How To Know Someone Is In Love With You: 30 Powerful Signs

How To Know Someone Is In Love With You: 30 Powerful Signs

If you are like most of us, I bet you have wondered how to know someone is in love with you? After all, there's nothing like love: it is the most powerful and mysterious force there is, and it's practically everyone's desire to get and give love.

The most challenging thing about love is that we want to give it to those who will give us all of theirs.

And to avoid heartbreaks, disappointments, and embarrassments, many people hold back their affection. But the problem is, to receive love, you often have to give as much of it as you can.


It's the reason we find ourselves wondering how to know someone is in love with you.

So, here's how to know someone is in love with you.

1. Someone Who Loves You Will Want The Best For You

Often times, what's best for us is usually not what the people we love and care about think is best for us.


So, the moment you meet someone who wants the very best for you, then know you have met the one person who truly loves you.

The essence of love is sacrifice, and anyone willing to let go of their own viewpoints for your sake is in love.

2. They Seek Your Advice

People we love hold a very important position in our lives. That is why their opinions mean a lot.


Therefore, if you often find them asking for advice from you, then it is usually because they love you.

3. When Someone Loves You, They Will Apologize Sincerely

People hate admitting they are wrong, and it takes a lot of humility to seek forgiveness.

It's hard to say we are sorry, especially when we feel we also deserve an apology. So, someone who says they are sorry even when they might have nothing to apologize for certainly loves you.


4. They Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Even at your worst, you need someone who can make you feel good about yourself. That usually happens with someone who loves you.

With this person, you don't have to worry about keeping up appearances because you know they will accept you regardless of who you are.


5. The Person Openly Expresses Their Emotions

People are usually very guarded about their feelings. Nobody wants the world to know how vulnerable they are.

Also, people know that expressing their feelings makes it likely that other people will use them to cause them harm.

That means when a person expresses their emotions to you, they are probably doing it out of love.


6. The Person Is Honest, Even When It's Very Difficult

Some truths are very hard to put into words. Therefore, someone who is bold enough to say the truth to you even when things are extremely difficult cares a lot about you.

If you are curious how to know someone is in love with you, then them being fearless when called upon to show their brutal honesty proves it.


7. Because Of This Person, Your Life Feels More Optimistic

If your life feels better because this person is in it, then that goes to show they bring love into it. Being loved gives you confidence and self-esteem, and that helps you have a more positive attitude towards life.

8. They Are Passionate About Past Memories

Have you seen how passionately couples discuss things they have been through together? We can all admit that it is an important expression of the love they have between them.


You are less likely to see it happening with you, but if you are keen enough, you can. If you have a partner who keeps speaking fondly about beautiful memories you have shared in the past, then understand that they have a love for you.

9. When Someone Loves You, They Find Ways To Make Your Life Easier

When someone loves you, they will do plenty to make sure you have an easier life. If there is a chore you usually hate, they will often try to do it so you don't have to suffer through it.


This person makes your life special in countless small ways.

10. The Person Tells You When You Go Wrong

Few people will tell you the truth that can hurt you, especially when you were the problem. But someone who loves you will tell you when you are wrong, although it might not be what you want to hear.


A person who loves you will call you out on your mistakes, but in a kind and loving way so you don't get hurt.

11. They Always Show Concern For You

In loving relationships, we always want to know how our partners were during the day. Someone who is in love with you will want to know everything about your day.


Their concern is based on a desire to know that you are happy and doing well in life.

12. They Remember Small Details About Your Life

When someone cares about you, they know a lot of things about your life. Small details like your favorite color, your birthday, and other things are always on their minds.


In fact, this person will happily remember such details.

13. When Someone Loves You, They'll Be Comfortable Around You

Letting your true self be known to those around you is not easy. Naturally, people act differently depending on those around them.

We only let our friends and loved ones see who we really are. So, if someone is okay letting you see who they really are, they love you.


14. They Change For You

Love changes people. So, if you see someone changing their choice of friends, their manner of dressing, and many other things to be as you like, then know it's because this person loves you.

Believe it or not, seeing someone change is how to know someone is in love with you for certain.

15. When Someone Loves You, They Won't Mind If The Whole World Knows It

Most people don't think very favorably of public displays of affection. But once in love, they become huge offenders themselves.


When someone loves you, they will not mind if the whole world sees how much you know each other.

Even though they might not try to rub other people's noses in it by making out with you in public, you will notice significant changes in their behavior. For instance, they won't mind holding hands with you, although it might have been an issue in the past.

16. They Get Excited Around You

Your presence with the person you love will always cause a positive reaction. So, if this person always seems so excited to see you, then know it's because they have deep feelings for you.


17. Sometimes, They Get A Little Jealous

If your interactions with strangers often cause this person to get upset, then that shows they are a little jealous of you giving your attention to someone else.

18. A Person Who Loves You Will Give You Some Alone Time

We all need to take some personal time from time to time. Obviously, some people need more time than others, which is perfectly normal.


Taking time apart lets tempers go down and gives everyone space to work on themselves. Someone who smothers you with their attention doesn't care as much about you as they seem.

19. They Allow You To Invade Their Personal Space

Unless you know someone very well, you never allow them to come into your personal space. So, if the person allows you to get into their personal space without objections, then it's because they have a love for you.


20. When Someone Is Interested In Your "Odd" Hobbies

We all have a hobby that rarely seems "typical" by most people's standards. In fact, some people would distance themselves from you if they knew about it.

But when someone willingly embraces and even supports that interest, then know that's love at work.


21. The Person Wants To Be Your Best Friend

They are probably your BFF, and it's because they made an effort to earn that position in your life. When someone loves you, you will find in them all the qualities you seek in a good friend.

They will keep your secrets, respond to you in your hour of need, fight with you over minor things, and enjoy your presence immensely.


22. They Look At You Differently

The people we love stand out from the rest of the world, and that is why we look at them like beings from another world.

Someone who loves you will always look at you differently because seeing you brings back a lot of good feelings you have about them.

Even when talking to someone else, this person will steal glances at you due to the deep affection they have for you.


23. When Someone Loves You, They'll Care About You

Sometimes we fail to see that someone loves us because we look for big breathtaking gestures of love they can do for us. But real love is usually visible through simple gestures of love and care.

Therefore, someone who always checks on you to make sure you have all you need and wants the best for you really loves you.


At the end of the day, it's the small things that truly count.

24. They Stay In Your Life No Matter What Happens

Even if a big opportunity comes in your life that forces you to change your life completely, this person will not disappear from your life.

Instead, they will stick it out and work with you through everything to make sure your relationship endures and thrives.


25. Someone Who Loves You Easily Says The Words "I Love You"

If you sense some hesitation in someone as they say they love you, then they might not have genuine feelings of love for you.

Things are very different with someone who truly loves you.

Even if it's the first or the thousandth time, you can feel that their "I love you" comes from the bottom of their hearts.


26. They Try To Show You Affection

The attraction between people who love each other is not only deeply emotional but also physical. Someone who loves you will try to show you affection in a physical way.

This person will lean towards you, touch you, smile, and express their love and affection in ways you can clearly see and feel.


27. They Let You Know You Are On Their Minds

Someone who truly loves you will think about you all the time. And not only that, they will make sure you know it by calling or doing you small favors from time to time to make sure you know they are thinking about you.

28. Someone Who Loves You Will Not Mind Introducing You To Their Family

A growing relationship involves letting those you care about know you have someone special in your life. So, when someone is comfortable with you meeting their family members, it shows they have a love for you.


This also shows that they will gladly commit to you for the long-term.

29. They Can Drop Everything For Your Sake

When you really love someone, you will often leave whatever you are doing to attend to their needs.

The reason this person will put their needs before your own is because your happiness is as important to them as their own.


30. When Someone Loves You, They Feel Secure

There are burdens greater than the weight of an insecure partner. Insecurity shows a person does not completely trust you.

So, when someone feels completely secure in the relationship they share with you, their love for you is greater than any feelings of insecurity they feel.


Usually, love is a huge risk, but totally worth it if things go your way. And because many people are afraid that it might cause heartbreak, they fail to give it their best chance.

Fortunately, now that you've learned how to know someone is in love with you, you will have greater confidence as you seek true love.