How To Make Mr. Right Come To You

How To Make Mr. Right Come To You

Let's talk Prince Charming. We spend so much money and so many hours making ourselves perfect to go out and find that Mr. Right. Except, what if I told you that you have the power to make him come to you?

Send the energy you want to receive

They say you attract what you send out and that couldn't be more true! Don't avoid the bad and focus solely on what you think the perfect guy is but be open to new experiences and send out the vibe you want to receive.

Throw out the list

This one is very important. We all have that list of perfect qualities and we like to check off that list. Here's the problem, you don't even really know what you want when it comes to finding Mr. Right. You might think you want a certain type of person but maybe they aren't exactly what you expected or really even wanted.

Throw out other people's lists

If even we don't know what we are looking for, how the heck is someone else going to know what we are looking for? Most people try to give well-meaning advice telling us what we are looking for or what type of person we want. But in reality, we ourselves don't even really know what we want. And maybe what they want for us is not what we really need in our lives. This especially becomes true with parents who have lists of what they want their future son-in-law to be like. But, while they will only have to put up with him on Sunday brunches and holidays, you'll be living with him every day.

Be serious about your boundaries

The problem we tend to have with boundaries is that we forget why we put them in place. A moment comes, where we forgive the warning signs and just let ourselves go. Keep your standards high. While it's true that we shouldn't judge books by their covers nor should we reject people because they don't fit our lists, that doesn't mean we shouldn't have standards. There still exist people we objectively know are not good for us, no matter how amazing they might make us feel.

Be open to new experiences

Just because someone hurt you in the past doesn't make all men objectively bad. Don't fall into yourself and defend that you are better off alone. Be happy with who you are but be open to new possibilities. Who knows, maybe someone will surprise you.

Ultimately this all boils down to taking the world by storm. Don't be afraid to be yourself and allow others to see how amazing you are. Be open to letting people surprise you and be sure to keep your standards high and your boundaries in place.