How To Let A Guy Know You're Looking For Something Serious

How To Let A Guy Know You’re Looking For Something Serious

Listen up, ladies. If you're tired of playboys, players, and many toxic losers, it's time to get serious. And that means letting a guy know that you're looking for more than a fling.

Before you commit to a relationship, you need to make sure you're on the same page. And it's easier than one might think.

Don't scare him off

how to let a guy know you're looking for something serious

You can't just babble all the things you want from a relationship. Instead, enjoy your dates while digging into his mind.


Ask! What are his plans for the future, his hobbies, does he have nephews and nieces? Is he close to his family?

There's no foolproof list of questions, but there is something just as useful.

When you're "interrogating" him, ask yourself which questions would you like to hear from the other side. And think about your tone, posture, and everything in between.

Set Boundaries but be flexible

how to let a guy know you're looking for something serious

You can't play the game for too long. For one thing, he'll see through you. And, if you're playing, you don't deserve better.

That's why it's important to vocalize your personal boundaries, what's acceptable, and where you draw the line.

If you don't want an open relationship, say it. And if it is essential to you, then what's the point of hiding it? To a certain extent, honesty is necessary, even when you're still not in a committed relationship.

In a way, training a man is a bit similar to training a dog. Don't believe me? Check out the classic Hollywood movie "If A Man Answers"! It's about training a husband, and it's insanely accurate!

Listen, but he heard

how to let a guy know you're looking for something serious

As you get the information from him, assure him that you are listening. And you want nothing less from him.

When you're actually listening, he won't be afraid to open up.

Many guys are looking for a serious relationship, but the lack of communication brings us to meaningless friendships with benefits and relationships where there are no plans for the future.

Talk, ask, be curious, and always keep in mind that there's no one else like you!

Plan meaningful dates

how to let a guy know you're looking for something serious

While you're still casually dating, make sure to make the most of it. If a guy is shy or simply has no idea what to do with someone who knows what they want, you need to make your dates memorable.

No, you don't have to jump from an airplane, but to be playful while having a relationship talk every now and then. Spend more time getting to know each other, to make sure that he's what you want.

Dating should be effortless, fun, but it's also like making a business arrangement.

You have to make him think that his single life was nothing compared to your future as a couple.

Feel confident, act with confidence

how to let a guy know you're looking for something serious

Men like a woman who's not afraid to be herself. Self-confidence, alongside self-love and respect, will make you an ideal partner.

To have a clear picture of yourself means you're able to be in a healthy relationship. All relationship experts agree on that.

If he insists on dating other people, perhaps he needs more time, but instead of waiting, you need to explore your other options.

You will kiss a lot of frogs until you find the one made just for you!

How do you tell if a guy is serious about you

how to let a guy know you're looking for something serious

A healthy relationship with natural progress doesn't involve a guy who cancels plans without offering backup ideas.

He's no longer afraid to talk about the future, and he's not mentioning single life. In fact, he's listening, making plans, and actually giving dating advice to his friends.

The difference between a committed relationship and a casual one is that you have space in the first one, yet you're thinking "we" and not just "I."

A casual relationship or a hook-up happens, there's no interest in being involved in each other's lives, nor do you experience a real heartbreak. There's no depth, no intimacy.

Do you need to define the relationship?

how to let a guy know you're looking for something serious

Actions count, not words. If you want a family, and you're making plans, while your guy is too focused on his team winning a game, he will waste your time.

A person you're dating should be able to know your needs, and you should not be afraid to speak up.

If he thinks he's allowed to date other people, while you're in a committed relationship, you need to talk. However, there's a chance he already made up his mind, and you won't like the outcome.

Don't cry your heart out. Even the best of us get played. So, the next time be more specific about what you need!

Long term relationships are hard work

how to let a guy know you're looking for something serious

To make a guy take your relationship seriously, you need to put in effort.

If you just started dating, as we said, it's about making him open up.

But after a while, you need to see the changes, to feel the progress.

If he can't take a hint, it's time to raise your voice and tell him what you need. Don't wait for 5 years while ignoring all the red flags.

According to experts, if he genuinely wants you in his life, he'll be open, make you a priority, and interestingly, he'll want to know everything about you.

There's no one sign that says he's as serious as you are. But, it's a whole package of exchanging emotions, values, interests, and experiences.

Feel confident, and let him know that he's valuable to you. That's risky, but it's the only way to make the person you're dating ready to commit and never take you for granted.

A serious relationship is a combination of flexibility, understanding, and profound intimacy, making you a long-lasting couple.