How To Keep A Conversation Going By Text And Keep Him Hooked

Although not all guys are fond of texting, it's essential not to dominate the conversation and exclude him. Encourage him to participate and share the burden of the discussion. If he doesn't reciprocate, it may indicate a lack of interest. Even if you believe he is interested, if the conversation is too one-sided, he may lose interest. A good approach is to ask him questions about himself, which will make him more engaged in the conversation. This is a simple and effective way to keep the text exchange going.

1. Let him join the conversation

Asking open-ended questions is a great way to sustain the conversation, but don't forget to infuse some flirtatiousness and personality into your queries. This can help to make the more mundane topics more exciting for him. Demonstrating your ability to be engaging and flirtatious through text will enhance his interest in conversing with you.

2. Ask flirty questions

Although your natural inclination might be to sustain the conversation, it's crucial to understand when to conclude it to maintain a guy's interest. Pushing it too much may not always be beneficial. Even if the conversation is enjoyable, stop it as soon as it begins to lose its momentum. Inform him that you must leave and that you will resume the chat later. This will keep him intrigued and excited to text with you again.

3. Know when to stop

While your intuition may suggest prolonging the conversation, an essential part of maintaining a guy's interest is recognizing when to end it. Forcing the discussion may not always yield the desired result. Even if the exchange is enjoyable, it's advisable to pause it when it loses steam. Inform him that you must depart but will continue later. This approach will keep him interested and eagerly anticipating your next text exchange.

4. Proofread every text

While most guys won't consider poor grammar in texts as a dealbreaker, it's still crucial to proofread each message before sending it. At the very least, ensure that your text is coherent. If he finds it confusing, he may not know how to respond, leading to a dead-end conversation. A single mistake in a word is acceptable, but if the text is too sloppy, he may struggle to comprehend your message. This may result in him giving up on the conversation, which is not desirable. Don't allow a minor oversight to cause this to happen.

5. Send only positive messages

If you're solely texting a guy, chances are he's not your boyfriend. Therefore, it's best not to vent or offload your problems onto him unless he has explicitly given you permission. If he doesn't know you well, he probably won't want to hear you complain. This could also create an unfavorable impression of you. Instead, keep the conversation upbeat and optimistic. Discuss topics that will pique his interest and avoid making him feel uncomfortable due to your bad day.

More Ways To Keep A Conversation Going By Text

1. Focus on him

Admit it, most individuals, including guys, enjoy talking about themselves. To keep a guy engaged in a text conversation, let him do just that. Encourage him to discuss his interests and himself. If you share a common interest with him, that's even better. Guys enjoy knowing that you're genuinely interested in their lives. This motivates them to share more and prolongs the conversation. Additionally, you should use texting as an opportunity to learn more about him.

2. Take your time

Guys usually don't overthink how long it takes for you to respond to their texts. While some women may do this, it's not a common habit among men, unless they're extremely insecure. You don't have to reply immediately to maintain the flow of the conversation. However, it's also not advisable to take an extended break before responding. Being too available might create the impression that you're always waiting for his texts. Taking a while to reply, on the other hand, will make him anticipate and eagerly await your response, which will keep him engaged.

3. Get creative

To keep a guy interested in texting, you need to be creative and think outside the box. Using the same old conversation starters won't cut it. Try to find unique and interesting questions that he hasn't heard before (without being too weird). This will make the conversation more engaging and keep him hooked. Showing him that you have a fun personality and are different from other girls will make him more interested in getting to know you.

4. Have a point

To keep a text conversation going, it's important to have something meaningful to say rather than just checking in. Couples' therapist Alicia Muñoz suggests getting clear about your motives for starting the conversation, whether it's out of curiosity, a desire to get to know someone better, or a desire to build a stronger friendship. This way, you can avoid having pointless conversations that don't go anywhere.

5. Focus on shared interests

To keep a text conversation going, focus on topics that you both share a mutual interest in. Avoid discussing niche hobbies or interests that only you are passionate about, as it may not appeal to him. Engage him on things he is passionate about and knowledgeable in, such as a TV show or a shared love for a celebrity chef. Finding common ground is a good way to keep the conversation going, says Holly Richmond, Ph.D., LMFT, CST.