How To Improve Your Kissing Level To Pro

How To Improve Your Kissing Level To Pro

How to take boring, lifeless kisses to pro-level? That's right. You've probably been wondering how to go about it, so I guess I'm here to save the day.

Everyone talks about achieving better orgasms, better relationships, etc. However, no one talks about the first step. The step that can make or break everything else. Kissing.

The truth is there's no right way to kiss, but there are lots of wrong ways. It all depends on following the rhythm and body movement of your partner. What's the point if you put in all the energy and they just don't like it? That's a total waste of time.

Unfortunately, so many people overlooking kissing and think, "oh, I'll just place my lips on theirs," "maybe move my neck a little bit," but kissing is a lot more than that.

I like to refer to it as an art. It deserves the same effort as every other thing. It's a gateway to the perfect foreplay and mind-blowing attraction. So let's learn how to start kissing!

Don't Rush Things

how to improve your kissing level to pro

The first thing you need to know to kiss like a pro is to take things slow. No rushing because you don't want your partner thinking you're trying to swallow them or bite them.

You have to start slow and gradually ease your way into the kiss. Start with a slight touching of the lips. You can even place kisses by the side of the mouth first before going in.

If you're all over the place the first few seconds, that could send everything downhill.

You have to ease out the anxiety you or your partner might be feeling. So relax by making sure your breath is ok and kiss away. Remember that the best kisses are usually sensual, slow, and relaxed. You can pick up the tempo now and then.

Avoid Using Too Much Pressure

how to improve your kissing level to pro

Is there such a thing as too much pressure? Hell yeah. You might be using too much pressure to mess up your game.

Avoid using too much pressure and force when kissing because you could end up bumping your teeth, bruising your partner, or making them generally uncomfortable.

Next time you lean in to kiss them, the PTSD from the previous kiss would come to life.

Kissing is just like hugging, handshakes, and any other form of body contact. Everything is better when it's not done with too much force. Takes the entire sensation out of it.

Now I'm not saying you shouldn't use pressure but do so moderately. And if it's a make-out session, you can save the pressure and bring it to play when things become a little more heated. Body language is your map here; use it.

Don't Forget The Tongue

how to improve your kissing level to pro

Ah, the tongue. The most dangerous yet pleasurable weapon in the world. If you don't make good use of your tongue, you would be considered a terrible kisser no matter how hard you try. It's in science.

You need to avoid using too much tongue when kissing a person. It's usually advisable to start kissing with just your lips before introducing your tongue carefully.

So stick with intertwining lips with your partner for a start before proceeding to add some tongue. When you start the latter, do so gently and be careful so you don't go overboard.

Caress their tongue with yours gracefully. Do not jab or stick your tongue into their mouths because they would hate that.

Now there's a way to practice kissing to avoid using too much tongue or pressure. You can try practicing with the back of your hand. It might seem embarrassing, but I guarantee you it helps. Next time you kiss someone, they'll wonder where these skills came from.

Bring Your Body Into The Equation

how to improve your kissing level to pro

The best types of kisses are those that come with more than just the tongue or the lips. Add your hands and body to blow their minds away. You can gently stroke your partner's arms, back, shoulders, and jaw.

Proceed to press your body against them. Run your hands through their hair, grab their butts but don't keep your hands idle.

Kissing doesn't just end on the lips. You can take little breaks to run kisses down their necks, their ears, shoulders, and chin. Whichever works great with your partner.

Tease Them

how to improve your kissing level to pro

Nothing beats a little teasing now and then. You can break the kiss to stare into their eyes, say something sexy, give them a sly smile, etc.

Here's a trick you want to know. Slowly break off the kiss, stare at their lower lip, and gently stroke it with your thumb.

Now gently brush your lips against your partners as you breathe slightly on it. Then go in for the kiss again. The little things make all the difference.

Understand Yourself And Your Partner

how to improve your kissing level to pro

Like I mentioned earlier, you could try all the techniques, and if it doesn't do it for your partner, it just doesn't. Everyone has their kissing style, but these tips can help you find it. So try it and go with what works best.

When kissing your partner, make sure you pay attention to how they respond. You can tell if they like it or not. So act accordingly.

Another way you can find out what your partner likes is by asking. Tell them to take the lead so you know what goes on in their heads. It might be an uncomfortable conversation at first, but you'll be glad you had it. Just learn from whatever they do or say.

People who pay attention are always sexier.

Don't be down because you feel you're a terrible kisser. You just need a little more practice and the right partner.

Don't over-analyze the moments either because it can ruin everything. Let it come naturally as you remember all these steps. Once you find the right kissing partner and practice more, everything would fall into place.