How To Kiss A Guy For The First Time And Make It Totally Unforgettable

Kissing is a unique experience with every person, regardless of how many people you've kissed before. To make your first kiss with a guy special and memorable, consider the setting, read his cues, and take the lead. Here are some tips to help make your first kiss a positive and memorable experience for both of you.

1. Make sure you're prepared

To make your first kiss with someone a positive experience, avoid planning it down to the minute and choose a private and appropriate setting. Avoid kissing after consuming strong-smelling food or when excessively sweaty. Use common sense to make the moment comfortable for both parties.

2. Make physical contact

Avoid jumping straight into a kiss with a guy. Gradually build intimacy by making physical contact such as a hug, or bringing him closer to you before the kiss. Take your time and don't rush the moment, as the anticipation will make the kiss more intense.

3. Place your lips on his

When you are ready, move in and place your lips on his. Start with small pecks to test the waters before moving into deeper kisses. This approach is a playful and flirty way to build anticipation and can be a great way to turn on the guy.

4. Part your lips so he knows he can use some tongue

To move things to a more intimate level, open your lips slightly to indicate that you want to involve tongues in the kiss. This is a subtle way to invite him to take the kiss deeper, unless you are aiming for just a friendly, non-intimate kiss.

5. Let him take the lead sometimes

While some guys may find it attractive for women to take the lead, it's important to remember that it's not just his first kiss with you, it's also your first kiss with him. This means you should also be able to enjoy it. Allowing him to take the lead can also give you an idea of his kissing style and how he may be as a lover.

6. Let yourself get lost in the moment

While it's good to have some tips to make sure you have a great first kiss, remember to also let yourself fully enjoy the experience. If you have strong chemistry with this person, take the opportunity to savor it. Great chemistry doesn't come around every day.

7. Go slow and steady – don't rush

It's important to not rush the kiss and let it happen naturally. If the kiss becomes more passionate, allow it to happen but don't be so eager to finish that you cut it short or spoil the moment.

8. Remember to have fun

It's normal to make mistakes during a kiss, such as bumping teeth or biting too hard. Don't be afraid to laugh it off, as kissing should be fun and romantic. Having a sense of humor about it will make the experience more memorable and make both of you more comfortable with each other, which is good for building intimacy.