How To Keep The Attraction Fire Burning With A Long-Term Girlfriend

How To Keep The Attraction Fire Burning With A Long-Term Girlfriend

Relationships, like other valuable things, require effort to continue growing. The responsibility of managing a relationship, to make it work, often lies on the man. Unfortunately, a lot of men don't have the natural ability required to keep this fire burning.

Most men have to learn the necessary skills need to maintain attraction through experience and active learning. It's important to know how to do this if you want your long-term woman to:

Maintain her femininity around you

Care and show real affection towards you

Seek and enjoy sex with you

Feel amazing about your relationship

Lead your relationship without too much friction

If you turn too much into a Mr. Nice Guy after a while, it will result in a loss of attraction, and your woman is likely to look elsewhere.

A girlfriend who loses her attraction, her interest in you, might cheat, dump you, and make your life harder in the long run. Men need guidance to avoid these situations, which is why the demand for men's dating coaches has been on the rise in recent years.

Loss of attraction happens when men start neglecting their game. Attracting a woman is one thing; maintaining that attraction, in the long run, is a different ball game. What got you here might not take you there.

Even men who are good with women sometimes make the mistake of toning down their game when they find themselves in a good relationship. They believe it's no longer necessary to connect with other women because they've seen and done it all. Over time, men in relationships can lose their edge, become overly serious, and live to please that one woman.

Always being serious is boring since women are creatures of excitement. When boredom becomes unbearable, she starts looking for fun elsewhere.

The game is a way of life if you want to keep attracting women in the long-term. Even if you choose to be 100% exclusive with a woman, you mustn't reduce your game's intensity.

In casual affairs, maintaining attraction must be done if you really want to get laid. Knowing how to tease a woman is a good place to start building attraction.

The attraction is beyond sex in long-term relationships, and a man must ensure that his woman remains drawn to him.

Maintaining Attraction to a Long-term Girlfriend

The following list covers all you need to know if you wish to maintain attraction of your long-term girlfriend.

1. Focus on your mission

Your mission as a man is your number one priority. Everything else, including the woman in your life, is secondary. When you focus on your mission, you experience better fulfillment as a man.

As your potential increases, you become better positioned to cater to a woman's needs. Women love men who have a sense of purpose.

2. Be fit and have a good sense of style

The attraction is primarily physical, before anything else. If you hope to maintain your attraction to women, you must be in an above-average physical condition. Eat well, dress up, smell good, and work out to keep your body in shape.

Your sense of style, which manifests in how you dress, should enhance your fine points. Good hygiene is definitely a must for every man. Women find good-scenting men quite irresistible, so invest in quality perfume.

3. Have a mind of your own

Being a yes-man helps no man when it comes to keeping the attraction. If you're always agreeable with a long-term girlfriend or any woman you're involved with, you're in danger of losing the attraction.

Women love men who are confident and sure of themselves. An essential aspect of maintaining attraction is standing by your decisions. Having a mind of your own defines your masculinity.

4. Make sure she invests more than you do

There's always a power struggle in a relationship. Whoever invests more has more to lose. If you care less than she does, moving on becomes easy, and you're less anxious if there's a threat of breakup. Subtly, you're letting her know you have options and that you can leave if she becomes incorrigible.

If she knows you have standards and can walk away, she's likely to behave well. Ensure she calls more, pays more attention, invests more resources and time than you do. Typically, a men's dating coach would advise an investment ratio of 70:30 if possible.

5. Keep the sex hot

At the core of everything you have with a woman you're involved with is sex. If you can get her addicted to your lovemaking, then you won half of the battle. There's a reason why women stick to bad boys. These guys are usually great in their sex game.

A man who is good in bed will always have the upper hand when it comes to attracting women and maintaining attraction. Do everything you can to blow her mind in bed, and you can rest assured that the chemistry will remain high.

6. Don't always take her seriously

Women are more emotional beings than men. What they say and do comes from a place of emotion and they are likely not as serious as they appear at first. A woman will do many things to test your emotional strength. No woman wants a man who jumps at everything she says or does.

Be calm, collected, and calculated even in the face of the storm. You can appear amused or retract yourself and wait until it passes. It's important to learn how to tease a woman and get her in a good mood.

She might say things to hurt you as a part of her usual shit-tests to check your emotional frame. If you're always reacting and falling for it, she will realize you lack mental toughness and masculine confidence. It'll only be a matter of time before she begins to lose her attraction to you.

If you can understand this part, maintaining attraction becomes easier in a relationship. The game doesn't end with long-term dating. You have to keep up fine-tuning elements to make it grow. Focus on your purpose to be a better man, learn the game, and keep things fun!

When you do this, you get to enjoy a more powerful connection with your woman.