How To Make The Woman In Your Life Feel Loved

How To Make The Woman In Your Life Feel Loved

You are head over heels over a girl, and you have no idea what to do. Welcome to the short and sweet list, which will turn your confused, testosterone-filled mind into a caring and loving partner. She deserves it!

If you do want your woman to feel appreciated, don't assume anything. It's not rocket science, and all women are different, but some universal truths will make your relationship grow. So, drop the attitude, and start talking!

Use your words

Tell her how you felt when you first saw her. Compliment her body, soul, the meal she prepared, the possibilities are endless.

You don't have to be a smooth talker as long as you're honest, and your intentions are pure.

Compliments should come naturally; otherwise, she might think you're manipulating her.


It's crazy, but it's true: listening can save your relationship.

Whether you're arguing, or just chit-chatting, make sure to listen to her. It's not about agreeing with her all the time, but hear what she has to say. It's a clear sign of respect.

Even if the topic isn't your cup of tea, the least you can do is hear what she has to say.

Remember the details

It's so frustrating when a guy has no idea which flowers to buy. Or if a woman prefers dark or white chocolate.

These little things are a sign that you're paying attention to her. You respect her opinion, taste, and you want to indulge her.

It's not just about the things guys buy to impress their ladies. There are so many irritating things guys do, so please, try to stop. A warm relationship is full of compromises.

Include her

From picking a suit to your career choices, include your woman into decision making.

Most women have a nourishing nature, and if you're having trouble, the best thing is to ask her for advice.

And guess what? Because women are more in touch with their emotions, they can be fantastic problem solvers.

Make time for her

A happy, healthy relationship takes some work and small sacrifices. Yes, you'll have to watch the movies you never planned to or to skip bar hopping with single friends.

Make your woman a priority. If you love her, that shouldn't be the problem. Of course, you should have a life outside your relationship, as long as she comes first.

Loving a woman isn't hard, though I wholeheartedly believe men and women aren't from the same planets.

We have so much to learn about each other, but that makes love even more exciting. Be honest, open, and never take your loving woman for granted.