How To Make Love To A Man: 10 Tips For A Night He Will Never Forget

If you're reading this, you're already on the right track. Being informed through research is an important step towards feeling in control of your sexual experiences. Although instinct and situational awareness will eventually take over, it's natural to seek hints and tips by doing a quick Google search. Don't be ashamed if you're starting from scratch because everyone has to start somewhere. Ignore anyone who says otherwise. So, let's unpack any shame, take out your notes, and begin learning how to make love to a man in a way he'll never forget.

1. Check you have consent

To ensure that you and your partner are comfortable with progressing things further, pay attention to their body language and ask explicitly. Pause and make eye contact to confirm that you're on the same page and feeling safe. These essential gestures will not only help you in the moment but also in getting to know each other better later on. Feeling safe is important to all of us, so don't overlook these simple yet crucial steps.

2. Do your research

If you're feeling anxious or nervous about going down on someone, use a private browser and lower the brightness on your phone to focus. Alternatively, you can turn to lesbian TikTok, which frequently provides advice on how to maximize pleasure. This will not only help you understand the anatomical situation but also become more familiar with your own desires. It's important to communicate what you like to your partner during sex, and remember, both parties want to please each other. So, don't feel like you're alone!

3. Wear something you feel comfortable in

It's crucial not to focus on what you think your partner wants you to wear or do. That approach is unlikely to be successful. Instead, start experimenting with what you're comfortable with in a safe environment. If there's too much pressure or expectation, it's challenging to relax and enjoy the experience.

4. Be confident

Confidence is the key to having a good night. Take your time and don't force anything - everything will fall into place. Wear something that makes you feel confident and powerful. Remember that the relationship isn't all about sex, and this first time isn't make or break. Most importantly, know yourself.

5. Make a great playlist

Using music is an excellent way to access a range of emotions, whether it's nostalgia, summer vibes, or a chill playlist. Creating an atmosphere can be super sexy, but for the first few times, it may help to have some ambiance and take the pressure off.

6. Find some candles and fresh bed linen

Keep in mind that we're still talking about a guy here. Despite how emotionally available he may be, his room is unlikely to have clean sheets and a fresh candle scent. These are the small gestures that make him feel cared for and safe, even if he wouldn't think of them himself. You can enhance the sensory experience by turning off the main light and using candlelight to guide things along.

7. Find your rhythm

Sex is not a one-person responsibility for carrying out or initiating. It's essential to unpack the gender roles you've associated with sexual activity and take things at your own pace. Erase any unspoken rules and make yourself comfortable. Work together with your partner to figure out what works and what doesn't.

8. Experiment

After you've addressed any issues - so to speak - why not introduce some toys or role-playing to the bedroom? Maintain an ongoing conversation about consent and enjoy yourselves! It's likely that he was drawn to your free-spirited personality during the first date, so don't be afraid to express yourself.

9. Reciprocate, if you fancy it

It's a basic give and take (sorry for the euphemism overload). To keep things balanced in a relationship, it's usually a good idea to offer to reciprocate sexual acts. This doesn't mean that one sexual activity automatically requires another, but as long as both partners are willing, it's worth experimenting. You might be afraid that you're inexperienced or bad at certain actions, but this is the perfect opportunity to try them out in a safe space. Your partner can guide you, and let's be honest, if he's receiving a hand job, he won't be complaining.

10. Take it slow

Believe me, it builds anticipation. Take your time and work up to sex. Kiss him, touch him, trace circles on his arm, and gently bite his neck. There's nothing wrong with a little teasing. It'll make him fall head over heels in love with you.

Try to relax. It's natural to want to be great at sex right away, but it takes time and practice. As they say, practice makes perfect. Wink.