How To Keep Your Partner Happy In The Bedroom

How To Keep Your Partner Happy In The Bedroom

When it comes to sex, you either go big or go home. Do not underestimate the power of sex in any relationship. It is an essential part of the relationship, as it helps to add more flavor and spice to the journey with your partner.

Each partner needs to be satisfied both in and out of the bedroom. In fact, sexual satisfaction has been shown to be a way for couples to be more deeply connected and increase marital satisfaction.

So, how do you keep your wife or partner happy in the bedroom? I've heard countless couples ask this question or some variation of it.

Now, while sex tips like switching it up from the missionary position once in a while or incorporating sex toys might add some spice to your sex life, they are not, on their own, enough to make the relationship exciting. Read on for some genuine tips to spice up sex with your partner.

Talk to Them

how to keep your partner happy in the bedroom

This may seem counter-intuitive, why talk when you can just get on with the lovin'? Well, talking about sex and sexual preferences can help make partners aware of their limits and can contribute to increase compatibility.

Asking questions such as what positions they find enjoyable, whether they prefer soft touches or slightly rougher handling, and whether they like it when you talk dirty during sex can lead to more fulfilling sex.

Experts say being clear about concerns, preferences, and fantasies can lead to more fun and satisfying relationships.

Talking it out can also help to manage expectations and can reveal some surprising things about your significant other.

Switch It Up

how to keep your partner happy in the bedroom

It is often said that variety is the spice of life. Do you find yourselves repeating the same old routines? Switching it up can inject new life into relationships, and trying new things with your partner can do a lot to bring you closer.

Always make love in the same position? Try changing things. Make love in different rooms for a change, or with the lights on if you're used to doing it with the lights off.

However, it is important to keep open lines of communication between you and your partner.

Take a Step Back

how to keep your partner happy in the bedroom
how to keep your partner happy in the bedroom

Sex doesn't necessarily start in the bedroom. According to research, the largest erogenous organ is the brain. Getting to know your partner outside of the bedroom can improve the activities within.

Taking the time to discover your partner's interests and spending time doing something you both enjoy could serve as an amazing bonding exercise and be a boost to the relationship.

Helping your partner out with difficult tasks can also be beneficial. Whether you help out with chores or simply help them to destress after a long day at work, you can be certain that they'll become more open to going down with you.

It shows them that you care, and this can allow them to explore new levels of freedom in the bedroom. You'll be in for a mind-blowing ride!

Take Your Time

how to keep your partner happy in the bedroom

Sex is not a race to the finish line. Taking the time to make sure your partner is in the right mood is important to both partners. While men can sometimes get in the mood at the drop of a hat, it usually takes women longer to get there. Start with seduction outside of the bedroom.

You can send your partner sexy texts throughout the day to get them in the mood. Once in the bedroom, take the time to explore your partner's body, tease them until they're wild for it.

Use your mouth and tongue to explore or incorporate toys into the process. Delaying climax can also feel amazing and lead to some memorable moments. Don't just get in and get out. This time, taking the scenic route is absolutely worth it.

Be Playful

how to keep your partner happy in the bedroom
how to keep your partner happy in the bedroom

Sex is not meant to be too serious. If you approach it that way, then chances are that it will start to feel like a chore. Play in the bedroom like children. You and your partner should be comfortable enough to be silly with each other.

You could even try out roleplay and BDSM to see if you like it. Your time together should be joyful and adventurous. You should be enjoying yourself during sex, not suffering through it.

Take the Initiative

how to keep your partner happy in the bedroom

Surprise your partner with dinner, especially if they're usually in charge of its preparation, or surprise them with a day away from all the worries of day-to-day life, and you might be pleasantly surprised in turn.

Give them gifts and compliment them. Leave romantic notes for them to find so they'll feel good all day.

Final Notes

how to keep your partner happy in the bedroom

While these tips are not the end-all-be-all of partner satisfaction, they should at least get you started on your journey towards improving your sex life and, by extension, your relationship. As the relationship progresses, you might start to notice other directions that your partner might enjoy more. Don't be afraid to explore the possibilities.

The fun part of this process is being adventurous, experimenting, and finding out what works and what doesn't. With a little lubrication and soft caresses, you'll be well on your way to keeping your partner satisfied in bed and out. Keep grinding!