How To Know When A Guy Is In The Mood (25 Obvious Signs)

More often than not, it's easy to determine when a guy is aroused, but on other occasions, it can be more complicated. Keep reading to discover these 25 clear indications that will help you understand when a man is in the mood.


1. He Stares At You Intensely

At the top of our list of signs that a man is in the mood is intense eye contact. Whether the conversation has become heated, igniting his desire, or it's simply a sign of attraction, when he can't seem to look away from you, it's a clear indication that he's feeling frisky.

2. His Voice Gets Deeper and Softer

Frequently, when a man is aroused, he will unconsciously lower his voice to a deep and soft tone. Some men are not even aware that they are doing it. By using a deeper and gentler voice, he is hoping to create a sense of security and comfort for you and maybe even help you get in the mood.

3. He Can't Sit Still and Fidgets

When there's nothing pressing happening and he doesn't have anywhere to be, but he can't seem to keep still, his restlessness may be a sign that he's in the mood. This type of behavior usually indicates that he's either becoming frustrated because he thinks you're not in the mood or that it's taking you too long to get there.

4. He's Licking His Lips

When a man is giving you a piercing gaze and licking his lips, it's one of the most unmistakable signs that he's feeling frisky. This type of hunger-inspired lip-licking behavior is similar to what goes on in McDonald's restaurants everywhere as people with growling stomachs eye the combo meals they're about to order and consume.

5. His Nostrils Flare

If you notice that his nostrils are flaring open and closed, like a racehorse trying to catch its breath after a race or a fighter about to deliver a punch, it's another clear sign that he's in the mood. That being said, it's important to note that if you've recently had an argument, he may simply be upset and considering punching a hole in the wall.

6. He Tries Extra Hard

Guys who are in the mood may put in extra effort in small things, like jumping out of the car, opening doors, or complimenting you frequently. These actions, like opening car doors, running ahead to open doors, and frequently complimenting you, can be indicators of their mood.

7. His Smile Never Fades

A guy who is always grinning when he's around you is a strong indication that he has strong feelings for you. While it's possible that he's just a bit quirky, let's look on the bright side. If he's on a date with you and can't stop smiling, it's clear that he's feeling amorous.

8. His Eyes Burn Brighter

When a man is feeling frisky, his eyes may take on a fiery look. If you're sitting across from him in a booth, and you notice that his eyes are blazing with intensity, his nostrils are flaring, his knuckles are tightly gripping his utensils, and he's been smiling for prolonged periods of time, it's evident that he's in the mood.

9. His Breathing Changes

One of the noticeable signs that a guy is feeling romantic is a change in his breathing patterns. If you can pick up on the change, it's likely he's feeling it even more intensely. Many men have reported feeling close to fainting from excitement when they were eager to be intimate with someone they're attracted to.

10. He Seems Hot Even if its Barely Warm

When a guy feels warm, even when the temperature is low or just mild, it's a clear indication that he's aroused. If it reaches a point where he starts removing his clothing, be aware as his thoughts have moved beyond just being in the mood.

11. He Ignores Everyone But You

When a guy wants to signal that he's in the mood, he'll direct all his attention to you. If you're on a date, in class, at the workplace, or socializing with friends, and he disregards everyone else and focuses solely on you, it's likely he's in the mood.

12. He Accidentally Touches You

If a guy starts to intentionally touch you more often, it can be an indication that he's in the mood. This is especially true in crowded places like school, work, church, or when in a group setting. His constant contact could be his way of communicating that he's interested and wants to make his feelings known. Once you're alone, he may be more forthcoming about his romantic desires.

13. He Intentionally Touches You

When a guy intentionally touches you, it can be a sign that he is in the mood. This can range from a gentle touch on your face or hand, to pulling you in for a hug. If the touching is deliberate, it can indicate that he wants to express his desire for you and is hoping to lead to further physical intimacy.

14. He Makes a Big Deal About Little Things

When a guy starts to lavish you with excessive praise and attention, it's a sign that he may be in the mood. For instance, if he calls you his "beautiful date" and clears a path for you as you walk to your seats at the movie theater, it's a good indication that he's already feeling amorous before the movie even starts.

15. He Points Out Commonalities

If during your date, a movie, a lunch, or even on the way home, the guy keeps highlighting your similarities, it's a strong indication that he is eager and in the mood. He wants you to recognize the perfect match between you two, so he's hoping that by the end of the night, you'll choose to go back to his place instead of your own.

16. His Body Language Gives Him Away

When a guy is in the mood, his body language can sometimes give away his intentions. If he starts slouching or hunching his back, or if he's constantly fidgeting with his hands or pockets, it may be a sign that he's feeling nervous or excited. Other indications include rubbing the back of his neck, constantly checking the time, or avoiding eye contact.

17. He Starts Flirting Non-Stop

When a confident guy starts feeling "in the mood," he'll make sure you know it through his flirting. He'll be unapologetically bold, both in his words and actions, and by the end of the date, it'll feel like you're already in bed together. There will be no ambiguity about his intentions.

18. He Asks You to Leave/Be Alone with Him

When a guy is clear about his intentions and wants to take things to the next level, he will not beat around the bush. If he is in the mood, he will express it openly and ask you to be alone with him. Whether it's going home, stepping outside, or finding a private place, if he's really into you, he'll make an effort to have some intimate time with you.

19. His Mood Seems to Swing Back and Forth

If a guy appears to be moody and his behavior seems to fluctuate rapidly, it could be a sign that he is in the mood and struggling to handle his emotions. If he feels that his feelings are not being reciprocated, he may become irritable or sullen. On the other hand, if he senses that you are receptive to his advances, he may suddenly become more positive and energetic.

20. He Acts Hot and Cold

What appears to others as a mood swing, might actually be a sign of him being in the mood. If he feels uncertain about the mutual attraction, his emotions may fluctuate from positive to negative rapidly. However, as soon as he senses that you may be receptive to his advances, his positive energy and confident demeanor will take center stage once again.

21. He Seems to Careless

If a guy is feeling turned on and trying to hide it, he may exhibit a nonchalant or devil-may-care attitude. This type of behavior may be his way of trying to mask his true intentions, which are to be alone with you. Some guys aren't smooth enough to pull off this demeanor, but for those who are, it can be a sign that they are in the mood and want to be with you, even if they don't come right out and say it.

22. He Keeps Eyeballing You

Say you're hanging out with friends, and there's a guy who can't seem to look away from you whenever you make eye contact. This could be a sign that he's into you and in the mood. Similarly, if you're in a group of friends and one guy, in particular, keeps staring at you, it's possible that he's experiencing the mood when you're around.

23. He Makes You the Center of Everyone's Attention

When a guy is in the mood, he may try to draw attention to you. He'll showcase your qualities and traits that attract him, whether it's in front of friends, family, or even nature itself. He wants everyone to know that he's smitten with you.

24. He Gets Upset with Other Guys

If a guy is visibly irritated by the presence of other guys when you're around, it could be jealousy or simply that he's in the mood and doesn't want anyone to interfere with his plans. The level of his moodiness in the presence of other guys may be an indication of just how much in the mood he is.

25. He Tells You as Much

Some guys are straightforward about it: when they are in the mood, they communicate it to you clearly. This could be through a text, a whispered message, or even a playful tap on the behind. They make it known as soon as they become aware of their feelings. It can be that simple, ladies.


What happens to a guy when he is in the mood?

When a guy is in the mood, you may notice physical and behavioral changes. These can include changes in body language, such as sweaty palms, intense eye contact, quickened breathing, and flared nostrils. He may also have difficulties focusing on anything other than you. His mannerisms may also shift, as he may become more flirtatious, engage in non-stop conversation, or become quieter and more reserved, depending on his personality.

How do you tell if he wants to kiss you?

Guys have several physical signs that reveal their desire to kiss you. Some of the most common signs include flirting behavior, intense eye contact, a deeper and softer voice, lip-licking, a reddening face, and changes in body language. When his cheeks flush, he struggles to catch his breath, and his hands are sweating, it's clear that he's trying to hide his excitement.

How do you tell if a man secretly likes you?

There are countless indications that a guy has a secret crush on you. Some of the most apparent clues include smiling when you're around, blushing when in your presence, frequently seeking opportunities to see you, keeping promises made to you, and finding excuses to spend time with you.