How To Make A Guy Text You Every Day 

It's important to avoid telling your partner that they must text you daily if you're dating. Otherwise, this demand could cause them to feel overwhelmed and flee. However, if you desire daily texts from the person you're seeing as a sign of good communication, there are ways to gently encourage it. Consider trying these 12 strategies.

1. Make him miss you

Rather than having long conversations on the phone or through WhatsApp that lead to awkward silences, leave something interesting behind that will make him want to talk to you again the next day. End the conversation while it's still positive, so he will carry those good feelings with him.

2. Show him you value his opinion

We all crave a sense of being needed, and it's a wonderful feeling when your partner values your opinion. Occasionally seek his advice, and he'll want to be with you because he feels important. But, be cautious not to become too dependent or ask for his input too frequently, as it may come across as clingy and unnecessary to get his attention.

3. Figure out his love language

To keep him interested, it's crucial to learn your guy's love language from the five options: acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, and quality time. By paying attention to his actions, you can understand his preferences, allowing you to send the most effective texts. If he values physical touch, for instance, a text complimenting his amazing hugs is sure to capture his attention.

4. Talk about something he's never done

When coming up with enjoyable things to do as a couple, consider suggesting new experiences he's never had before. This approach will help him remember you in a meaningful way. For instance, if he's never tried spaghetti pizza or had a tarot card reading despite his interest, send a text inviting him to join you for these experiences.

5. Ask him creative questions

If you want to keep a guy engaged in conversation, avoid sending vague messages that don't require a direct response. A message like "Hope you had a good day" won't motivate him to chat with you every day. Instead, ask him about his goals, family, or other meaningful topics to make the conversation more interesting. Consider the situation as an interview, and try to be creative by asking unique questions that will keep him intrigued. This approach will provide something fresh and exciting for him to look forward to.

6. Leave him hanging

When talking to your guy about your hobbies or interests, avoid revealing everything at once. Treat texting like watching your favorite TV show, where each episode leaves you hanging, and you can't wait to watch the next one. By providing intriguing glimpses of your hobbies and passions, your guy will be curious to learn more, and he'll be motivated to text you to find out more about them.

7. Leave the negative energy at home

Consider the people you enjoy texting frequently, and you'll likely realize they make you feel positive, happy, or amused. Keep in mind that text conversations should be kept light and fun, and avoid bringing up heavy topics (save those for face-to-face conversations). By keeping your texts lighthearted, your guy will be drawn to them, especially after a long, stressful day at work. He'll begin to look forward to chatting with you regularly since they'll invigorate him and keep him going.

8. Showcase the best things about your life

To make yourself more attractive to him, highlight the best aspects of your life and personality. This will make you more appealing to him. Consider it as going for a job interview, where you wouldn't complain about your boring workday or reveal your punctuality issues to the interviewer, right? Therefore, keep all the exciting details for him, and share the highlights that make you an interesting and engaging person.

9. Make yourself unavailable on email

If you find that he mainly communicates with you via email during work hours, consider not responding via email once you've exchanged phone numbers. This can encourage him to initiate text conversations instead. By going radio silent on email, he might even start to miss you and wonder where you've gone, prompting him to reach out to you.

10. Focus on your next time together

To avoid getting stuck in a texting rut, make sure to bring up plans for your next date or quality time together. Expressing your excitement to see him will not only make him want to chat with you, but also keep both of you looking forward to your next meeting. It's a great way to maintain a healthy level of excitement and keep the relationship moving forward.

11. Build on your shared interests

If you share common interests, try sending him something related to them. For instance, if he loves playing the guitar, share a cool guitar you came across online. If he's into salsa dancing, tell him about an upcoming salsa event. This can lead to fun conversations and inspire great date ideas, rather than sending generic messages asking how he's doing. Plus, he may reciprocate by sharing something related to your shared interests in the future.

12. Tune into your inner comedian

Engaging in playful banter can keep your text conversations light and fun, and make him more likely to want to keep chatting with you. While you shouldn't force humor, it's a great way to build a connection and flirt without coming on too strong.