How To Make Him Miss You After A Breakup


Although the relationship has ended, you still have lingering feelings for him. It would be satisfying if he could recognize your value and miss your presence. While it may seem small-minded, experiencing some level of validation can be helpful. Consider trying these straightforward methods to make him miss you.

1. Resist The Temptation To Call Him

It's understandable to feel an intense longing for him, but give him space so he can appreciate your absence. This can only happen if you allow him the opportunity to miss you!

2. Tell His Friends How Great You Are

During a shopping trip, you unexpectedly encounter one of his acquaintances. She inquires about your well-being and you're tempted to confide in her about the challenges you've faced since the breakup. Don't give in! She'll likely report back to him and you don't want him to view you as miserable. Instead, mention how content you are. Allow him to wonder why you're doing so well.

3. Post A Few Selfies

While you don't want to overdo it with selfies, it doesn't hurt to showcase your happiness and beauty without him. As visual creatures, men respond positively to these types of images.

4. Don't Answer His Texts Right Away

Don't reply immediately with too much information when he texts to ask how you are. Let him wait a little while so that he realizes he misses you and understands that you're not available at his beck and call. Being a challenge for him will make you more appealing in his eyes.

5. Show Him You're Living Your Best Life

When you unexpectedly meet him, don't make a hasty exit. Demonstrate that you're enjoying life and taking good care of yourself. Let him see the value of what he lost. It may be challenging to feign confidence and happiness, but it's essential to make him remember the joy he felt in your company.

6. Remind Him Of Your Inside Jokes

If he still occasionally communicates with you, it might be helpful to subtly remind him of your past relationship. For instance, during a text conversation, you could mention one of your inside jokes. However, don't overdo the nostalgia, as it could convey the wrong impression that you're attempting to persuade him to reconcile with you.

7. Be Vague About Your Dating Life

In case he inquires about any potential suitors, don't immediately reply with a "no" followed by declarations of your longing for him. Show him that you're moving on and not waiting around for him. You don't have to go to the extent of making up a hypothetical boyfriend, but keeping an air of mystery around you will drive him wild.

8. Go On Dates With Other Men

This isn't something you should do while your ex is paying attention, but rather something to take your mind off of him. Have you ever noticed that when you try to forget about someone, they tend to come running back? It's a strange phenomenon that actually works sometimes. Even if your ex doesn't reach out, going on dates with other men will help you realize that there's an entire world out there that doesn't revolve around him.

9. Cut Convos Short

When your ex calls to chat, don't spend hours on the phone until he hangs up. Instead, end the conversation before he does by telling him that you have to prepare for an outing. Don't let him assume that you're so desperate for his attention that you can always make time for him. You have a life, and he should be aware of that.

10. Show Him You're Having Fun

While sharing a few selfies where you look your best and glowing, it's a good idea to also include pictures of yourself having fun with your friends. The best part of this is that you'll actually need to go out and enjoy yourself. This is a good thing because your life shouldn't come to a halt just because your relationship with your ex ended; it's just the beginning of a new chapter.