How To Keep The Spark Alive In A Long-Distance Relationship

How To Keep The Spark Alive In A Long-distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships are growing in numbers, and we all know the reason. Freaking corona. It did stop us from traveling as much as we want to, but can you keep the spark alive in the long-distance relationship? Absolutely, and here's how!

As if being in a relationship isn't hard enough, doing it when you are apart may seem like your relationship is doomed. But, remember that a long time ago, our ancestors had no choice, and you have other options.

When you're with a person, you fall in love with their soul. Despite the lack of physical intimacy, you can still love them from afar. Yet, with all the technology, you can even get some action.

Video chatting is a relationship saver

how to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship

Instead of trying to find your best angle during your video call, plan a date.

Seriously, dress up, set the table or take a glass of wine, and talk, flirt, do whatever you can to seduce your partner over one of many apps.

Facetime calls are indeed a blessing if you're miles apart because they help bring the spark to every long-distance couple.

Smile, listen to them, don't just whine about how you miss them. In a way, they are with you, so focus on what you can do instead of what you can't.

Physical intimacy may not be possible at the moment, but you'll see each other eventually. The most important thing is to feel loved and to feel closer each day.

Sexting is never overrated

how to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship

Yes, you miss the contact, and that's normal. But, why can't you do the nasty with some hot texts?


Sexting is a great way to explore your desires and get to learn about your partner's fantasies. And since they can't see you and vice versa, you get a chance to be more honest, playful.

The only downside is that you have to finish the game by yourself. Yet, talking dirty or sexting will make your next meeting in person so much more intense.

Make love, not war

how to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship

If you don't have anything nice to say, perhaps you should step away from your phone and focus on something else.

Arguing over texts is useless since your partner can't hear your tone or see your facial expressions. It can lead to heartbreak, tears and turn really nasty.

If you're angry, you can put your thoughts and feelings into a message, but don't press send. Instead, sleep on it and see how you feel the next day. Then, talk it out, preferably over the video call, or better yet: in person.

Cherish your time together

how to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship

When you get a chance to see your partner make the most of it. You may not see it, but many people are still waiting for their loved ones to come back from wars, and they don't get the luxury of even talking to them daily.

Save your tears for something permanent. This too shall pass, and instead of dwelling, plan the perfect night in, but don't go overboard or pretend you're something you're not.

The biggest challenge in a long-distance relationship is staying honest and not being afraid to show your partner all your sides.

Talk every day, or don't

how to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship

Leave something for those special moments when you're genuinely together.

If your long-distance boyfriend doesn't call you every day, it can merely mean that he thinks his day was monotonous. Not even couples who live together manage to speak every day.

If you feel lonely, speak up. But don't text or call just for the sake of it. It's somewhat controlling and dull. Yes, you have all these ways to keep in touch, but some days your lover might not feel like talking. Or, they can be too busy with work and family obligations.

Personally, I would recommend that you do send each other good night messages each night because it's simple, not time-consuming, and it does give you a sense of comfort and unity.

Schedule a movie night

how to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship

You don't have to facetime all the time. However, you can watch the same movie and comment, laugh, talk as you would if you were next to each other.

And there's always a good old-fashioned adult movie to watch, to revive the spark. Yes, Karen, women are allowed to watch "dirty" movies and enjoy them.

One day you'll both laugh about this, and it will make you even closer. It's cute, romantic (even with XXX movies on), and again, you're learning more about the person you love.

Now, don't go crazy and do this every night. It's just one of the many activities you can do while you're together but apart.

Take pictures, but not selfies

how to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship

To thrive while in a long-distance relationship, or LDR, you need to include your lover into your life as if you lived near.

Don't just talk about your day: show them.

Take pictures of places and faces, weird and beautiful things you get to see and turn them into stories so that your partner feels as they were with you during the day.

Once again, don't go overboard, since it will become boring if you're sending photos all the time.

Send a gift, a note, a letter

how to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship

You know where your boyfriend/ girlfriend lives, right?

So, while being in an LDR sucks at times, you can still send your partner a piece of you; a care package, something romantic or funny. Who cares?

You don't need a reason to buy something sweet for the person you love, nor does it take that much time to send them a box full of chocolates and love notes.

Dating tips for LDR are the same as those who live closer

how to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship

The main reason why long-distance relationships fail is because people don't use their imagination.

It's a challenge, and you have to be creative to remind yourself and the person you chose why you are together. And trust me, it's not just LDR couples who are facing this challenge. Which, face it, is quite sad because there's so little time and so many wonderful things left to be said, seen, or heard.


I am no relationship expert, but according to them, spending time doing what you enjoy instead of obsessing over your partner is a key to a healthy relationship.

And even in LDR, you don't have to be alone all the time. Include your partner in your inner circle, facetime them when you're with your best friend. Let them bond.

Living apart is an obstacle. But apart from physical intimacy, long-distance couples have to figure out their own pace and make the other person feel loved and understood.

That's what every relationship is about. Don't rely on facetime calls only, but try to live your life while saving the highlights of your days for the person you're dating.

Stop wondering, start doing

how to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship

Now, according to relationship experts, people do have the same set of questions when they're doing the whole LDR.

Is sexting good for long-distance relationships?

How do you keep a long-distance relationship exciting?

How long can a long-distance relationship last without seeing each other?

Well, it's your relationship, and you have to know what feels right for you. But overall, try to see each other at least once every three months and do the whole sexting, dating, gifting thing to keep things amusing and to actually feel like you're with someone.

You will hate to hear this, but so be it. Many couples live together, and they don't feel alive. Yet, your spark may shine despite being miles apart.

Relax and be in the now. Everything is temporary, and many long-distance couples are going through the same thing as you two.

If anything, the pandemic taught us that LDR is not a myth, but we have video chatting, and you'll see each other soon.