How To Make A Guy Want To Get To Know You Better

Are you interested in someone special these days? Do you find yourself hoping they'll take the first step but also waiting for your fantasies to become reality? If the person you want isn't showing interest, here are ten tips to guide them towards you.

1. Be mysterious

Avoid disclosing everything about yourself in one go. Keep some mystery and decline dates by citing "other plans" without elaborating on them. Don't call or respond to messages immediately, striking a balance between showing interest and leaving him to wonder. Men seeking a stable relationship don't prefer a clingy or needy partner, so it's wise to remain active and engaged in your own pursuits.

2. Be upbeat

Positivity is infectious, and navigating adulthood can be tough. Instead of adding to the burden, strive to be a source of joy and leave him wanting more. Energize him when you're together, so he feels the absence of your upbeat demeanor when you're not around. While it's fine to vent occasionally, try to maintain a balance and enrich his life rather than draining him.

3. Don't be basic and super predictable

Demonstrate a range of interests. Even if you typically dress up and present yourself in a refined manner, chat with him about going to the shooting range or riding a motorcycle. By defying his initial assumptions, you'll pique his curiosity and leave him wondering what else he doesn't know about you. If he can learn everything there is to know about you on the first day, there's little incentive for him to keep returning.

4. Be somewhat open

If you're overly reserved and reveal very little about yourself, he may assume there's nothing more to know or that you're too difficult to get to know. Begin by sharing a few essential or fascinating details about yourself and gradually disclose more personal revelations as your connection deepens. Allow him to see that there are layers to you that he can unravel over time.

5. Have other options

If you're not in a committed relationship, there's no need to commit yourself prematurely. Seeing that other men are interested in you might encourage him to discover what they see in you. It's akin to finding a job more easily when you're already employed. If you've been single for an extended period and he's the only man you interact with, he may believe that you've scared everyone else away or that they're aware of something negative about you that he's not.

6. Send him a pic

At times, men are relatively straightforward to comprehend. While women lean toward emotional connections, men are primarily visual. I'm not implying that you should reveal everything or try to seduce him, but making an impression that lingers a bit longer can be beneficial. To avoid appearing overly eager, take a cue from men and say it's just to "enhance your contacts list."

7. Remember something about him

A thoughtful gesture resonates with most individuals. For instance, if you happen to notice his regular coffee order, surprise him with a cup without asking what he prefers. It doesn't have to be extravagant; it could be as simple as remembering that he watched a sports game last week and asking how it went. Indicate that you're mindful of the small things and not preoccupied with yourself. He will most likely appreciate the effort.

8. Have something to talk about

In my experience, conversations that thrive on dating apps often begin with a stimulating question or a humorous remark. Initiating small talk can lead to a mundane exchange of pleasantries. Impress him by offering something fresh and stimulating a meaningful conversation. If you're struggling to think of something creative, consider looking up conversation starter ideas online. Some dating apps even have built-in suggestions.

9. Take the lead

Men can sometimes be hesitant and take their time to make a move. Even if he's interested in you, he may hold back until he's confident that there's no chance of rejection. By taking the initiative, you may pique his interest and motivate him to pursue you more actively.

10. Make a good impression

Initial impressions can have a significant impact. Aim to start things off on the right foot. Dress nicely, but not too extravagantly, so you can "wow" him later on. Avoid being tardy or canceling at the last minute. While issues may arise over time if you continue to see each other, a smooth and enjoyable first encounter increases the likelihood of him wanting to see you again.