How To Love A Woman Who's Never Been Truly Loved Before

It's true that we've been deceived, betrayed, undervalued, and mistreated. Our trust has been shattered, and we've experienced emotional pain and rejection. As a result, it's reasonable to assume that we may have some emotional baggage, so please be patient with us if we're skeptical about the possibility of you genuinely loving us like we've never been loved before. To ensure that you treat us well, please consider doing the following:

1. Tell Us How You Feel

Express yourself freely. If you feel compelled to compliment us on our beauty, elaborate on the details that catch your eye, such as the sparkle in our smile or the taste of our lips. Similarly, when you express your love for us, don't hesitate to articulate all the reasons why. We'll be more than happy to listen.

2. Give Us A Break

If we are caught snooping through your phone or expressing dissatisfaction with your female friends, please don't be too harsh on us. Our past experiences have left us with emotional wounds, and we are merely trying to protect ourselves from being hurt again.

3. Make The Sex Feel Meaningful

Gaze into our eyes and speak softly into our ear, causing us to feel beautiful. Help us avoid viewing ourselves solely as objects of sexual desire in the future.

4. Don't Act Like You're Something Special

Although you love us in a way that is different from our previous partners, it does not necessarily make you the most exceptional person on the planet. It only means that our past experiences were not positive. Therefore, please do not become overly confident when we express joy in response to simple gestures such as replying to our text or giving us a forehead kiss.

5. Redefine Our View On Relationships

Please don't exploit us by perpetuating the belief that relationships must involve constant deception and conflicts. Instead, demonstrate that our perception is inaccurate and prove that you are distinct from what we have previously experienced.

6. Stop Us From Being So Hard On Ourselves

From time to time, we may make some remarks about our personality or physical appearance. While they may come across as harmless attempts at self-deprecating humor, there's more to it than that. We seek your help in perceiving ourselves as you do, as we tend to overly fixate on our imperfections.

7. Give Us Some Time To Adjust

Please don't pressure us into getting married or living together too quickly. We require some time to truly understand who you are. As we've been hurt in the past by men we've loved, we'll need to feel completely comfortable and trusting before making any major decisions.

8. Treat Us With Respect, Even When You're Pissed

It's not acceptable to compliment us on our looks on good days and insult us by calling us "ugly whores" on bad days. Regardless of how you feel, it's important to treat us with dignity and respect, even when you may not feel like being around us.

9. Don't Place The Blame On Us

Please don't allow us to apologize for things we don't need to. Our past partners may have made us feel like we were always at fault, but you shouldn't. Kindly remind us that our relationship is a partnership where both parties are accountable, and there's no need to apologize needlessly.

10. Love Us As Deeply As We Love You

We've grown accustomed to being the one who loves more in our past relationships. Therefore, it's essential for you to demonstrate that you reciprocate our feelings and love us equally. This way, we can feel reassured that we're not alone in this relationship.