How To Live With A Highly Sensitive Person

How To Live With A Highly Sensitive Person

Life teaches us many times that we must learn to appreciate the beauty in our differences because no one person is exactly like the other. Sure, we think some people are less lovable or appealing because of their unique outlier personalities, for instance, highly sensitive people, but that's not always true.

People hate that they have to be careful around these folks to avoid hurting their feelings.


But actually, it's pretty easy getting along with highly sensitive people, and here are some tricks you can use.

1. Don't Argue With Them

When you try to argue with a highly sensitive person, they will withdraw, and that will make it especially difficult to resolve whatever issue you had between you two. Instead of arguing, you can take time to calm down first before trying to deal with the issue in a friendly manner.


2. Give Them Some Space

Usually, sensitive people want to be alone on their own just as much as they enjoy being around other people. So, try to accommodate their desire for extra personal space.

3. Understand That Social Situations Might Not Appeal To Them

When in various social situations, these people often get tired and irritable. So, understand them when they don't want to be in such settings and instead prefer some time alone.


4. Ask Them Questions

We are all different, especially highly sensitive people. Don't assume you have them all figured out.

Instead, learn to ask them questions to better understand what they like to avoid offending them without knowing it.

5. Speak Softly

When you yell at a sensitive person, they focus on the emotion behind what you are saying and not what you are actually saying.


So, to get your message along, talk to them softly so you don't startle them and make them miss the message you are trying to get across.

6. Consider Their Criticisms To Be Compliments

Highly sensitive people are very keen not to make mistakes, and they will easily react when they see you about to make one. That usually means they care about you as much as they would about themselves.


7. Know That They Like Silence

Although these people enjoy having a good conversation with people, they also enjoy silence. So, let them decide if to be silent or to take part in conversations.

8. Don't Pressure Them

When a sensitive person politely declines something, it means they are pretty sure they are not up to it. Don't see it as an opportunity to talk them into it.


Respect their decisions, however calmly or unconfidently they express them.

9. Listen To Them

These folks are very good listeners, but that does not mean they don't care if other people listen to them or not. Listening to them will make them more comfortable around you.

But don't pressure them to speak up, it has to happen organically depending on how comfortable they are around you.


Highly sensitive people are an enigma to many, but they are not as hard to live with as many people make it out to be. Once you understand these few things about them, you will find them to be just as exciting to be around as any other person.