How To Let Him Know You're Into Him Without Making It Weird

Taking the initiative can be challenging, and while there's no reason why we can't be direct and express our interest to the guys we like, it can still feel uncomfortable. However, there are effective ways to communicate your interest without coming across as awkward or strange.

1. Get in his personal space

One effective way to communicate your feelings to him is to enter his personal space. However, you don't need to be overly physical or intense. Simple gestures like touching his back as you pass him, sitting next to him when possible, and lightly touching his arm when he hands you something can effectively convey your interest without being too overt. By doing so, you may plant the seeds of romance in his mind without him even realizing it.

2. Avoid talking to him about your guy problems

Avoid sharing details about your current romantic interests with him. This will not make him jealous; instead, it may cause him to view you only as a friend. Imagine how you would feel if your crush sought your advice on how to approach another girl. You would likely feel uncomfortable and consider your relationship to be strictly platonic.

3. Don't let him tell you about his girl problems

If he begins discussing his relationship problems with you, politely interrupt him. Indicate that you are uncomfortable talking about those matters and redirect the conversation to another topic. Alternatively, ask him why he's seeking your advice on the issue. By expressing your discomfort or treating it as odd that he's discussing his love life with you, you may subtly communicate your interest in him. If he fails to pick up on these cues, he may be oblivious to your feelings.

4. Be a little bit mysterious

Avoid divulging your entire life history in one conversation, and don't update him on your activities every moment of the day. If he inquires about your recent activities, keep your response brief and ambiguous. This may pique his interest and cause him to wonder more about you.

5. Make eye contact but not in a creepy way

Eye contact can be a powerful way to communicate your interest in someone, but it requires a subtle touch. You want to gaze at him with warmth and kindness, as if you were looking at a cute puppy. However, be careful not to appear overly intense or creepy, as if you were considering kidnapping him. Instead, aim for a gentle, friendly gaze that conveys your attraction without making him feel uncomfortable.

6. Look your best when you see him

When it comes to catching your crush's attention, looking good is key. If you plan to spend time with him, consider putting in a bit of extra effort to look your best. This will not go unnoticed, especially if you two have been flirting with each other beforehand. It's worth noting that "looking hot" doesn't necessarily entail resembling a supermodel; simply wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident, and you're sure to shine.

7. Talk to him about his goals and personal interests

Behave like the supportive girlfriend you know he'll desire in the long run. By demonstrating interest in his passions, aspirations, and hobbies, he'll become increasingly intrigued by the possibility of dating you. Men appreciate it when a woman they like approves of their interests and lifestyle, so make it clear that you're on board.

8. Don't be afraid to compliment him

Men are not frequently complimented, so when they are, it can have a lasting impact. Make your compliments genuine and precise. For example, you might point out how the color of his shirt complements his eyes, or mention that his new haircut looks particularly flattering. Such affirmations are interpreted as approval, and they feel great to receive from someone of the opposite gender. He'll be drawn to you and crave further validation, just wait and see.

9. Whatever you do, don't get weird about it

Putting yourself out there can be daunting, but try to accept whatever outcome arises. You can only be the best version of yourself, and if that isn't enough for him, then he doesn't deserve you. Maintain a level-headed perspective throughout the process, because at the end of the day, he's just a guy. There are countless other potential partners out there for you to explore.

10. Believe you deserve his love

The most effective way to win your crush's heart is to first win your own. Once you possess the self-awareness that you're desirable, he'll take notice if he's wise. It's crucial to speak positively about yourself and refrain from self-deprecation. Even if you don't initially feel worthy of him, by affirming your own worth, you'll eventually adopt a more optimistic perspective. Confidence can be contagious, and when you radiate that unwavering self-assurance, he'll sense it and undoubtedly view you as a strong contender.