How To Make Him Want You Again After He's Lost Interest

It is not advisable to act desperate when trying to pursue a romantic relationship. However, if the person you are seeing appears to have lost interest, there are steps you can take to regain their attention. Here are ten options to consider.

1. Focus on your own life

It is important to remember that making someone else the center of your world and idolizing them is not attractive. The most attractive quality in a person is when they are confident, fulfilled and happy in their own life. Focus on being the best version of yourself and living a life that you love. This will naturally attract others to you, including the person you are interested in. Remember, this should be done for yourself, not to make the other person want you.

2. Exude confidence

Even if you are feeling low on confidence, it is important to remember that confidence is attractive. Try faking confidence until it becomes genuine. When you present yourself confidently, you become more interesting and attractive to others. Confidence is a key factor in attracting romantic interest.

3. Date other men

When you are interested in someone, it can be difficult to move on. However, it is important not to waste your time waiting for that person to return your interest. While you are single and looking for a relationship, focus on living your own life and building a fulfilling life. This will show the person that you are independent and confident, and may make them more interested in you. It is also important to consider if a person who requires the risk of losing you before realizing your worth is truly the right person for you.

4. Pique his interest on social media

While excessive self-promotion through selfies can come across as vain or desperate for attention, a well-chosen post or picture that showcases you having fun and enjoying your life can be an effective way to spark interest from the person you are interested in. Avoid oversharing and instead focus on posting high-quality images that show you in a positive light.

5. Don't always be there

If you and your crush have been communicating less, and he has been initiating less contact, it can be frustrating. However, reaching out to ask why he's being distant may push him away further. Instead, try to take a step back and stop putting so much effort in. When he does eventually reach out, don't immediately respond or change your plans to see him. This sends the message that you're waiting for him and it could make him less interested. Instead, be more independent and let him come to you.

6. Don't check in on him

Avoid sending text messages that imply that you are checking up on the person, such as "just checking in with you." This comes across as demanding and no one wants to feel scolded. Instead, focus on your own activities and let the other person wonder why you have been less communicative. This will also show that you are independent and confident, which can be attractive.

7. Act like you don't need him

Making someone feel like they are needed for your happiness can make them lose interest, as it can come across as clingy. Instead, show that you are self-sufficient and independent. Be nonchalant about plans and availability, and leave dates or end calls early. This will make the other person put in more effort to spend time with you, and it will show that you are confident and not needy.

8. Ask him out on fun dates

If your dates have become stale and uninteresting, it can be beneficial to shake things up by doing something new and exciting. Instead of sticking to familiar activities like movies and dinners, try something unique like ziplining or go-karting. This can create a new dynamic and make you see the other person in a different light. It can also help to reignite interest and excitement in the relationship.

9. Don't give too much information

If a guy who had previously disappeared re-initiates contact and seem to be seeking information about your life, it's likely that he is not fully committed or interested in rekindling the relationship. Instead of giving him all the information he wants, try to be more mysterious and hold back a bit. This can make you more interesting and make him more curious about you, rather than feeling like you are an open book. By being more reserved and not divulging too much personal information, you can create an air of mystery and intrigue, making him more likely to want to pursue the relationship further.

10. Be upbeat

When it seems like your crush or partner is losing interest, it can be tempting to react with anxiety or anger. However, this can be counterproductive as it can push them further away. Instead, try to maintain a positive and upbeat attitude when interacting with the person. This will make you more attractive and draw them to you, rather than giving them power over your emotions. Additionally, being positive and upbeat can make you stand out as a refreshing change, making the person more likely to want to spend time with you. However, it is important to acknowledge your feelings and communicate them in an appropriate and healthy way, rather than bottling them up.