How To Make Your Man "Whipped" Without Emasculating Him


It's not openly acknowledged by everyone, but deep down, many of us desire for our partners to follow our commands. This doesn't necessarily mean we want to turn them into subservient slaves. Some men may criticize their friends for showing respect towards their girlfriends by calling them "whipped." However, it's worthwhile to take steps to make sure your partner respects and values your opinions. As long as you don't undermine his masculinity, he might actually enjoy being devoted to you.

1. Tell Him About Your Plans Ahead Of Time

If you expect your boyfriend to inform you in advance about his outings with friends, it's essential to reciprocate the same behavior. It's a give-and-take situation. By informing him about your plans before leaving the house, you can expect him to do the same for you.

2. Divide Your Household Chores

Constantly ordering your partner around is not an effective way to get things done. Instead, it's better to have a mature conversation about dividing household chores. By doing so, you can avoid getting into arguments about who is responsible for what. This clarity will help ensure that tasks are not left undone or unnecessarily repeated.

3. Buy Him Clothes For Every Holiday

You may feel tempted to pick out your partner's outfits each day to ensure he wears what you want him to wear. However, this can make him feel infantilized and uncomfortable. A better approach is to buy him clothes instead. As your relationship progresses, his older, less flattering items will wear out and get replaced by your fashionable choices. In this way, you'll have indirect control over his wardrobe without undermining his confidence.

4. Get In Good With His Friends

Men dislike being ridiculed by their friends. If you can establish a good rapport with your partner's buddies, he won't hesitate to inform them that he has other plans with you when they invite him for poker night. When his friends like you, they won't mock or criticize him, making it easier for him to prioritize spending time with you over them.

5. Make Your Orders Seem Like His Choices

If you want your partner to attend your sister's party, it's best to inform him about the event in a non-threatening way. Let him know that he's invited, but avoid giving him the impression that his attendance is mandatory. This way, he'll feel like he has the freedom to choose whether or not to attend. However, this approach may sometimes result in him declining the invitation if he perceives it as a genuine option.

6. Get Him Hooked On You

The most effective way to get your partner to respect and listen to you is by giving him a reason to do so. For instance, you might be an excellent cook or skilled in the bedroom. If you can hook him on your culinary or sexual prowess, he will be more motivated to keep you happy and satisfied.

7. Give Explanations Instead Of Orders

If you're upset that your partner is still in contact with his ex, don't immediately demand that he delete her number. Instead, have an open and honest conversation about why this situation makes you feel uncomfortable. Once he understands your perspective, he may choose to delete her number on his own. Men tend to respond better to requests rather than orders, so it's crucial to communicate your feelings calmly and respectfully.

8. Remind Him That You Have Standards

No one is perfect, and it's unrealistic to expect your partner to be flawless. However, he should treat you with respect and kindness. If you communicate to him that you have high expectations and will not tolerate mistreatment, he will be more motivated to treat you well and maintain your relationship.

9. Only Ask For Favors Occasionally

If you frequently request favors from your partner, he may eventually decline to help. However, if you only ask for his assistance when it's genuinely necessary, he is less likely to refuse. As an independent woman, it's important to handle tasks on your own if you're capable of doing so, especially if your boyfriend is busy or unavailable.

10. Reward Him With Sex

It's common to reward good behavior in pets or children, but it's important to recognize that your partner is an adult and not an animal or a child. While sex can be a meaningful aspect of a romantic relationship, it's not an appropriate or healthy reward for positive behavior. It's essential to maintain a healthy and respectful relationship, where both partners feel valued and appreciated. Rather than using sex as a reward or manipulation tactic, focus on communicating openly and positively reinforcing each other's good behavior through compliments, affection, or thoughtful gestures.