How To Lose Weight Fast

Yes, the claims that you can lose weight fast are not a myth. And best of all, you don’t have to put your life at risk just to shed some pounds and attain your ideal weight. Believe it or not, there are many healthy ways to lose weight fast.

Unfortunately, many fast weight loss methods will leave you reeling from the effects of the weight loss regimen weeks after. It’s for one simple reason – they are unhealthy.
That is why it is often true that if you want to lose weight too fast, you will have to put your health on the line. In general, you cannot reasonably hope to lose about a pound a day over the next week in a healthy manner. For starters, you would not achieve long-lasting results.

By starving yourself of important calories in order to shed excess weight, you would make yourself susceptible to binge-eating afterward. That would negate all the work you have done. So, why even bother doing it? Why go through all that pain to lose weight and then get it all back soon afterward?

And most people who have tried to lose weight fast or through shortcuts probably know this – it can be freaking hard! It is so hard that some people have tried dozens of weight-loss methods without meeting with long-term success.

In fact, only a lucky few manage to lose more than a pound or two of fat every week. That probably sounds strange considering how many weight loss plans promise that you can lose several pounds within a week with minimal effort on your part.

That is not just a made-up claim, but a fact revealed by Charlie Seltzer, a weight-loss physician out of Philadelphia.

The lucky few who manage the feat don’t always have much to celebrate either. The weight comes back with a vengeance soon afterward. When you lose weight fast, and your body shape improves, know that you have probably lost your water weight. That is never a permanent weight loss solution.

So, keeping the weight you lost in just a few weeks off over the long-term is an uphill battle. In fact, this is pretty darn impossible for many people. Most end up regaining all the weight they have lost. And a lot of people know this first hand because they have tried weight loss plans that worked for sometime before they completely backfired on them.

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According to Dr. Seltzer, the implications of fast weight loss are too serious to warrant the risk people take. But in all honesty, many people try fast weight-loss techniques out of desperation. After trying for years to lose weight, it is not unusual for people to do all they can to make the unwanted pounds go away.

Some of these questionable techniques might work for a while if you are lucky. But at the end of the day, they are supposed to work for just a short time because they are unusually demanding.

But since many people want to do all they can not regain the weight, they stop at nothing to try and keep the weight off. This involves severe and drastic calorie restrictions that are bound to take their toll on their bodies after a while.

From that point, the person will often want to eat everything in sight in complete disregard for their desire to maintain a healthy weight. The end result is often gaining weight beyond previous levels. The problem is compounded by the fact that extreme calorie restriction makes your metabolism much slower.

That means that once binge eating starts, the body becomes less efficient at burning the foods you consume. That is why when someone loses weight fast, the weight often comes back with a vengeance, and people end up weighing more than they did before they tried to lose weight.

People who experience this are not actually to blame. It is usually the body’s natural response to the sort of treatment extreme weight loss measures bring about. It is simply a survival instinct.

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So, the most important thing is that you choose a healthy way to lose weight and achieve your ideal body weight. You can lose weight quickly, but the question is how long can you keep it off? It is only a matter of time before it all comes back once your body cannot take the punishment of inadequate calories any longer.

That is why the best way to lose weight fast is to take your time and follow a safe and healthy weight loss procedure. What matters more is being able to lose weight and keep it off.

Therefore, stay away from those peculiar weight loss supplements. They are designed to fool people into buying them in exchange for fast weight loss results.

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But don’t starve yourself to death either. Also, don’t punish your body until it starts begging you for mercy through extreme weight-loss workouts.

You can avoid all this and use a healthy weight loss method. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Sure, they might take a little longer than you like, but the results will be permanent, and you will not be putting your long-term health at risk while chasing temporary weight loss results.

In any case, losing weight fast through extreme weight-loss will make your weight loss journey longer, more painful, and incredibly frustrating. That’s because you will lose the weight within a few days or weeks only to gain it all back sooner. This will take you right back to where you started. This vicious cycle can go on for years, and it can ruin your health in the process.

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That is why it is always better to lose weight in a sustainable manner. And if you are lucky to lose the pounds quickly in this manner, then well and good. But if your body takes a while to let go of the fat, it’s also perfectly fine because the end goal is long-term health, not temporary weight loss outcomes.

Imagine how nice it would be to lose all the excess weight and attain your perfect figure and still get to enjoy your favorite pizza at the end of the day?

That is precisely what healthy weight loss gets you. And there are plenty of proven ways on how to lose weight faster and safely. So, don’t be tempted to take dangerous shortcuts.

In other words, if you like your weight-loss fast and effective, at least do it the right way.