How To Kiss Someone For The First Time: Everything You Need To Know

How To Kiss Someone For The First Time: Everything You Need To Know

The fear of not knowing how to kiss someone makes it simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating and an unforgettable experience filled with both adrenaline and emotion. You never forget your first kiss, regardless of whether it was fantastic or horrible.

So, if you are mortified by the possibility of getting a kiss for the first time, then this guide is for you.

The hard truth is that the first kiss is a big deal. For starters, you will have high expectations about something you hardly know about.

Don't Pin All Your Hopes Of A Magical Feeling On Your First Kiss

So, even if the kiss turns out to be a little underwhelming, it does not mean there is no chemistry between the two of you.

Many sloppy and horrible first kisses turned into amazing seconds and thirds. It's all about learning to do it right. The problem might be the technique, not the chemistry.

If you don't know how to kiss someone, the obvious attraction between you might not be enough to make the moment as incredible as it could be.

And that is what we are here to fix.

If you can learn how to kiss someone, even in theory, you can avoid some rookie pitfalls and make your first kiss a breathtaking, all-consuming, and life-changing experience.

When done right, you will feel that you can never have enough of the experience. But when mishandled, it might turn you off this romantic gesture for a while.

But you can still be a good kisser, even if it's your first time. The first kiss is exceptionally emotional and intense.

How To Kiss Someone Right

1. Make Sure You Both Want The Kiss

Even though you are so ready for your first kiss, make sure that it's not just you who wants the experience. Sometimes your feelings can overwhelm you and make you forget the other person's feelings.

You have to pay attention to the other person and find out if they are interested in a kiss as well. See how they react to your advances; look at their body language; look into their eyes.

If for some reason, they appear to be avoiding you, then don't make a move. That might ruin the moment and even strain the relationship.

2. Personal Hygiene Also Matters In Kissing

It's understandable, romantic moments such as the first kiss can happen at the most inopportune of times.

Maybe you ran into each other unexpectedly, had a great time together, and one thing led to another and you found yourselves locking lips if you had known that in advance, you could have avoided the garlic or the smelly fish.

But otherwise, if you suspect that a kiss is likely to happen, brush your teeth, chew some minty candy, and stay off smelly foods.

However, don't let any setback in this area keep you from having a memorable first kiss if everything else has fallen into place. If the person is up to it despite the unfortunate lunch menu, then go ahead and enjoy your special moment.

3. Go Out

Kissing is typically the climax of a thrilling seduction. So, before you can get your first kiss, make the girl expect it by taking her out first.

As long as you know she is into you. Then you should woo her in a way that makes her realize that a kiss might be in the works for you.

So, take her out on a date and treat her like the queen she is without being too eager or desperate. Make her feel special during the date and she will naturally want it to end in a special way through a kiss.

4. Find A Private Place To Kiss Each Other

While some people have no problem sharing their intimate moments with the world, most people want a little privacy during these times.

So, before you kiss for the first time, make sure you find a private place that makes you feel comfortable sharing this intimate moment.

Kissing in public can get uncomfortable, especially when you are likely to get carried away by the emotions and touch each other sexually.

Also, you are less likely to worry about distractions when you find a private place to have your first kiss.

5. Tell Her How You Feel

Obviously, if you are thinking of sharing your first kiss with someone, they must be really special to you.

You are not just friends. Things have risen to a new level, and you should use words that demonstrate this.

This is a perfect time to whisper sweet nothings and let her know she means the world to you. Make sure she knows how special she is to you and how much she means to you.

If she responds positively to this, then it's a good sign that everything is going well. And if you tell her you are about to kiss her and she agrees, then you can go ahead and do it.

However, if things take another turn, it's also okay. After all, kissing someone for the first time should be with someone as crazy about you as you are about them.

Otherwise, it might be bland and meaningless, and you don't want that.

6. Sit Down If You Can

A first kiss can get really heated, and you might enjoy the experience better if you are seated in case you start feeling weak and overwhelmed.

Besides, in case the kiss turns into something more serious, the best option is to sit down and ensure the good moments flow more naturally. But you can still kiss while standing if you feel that's your best option.

7. Let It Happen Organically

Even if you know how to kiss someone, in theory, the moment has to be right if you want to make the kiss worthwhile.

So, as much as you can't wait to have your first kiss, make sure you don't rush the moment. Don't force anything.

You should be relaxed and both feeling up to it. It is not a moment you should plan out so intensely.

8. Make Sure Your Lips Are Kissable

Chapped, cracked, and dry lips are a turn off. That's a fact.

So, you have to make sure that your lips are kissable before you try to kiss your partner. Otherwise, they might turn you down and you might be left wondering what went wrong.

You can apply the right product to the lips to make them soft and supple, which will add to their sensuality and erotic appeal.

But also, don't overdo it. Excess lipstick is not ideal as guys don't like it when lipstick is smudged all over them.

9. Avoid Common Mistakes On How To Kiss Someone

There are many ways to mess up when kissing someone for the first time. For instance, some people get too aggressive, while others get too passive.

Neither of these is desirable.

Other things to avoid include trying to French kiss when you don't even know how to execute a simple kiss.

Also, on your first kiss, don't try to bite or nibble on your partner's tongue or lips. While this can spice things up, it can also go awry wrong if done poorly and ruin the experience.

Something else to avoid is the temptation to make your hands too busy during the kissing. You should not grope your partner all over as that will make you look too anxious and cast doubts on your real intentions.

Let your touching be natural and caring. You can touch their face, hair or even wrap your hands around their necks to make the kiss a lot sweeter.

10. Don't Freeze

Kissing someone for the first time can be a little scary because you don't know if you will like it or not. But still, freezing should not be an option.

The process should be rhythmic and active. So, go with the flow and play your part.

Don't worry. As long as you are paying attention to what is going on, you will have an idea of how to behave during the process.

Ultimately, kissing is a pretty natural thing, and you will never be completely ignorant of what to do even if you have never done it before.

11. Having Fun Is A Big Part Of Learning How To Lock Lips

A kiss is to be enjoyed to the fullest. A first kiss is very special, and to make it more exciting, make sure you get into it with the mind to enjoy yourself.

So, if you find yourself overthinking, you are probably not ready yet. You should feel excited about it and should be looking forward to it, even though you might feel a little scared because you don't actually know how it will actually feel like.

12. Be Flirtatious

You don't truly know how to kiss someone until you learn to flirt.

A really sensual and meaningful kiss should happen under the right circumstances. Flirting is a great way to let the other person know you are about to get intimate with them.

As you know, kisses are incredibly intimate, and having the other person expect the kiss to happen is a good idea.

So, a little touching, some playful talk, and flirtation can really set the mood. If there is a positive response to all these gestures, then taking things to the next level and having a kiss might be a welcome proposition.

13. Look Into Their Eyes Before You Lock Lips

One secret you need to understand about kissing is that eye contact really matters. Before your lips meet, your eyes have to meet first, especially with the first kiss.

Before the kiss happens, there is usually a moment of silence when you just look into each other's eyes and non-verbally communicate your desire to create this special moment. By looking into each other, you can tell that you are both willing to go ahead with the kiss.

But if you look into their eyes and they avoid eye contact, then that's a sign that they are not really interested in the kiss, at least not at the time.

There is nothing wrong with that-you can always give it a try when both of you are ready for the experience.

The important thing to remember is that there are many reasons people might turn down a kiss. Maybe they feel their breath smells, or they are scared.

It's important not to take it personally.

14. Remember To Part Your Lips

As you move in for a kiss, you will have to tilt your head. Also, remember to part your lips a bit, sort of like you are breathing with your mouth.

From there, you should go for one of their lips, upper or lower, depending on what you like best. But most people go for the bottom lip.

Once your lips meet their lip, press them against each other.

15. Close Your Eyes After You Lock Lips

Yes, I know I said you should look into their eyes as you move in for the kiss. But that is most important when you are trying to get a sign that they are also into it.

But once your lips lock, you can close your eyes and focus on the sensuality of the experience you are having. In any case, staring into each other's eyes as you kiss can introduce a lot of weirdness into the experience.

You can open your eyes from time to time during the kiss, as long as it feels natural. You don't really know how to kiss someone until you learn to control your eye contact.

16. Relax Your Lips Before You Lock Lips

Don't be tempted to pucker your lips too hard. Let your lips be relaxed.

If you are completely clueless about how your lips should be like, then you can always try to react to what your partner is doing. Even if you are both wrong, you will eventually work your way towards something that works for both of you.

17. Start Slowly

Learning to pace yourself, at least at first, is a big part of learning how to kiss someone. This is your first kiss. You don't have to try and be a champ during your first try.

Be gentle and explore the kiss and see how it goes.

Pay attention to your partner and let them help you determine how far or how fast you can go.

Keep in mind that after the first kiss, you can quickly follow it up with a second and a third until you both have your fill. But that means you have to set the right tone with the first kiss you have.

So, be slow and gentle and let the kiss be sweet and sensual.

18. Know How To Use Your Hands. It's Important As You Learn How To Kiss Someone

Although kissing focuses on the lips, the hands have an important role to play as well. As you kiss the girl, run your hands through her hair, touch her face, hold her hands, and find other ways to be more sensual.

Remember that kissing is the highlight of a highly romantic and arousing moment, and using your hands to enhance the experience will make your first kiss that more awesome.

19. Be Ready For Anything

Part of the process of learning how to kiss someone for the first time is knowing that the unexpected can happen.

First kisses can be monumental, but it's always great when you prepare yourself for the worst. Many first kisses get awkward and feel strange.

After all, you hardly know each other and this level of physical and emotional intimacy might be too much for you to handle at the time.

Don't worry. Your subsequent try might turn out to be magical. As long as the moment is right, getting a kiss from someone you care about is always one of the best experiences you can ever have.

20. Offer Some Feedback After You Lock Lips

Communication is very good as you kiss. After the kiss, you can say if you really liked the experience.

This can help make the subsequent kisses better for both of you. But don't be overly critical, as that can ruin the spirit that makes this intimate gesture so fulfilling.

Now that you are armed with these handy tips on how to kiss someone for the first time, I can only wish you the best as you put them to the test. Remember to give yourself fully to the moment.