How To Know If Your Ex Might Be Coming Back

How To Know If Your Ex Might Be Coming Back

I am not going to go as far as saying you wish your ex would come back.

But I'm sure you have wondered if they might at some point or another knock at your door wanting you to let them back in.

Maybe You Want Them To Come Back, Maybe You Don't.

That depends entirely on you.

After the breakup, you might have realized you lost a real gem. Or maybe you are terrified. Terrified that they might come back and that you might accept them back although you know that would be a mistake.

Maybe you want to be sure if the two of you are completely done so you can move on with your life.

Whatever the case, you can breathe easier knowing if your ex will make a return or not.

First of all, ask yourself how good the relationship was before it hit a snag. If it was good for the both of you, then a comeback is more likely.

Here Are Signs That Your Ex Might Come Back

1. The mother calls saying your ex misses you. Enough said.

2. You think understanding their emotions would make you give them another chance. This is not a very good sign as people rarely change.

3. You were getting complimented during the breakup and there was a genuine expression of admiration for you even though things were not working out.

4. Long distance was the reason you broke up, but the feelings are still there and now there are no distance problems between the two of you. Your ex might try to make things work again.

5. The breakup was not that messy. You kept it classy and there were no demeaning insults exchanged between the two of you.

6. You get a handwritten letter. Who does that anymore? Why would they do it? It's simple, you are special and they might want you back.

7. The messages they have sent after a moment of no contact have all been positive, and so have your responses. In short, there are positive vibes between you.

8. After the breakup, you are still available to each other through social media. It's at least a sign that there is still some hope that a reunion might happen.

9. You broke up because of a busy schedule and could not find time for each other. If that changes, then the ex might be knocking on your door.

10. You moved on with your life and made it better. Your ex might pop in out of nowhere.

11. Mutual friends tell you that your ex still talks about you and misses you.

12. You are getting drunk texts, showing that they still have feelings for you.

13. They still get jealous when you are with someone else.

14. You had a short relationship and did not break up out of anything terrible.

15. Your ex is always finding excuses to see you or meet with you.

16. They still open up to you about their emotions because you are still comfortable around each other.

17. You still talk on the phone or chat from time to time, showing that having a conversation with you is still important to them.

18. They add you on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Snapchat.

19. When you go on a date, they know about it and get upset.

20. They are not dating anyone else yet, which means they might not have completely let go of you.

21. Running into you makes them look at you with longing and desire.

22. You get nostalgic messages from them reminding you of the good times you had together.

23. Social media updates show that they miss being with you.

24. They still invite you to events.

There you go! If you see any of these signs, know that the dreaded (or welcome) return of the ex might be possible. Question is, do you want it to happen or not?