How To Install A Toilet With Access For Dog In Your House

How To Install A Toilet With Access For Dog In Your House

Pet's potty training - The best way to do it is by installing a lid on the toilet seat and teaching them how to use it.

Not only does this make things easier when you need help with your pet in an emergency, but also gives you easy access if you ever need to drop in for a visit.

If you're wondering how to do this, the following diagram should help.

First, get a properly sized toilet. It must not fit your current toilet. If you have a newer style tank with rounded corners or other issues, use that as your guide to finding a used lid.

Next, get some hardware cloth, chicken wire, or similar mesh material. It must be large enough for the lid to sit on top without falling through the openings but small enough so that your pet's feet are kept inside. You can also use something like a window screen if it fits tightly under the lip of the installed lid.

Now attach this tightly around three sides of the plastic container that will hold it. Make sure that the mesh is tight enough not to let your pet's feet fall through, but leave one end open for easy access. The resulting box should fit inside your toilet tank and rest on top of the lid.

For added stability, you can use either a bungee cord or even duct tape to attach this contraption tightly to the outside rim of the tank. The last step is to put the lid on, and you can give the whole thing a test run to see if your dog is truly ready for this.

If not, try leaving it off for a few days until they're comfortable with the surroundings. Then install the lid and set out an easy-to-reach litter box along with some small food items that are placed at different levels inside and outside of the tank.

You must also remember to place some special treats inside of this "potty station" so they'll know what's expected when they get there. At first, leave these around all day long so your pet will be encouraged to go to their newly installed potty area often. This way, as soon as you can catch them doing something right during their training process, make a big fuss over them.

The following is a basic schematic that should help you plan before you begin this process with your special pet:

1. Add a dog's access hole to the inside of the tank for easy potty breaks.

2. Add a miniature door cut into the existing toilet seat lid will work or you can get a new toilet seat cover.

3. Attach the hardware cloth to the outside rim of the tank using duct tape, wire ties, etc...

4. For added stability attach a bungee cord around 3 sides of the box, right through the mesh on 2 sides, and all 4 corners on the bottom edge of the mesh. This will hold the box tightly in place and keep it from slipping and prevent toilet leaking from tank.

5. You can then attach a small dog door or cut out a larger opening in the regular toilet seat lid to make it easy for your pet to access the potty area when needed.

6. Cut down your existing litter box and/or add some new ones inside of the tank on top of the hardware cloth.

7. Add some extra litter containers filled with treats inside & outside of the tank so they know what's expected whenever they have to go potty.

This potty training method has not been tested to work with other pets, so proceed at your own risk if you have other types of animals or even children who might get into the tank. And don't forget that anyone old enough must be taught how to use this system before letting them alone in there without supervision!

Now you can go back to your life without all of that guilt on your mind, and if you're lucky enough to have a pet with four legs who can't wait for you to return home after being away, they'll love the new potty station.