How To Make Him Lose His Mind Over You In The Best Way Possible, According To A Guy

Spending a considerable amount of time with someone may lead to minor annoyances, even if you have affection for them. As a male, I can attest that women tend to engage in behaviors that irritate us (and vice versa). However, there are ways to drive your boyfriend wild with positive emotions if you desire.

1. Be confident

It's crucial for women to feel at ease and self-assured, particularly with their physical appearance. Men can often sense insecurity, which can be a significant deterrent. However, if you prioritize self-care and are confident in your appearance, he'll undoubtedly take notice and find it attractive.

2. Try something new

Many men fear falling into a monotonous routine when in a committed relationship. To keep your partner engaged and crazy about you, it's best to maintain a sense of novelty. Alter your appearance, switch up your date night routine, or experiment with new sexual experiences. This will give the relationship a fresh feel.

3. Send pics

While many of us share our pictures on social media for everyone to see, taking some exclusive photos for your partner can make him go crazy for you. He'll appreciate the effort you put into taking a selfie solely for his eyes, making him feel special and desired. These photos don't necessarily have to be seductive, but a simple picture of you smiling and enjoying your life can do wonders.

4. Cook his favorite food

While it may sound like a cliché, it's true that food can win a man's heart. If you can cook his favorite dish to perfection, he'll be so smitten with you that he won't be able to contain it. In fact, if you impress him with your cooking skills early in the relationship, he might even start contemplating marrying you. Surprise him with his favorite meal if possible, and watch him go crazy for you.

5. Smell good

Apologies, ladies, but it's difficult to address this without sounding a little creepy. The truth is that scent plays a significant role in attraction. A particular scent can drive a man crazy with desire for you. Scientifically speaking, different men are drawn to different scents. However, if you can determine the fragrance that your partner prefers, you've found a way to make him go wild for you.

6. Smile more

In my humble opinion, nothing is quite as alluring as a woman's smile. While I can't articulate precisely how to achieve this, conveying your desire for him through a simple smile can drive him wild in the best way possible.

7. Wear his clothes

Telling a guy that you dreamt about him is a powerful way to flatter him. It appeals to his ego and reinforces that he is in your thoughts. It's especially gratifying to hear that you were thinking about him while you were in bed, even if the dream wasn't sexual. However, if it was, that would be even more exciting.

8. Wear his clothes

It's hard to put into words, but men really enjoy seeing a woman wearing their clothes. It could be because it gives us a sense of ownership or maybe it reassures us that you've chosen us as your partner. One of the sexiest examples is when a woman wears one of our button-down shirts. It's just irresistible.

9. Laugh at his jokes

Few things make guys happier than making a woman laugh. It gives us a great sense of achievement and captivates our attention. When we succeed in making you laugh, we become fixated on making you do it again and again, to the point of losing sight of everything else that matters, as our sole focus becomes you.