How To Make Your Ex Miss You And Wish He Never Left

Here are a few ways to make your ex miss you and potentially regret ending the relationship. These actions may provide closure or satisfaction, whether or not you decide to rekindle the relationship.

1. Look happy without him

When your ex sees you moving on positively and enjoying yourself, it may make them question why you are not affected by the breakup. This could cause them to miss you. It is not necessary to conform to societal expectations of how one should act after a breakup, such as crying and moping, in order to get your ex's attention. Even if they want you to be happy, seeing you move on positively can be difficult for them to process.


2. Better than that, be happy without him

It is important to not only appear to be doing well after a breakup, but to actually take care of yourself and feel emotionally stable. Having self-love and a strong support system can help you move on from the relationship and feel confident in your ability to be happy again. This positivity and lack of despair will be noticeable in your actions and words, which may make your ex miss you.


3. Post hot pictures on Instagram

It may be beneficial to show your ex what they are missing by posting a picture of yourself looking and feeling your best on social media. The more attention and positive feedback the photo receives, the more it may make your ex regret their decision to end the relationship and miss you. However, it is important to be aware that this approach may not be healthy, and ultimately the best way to move on is to focus on self-care and personal growth.


4. Get a new haircut

Instead of solely relying on social media to make your ex miss you, consider making physical changes that improve your own confidence and self-esteem. This can include something as simple as updating your wardrobe or taking up a new fitness routine. Making changes to your appearance and feeling better about yourself is a positive step forward and may also catch the attention of your ex. It's important to focus on self-care and personal growth rather than trying to gain the attention of an ex.


5. Make strides in your career

You don't have to rely on physical appearance alone to make your ex miss you. Your intelligence, talents, and accomplishments can also make a significant impact. Highlighting your professional and personal achievements on social media or in conversations with mutual friends can make your ex realize your value and potentially miss you. It's important to remember that your worth is not defined by your relationship status and showcasing your strengths and abilities can also contribute to your own self-esteem and self-worth.


6. Spend time with other men

It's not necessary to immediately start dating again. If your ex sees you spending time with other men, they will realize that there are other options for you. This can also aid in moving on from your ex faster. However, it's important to ensure that any new relationships, whether platonic or romantic, are genuine and not solely for the purpose of making your ex jealous.


More Ways To Make Your Ex Miss You

1. Act casual when you see him

If you happen to run into your ex at work or in public, don't avoid him. Approach him and greet him casually. This will show him that you are comfortable and over him, which can make him more interested in you since men often want what they can't have. However, it's important to note that this approach may also convey that you're completely over him and not interested in reconciliation, so consider the potential risks before taking this approach.


2. Prove him wrong

Did your ex give a reason for the breakup? If he cited your neediness as the issue, demonstrate your independence. If he felt you were too shy, show him your adventurous side. Use his criticisms as a way to grow and improve yourself, and it will make him realize what he lost. Emphasizing your strengths, particularly in areas where he felt you were weak, can make him miss you.


3. Ignore him

Some men believe they can end a relationship and still maintain a friendship with their ex. But cutting him out of your life completely is the best way to heal and move on. This will make him realize the gravity of his actions, and he'll understand that he not only lost a girlfriend, but also a valuable friend. This may cause him to regret his decision and miss you.


4. Let your friends do the talking

If you boast to your ex about a new romantic interest or material possessions, it may appear as if you're attempting to make him jealous. Instead, let your friends share the news, it will make you appear both accomplished and humble. This can be more effective in making him miss you.

5. Always take the high road

It's natural to feel hurt and angry when a relationship ends, but handling the situation with grace and maturity will make a strong impression on your ex. If you can avoid lashing out at him or placing blame, he will likely recognize your worth and miss you. This kind of composure is rare and admirable.