How To Hire A Close-Up Magician For Your Event

What Is A Close-up Magician, And What Do They Do?

Any experienced magician knows the thrill of performing a stunt live and in person, with nothing but your magic tricks to carry you. However, not all magicians can work the stage with their daring tricks. Close-up performers specialize in spellbinding entertainment for small groups at corporate events or private parties.

Close-up Magic stands out because the magician is right there, right in front of you. You're in their "pocket" for the entire performance, and your experience is one of intimacy. Most magicians start as close-up performers and, over time, move on to bigger stages to hone their craft. The artistic aspects of Magic are just as important as the technical skills needed to pull off a stunt, such as a card trick or mind-reading routine.


What Kind Of Events Are Close-up Magicians Booked For?

Entertaining small groups, such as at a corporate board meeting or a cocktail party, is how most close-up magicians earn their living. Although these acts are similar in presentation, each magician has their style of introducing the tricks and performing them for an audience. Every magician must be comfortable and confident on stage, so performers change their costumes during the performance to reflect different themes and moods.


Depending on the audience, magicians will go as far as performing in costumes that are specific to the circumstance. For example, if a magician is hosting a birthday party, they will break character and dress up in an outfit appropriate to the occasion. Below are some events where close-up magicians may be booked.


Private parties, such as a birthday or anniversary for a couple, are prime gigs for close-up magicians. It's a personal form of entertainment that works well in bars and restaurants where the audience has already been drinking and getting to know each other. Most events in Singapore are hosted in restaurants due to the large number of small groups that frequent these venues. Bar and restaurant owners cover all the entertainment costs, which is excellent news for close-up magicians.


Corporate Events

This events are usually attended by managers or executives who have worked together for a long time and want a fun night out with their coworkers--and maybe a few drinks are thrown in. Entertainment for events of this nature tends to be less intense than for parties. Due to the unpredictable nature of large groups at events like this, you'll want to book a close-up magician with a crowd-managing experience. Getting the pool of people together using entertaining techniques is a crucial skill most close-up magicians have.



When a couple marries, they want their special day filled with joy, happiness, and love. They will choose from various entertainment options like music bands, DJs, or comedians. Since family and friends are on hand to celebrate the marriage, it's a natural time for close-up magicians to get involved. To hire a magician in Singapore, it is essential to book the right person who has a good sense of humor and can keep the atmosphere light. An experienced close-up magician will have the right tools and tricks to keep the audience entertained and happy.


How To Hire A Close-up Magician In Singapore?

To find the best close up magician for your event, you need to do a bit of research about different options. Good search engine skills will help you to identify the magicians who are best suited for your needs. Below are considerations to keep in mind when looking for a close-up magician:


Entertainment Experience

Hiring a magician with enough stage time and confidence is crucial to command an audience. Hiring someone new to entertainment is not recommended because they may need help managing a large group of people. Close-up magicians who have worked at events, weddings, or birthday parties are good at running a show and keeping the audience interested.

Think About The Guest List

The type of audience you're aiming for will help you to decide on the right magician. If you have a medium-sized group that includes children, it's best to hire someone who can keep them entertained.


Check The Credits

When booking a close-up magician, the most important thing to look at is their background and credits. It's vital for a performer of this type to prepare for each performance ahead of time, which may include practicing in front of the mirror or taking classes on stage presence and understanding body language. Past performances and awards will help you to get an idea of the kinds of tricks and gimmicks that the magician has in their repertoire.


Consider Insurance

Some stunts and magic tricks can be dangerous and require special Insurance. Ask the magician about life and health coverage, liability, and exclusions. Most companies will offer some policy or protection service, but it's better to know before you book a close-up magician. To find the best magician for your event, you need to do a bit of research about different options.



Magic is an excellent source of entertainment and can be a great way to get people interested in science. Close-up Magic is a kind of Magic that can easily be performed in small groups. The person entertained by the magician may also learn a little about science while at it.