How To Keep Your Mind At Peace After Resigning From A Toxic Job

Having a job is an integral part of a person's life and quitting your job is a really hard decision. It becomes a little more difficult if you don't have clear options in your bucket because isn't that the right approach people tell us? An approach we often come across that, you must have a job in your hand before you leave one.

No matter what the reason was for leaving, personal or professional, you must keep calm in every situation. Mental health is very important even if it requires no or less social activities.

So, this comes from a person who has experienced this situation of resignation in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. While people were being retrenched, I had to decide to resign because of professional reasons. The decision got worse because of fewer opportunities in the market and less interaction with the outside world. The situation to keep the mind positive was a challenge.

All of a sudden there was a halt to the daily activities of waking up early, getting ready for the conference calls, and working till late in the evening. Suddenly, everything stopped. The race to win positively without losing the mind was stopped midway because of the resignation. This wasn't it, being the only breadwinner in the family, the pressure was a little more. But, this didn't stop me from being calm and positive.

I remember watching a Bollywood movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, it had a dialogue and that said, "Never confuse your work with your life. Your work is not your life, it is just a part of it!". This very dialogue of that movie can motivate you to a level that you will never doubt your capabilities. And, that is when you control yourself from feeling guilty about leaving your job.

So, today I'm going to share some of my basic routine that helped me stay calm and positive after resigning from my current job in this blog post:

Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones:

how to keep your mind at peace after resigning from a toxic job

Now when you are free from your toxic job, try spending some time with your family. This is important because the free mind of yours can lead to unwanted thoughts. So it's better to share the feelings with your loved ones. Don't be shy, just share your feelings with anyone you are comfortable with.

Manage Your Sleep Time:

how to keep your mind at peace after resigning from a toxic job

As this is the most thoughtful period, so the first and the most important thing which gets affected is your sleep. And, once the sleep pattern gets ruptured, the whole day gets affected. So, try to maintain good sleep time and make sure the time should be the same for all days. It will help you to keep your body clock in place.

Include Workout In Your Schedule:

how to keep your mind at peace after resigning from a toxic job

With a good and healthy body, you can have a healthy and calm mind. It is very important to build a proper routine for yourself. Also, when your mind is occupied you think in different directions and at other aspects fairly. So, do whatever you like, meditation, some aerobics or cardio at home.

Eat Wisely:

how to keep your mind at peace after resigning from a toxic job

Once you are free from your daily work schedule, bad eating habits are common to happen. Eating more, eating junk, and eating irregularly are common traits. Bad eating habits not only harm your physical health but also slow down your thinking process. Try to involve green vegies and incorporate a healthy diet.

Minimal Use Of Social Media:

how to keep your mind at peace after resigning from a toxic job

Social media is a very good tool for communication but at the same time, it is also a trap people fall for. If it is being used for a job hunt, looking for ideas, inspiration, and business ideas - it's great to use, otherwise, it will just cause you anxiety and FOMO (fear of missing out) feelings. The reality of social media is very different and this might make you feel complex about yourself and you cannot afford to feel this. So, avoid social media for your betterment, and don't waste your time and emotional senses by just scrolling.

Work On Your Skills:

how to keep your mind at peace after resigning from a toxic job

List down the things you always wanted to learn but could not due to time constraints. It is the best time to take hold of these things. Make a list and then choose the best one which you feel the most and start learning. It will not only keep you busy but also make you feel better and connected to yourself.

Write A Journal

how to keep your mind at peace after resigning from a toxic job

90% of the things we thought never happened, it always keeps running in our mind, holding the space and is not benefiting us. So, the best way to tackle this is to start writing a journal. Take a deep breath and start writing down your thoughts. It will help you understand if all this was worth it or you were just holding the burden. Writing the most annoying thoughts always helps, as it brings the reality of the thought.

What Next:

how to keep your mind at peace after resigning from a toxic job

After working on your routine, it's time to move forward and work on the next opportunity. Job searching is also a job, so treat it like this and search strategically for 6-8 hours a day. While searching you will also get time to work on the new skills you must improve. There are a lot of free courses available online or you can look for some high-rated courses from a reputed source and use your free time to improve your skills.