only a small number of doctors are eligible to perform it. Many health care policies do not cover it, either. If you want to do it, prepare approximately $2000.


how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods
how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods

Penuma is still the only penis enhancement procedure that FDA approved for commercial use.

The Penuma resembles the new moon in shape. It is a piece of clinical silicone that is implanted under the skin of the penis to lengthen and widen it. There are three sizes available: regular-large, XL, and XXL.

Men who have had this treatment show gains of 1.5 to 2.5 inches in length and girth while remaining flaccid and erect.

According to one survey, 81 percent of respondents said their results were at least "good."

Since it is not clear if Penuma treats erectile dysfunction, the insurance doesn't cover it. You may expect to pay about $15,000 for the treatment.

Note: If you are not circumcised, you must do so before the operation.

Note 2: For around six weeks, you must refrain from masturbation and sexual intercourse.


how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods
how to get a bigger penis: permanent and temporary methods

Penile Girth Enlargement

Some doctors propose procedures in which the patient's fat is inserted into the penis. Sometimes they use disinfected tissue obtained from corpses.

Doctors wrap the tissue under the skin of the penis, which results in increasing girth.

But! There are reports of health complications such as infections and tissue necrosis.

Penis Lengthening Surgery

This procedure includes cutting a suspensory ligament, which binds a penis to a body. It is the most popular routine procedure for penis enhancement surgery.

Following the cutting of this ligament, cosmetic surgery needs to enable the skin to support the new size.

Note: This ligament is responsible for holding a penis erect. If you're thinking about having this operation, think about whether you'd prefer a shorter penis with a vertical erection or a lengthier penis with a falling erection.

These were solutions for increasing the size of your dick.

Take into account that not everyone bothers about penis size, though some care a lot about the size of a man's package.

If you want a bigger magic stick, try one of these, depending on your abilities.