How To Heal Yourself From The Pain Of Betrayal

How To Heal Yourself From The Pain Of Betrayal

Do you know what really sucks about betrayals? They come from friends and loved ones, never your enemies.

That is why they hurt like hell and make you feel like your life is worthless. Betrayals can make you a shell of your former self, making you walk around for years or decades like a lifeless shadow, completely detached from everything that's happening around you.

So, you need to learn to heal the wounds of betrayal properly, or your life will be a terrible mess and the pain might affect even those around you.


Obviously, there is no magic fix that can get rid of the pain of betrayal in an instant. But also, that does not mean you should be enslaved to the pain forever.

Here is how you can heal yourself from the pain of a betrayal.

1. Fight The Temptation To Revenge

Sometimes you are betrayed so openly and embarrassingly that you feel the urge to retaliate. But you should never give in to this temptation, as it will not really solve anything.


The satisfaction you will get from revenging will not take away the betrayal you felt, it will only justify the pain, which means you might have to carry it around for much longer.

Besides, you might discover you were wrong and end up feeling guilty over your revenge mission. Also, revenging means that you have chosen to focus on the betrayal and not its healing, which is not a healthy thing to do.


So, let these feelings subside, but don't get revenge.

2. Give Yourself A Break

When someone betrays you, avoid them for a while, even on the phone and other means of communication. Even when they try to get in touch, tell them you would like some time alone.

This will keep the haunting reminder of the betrayal you suffered from your life, and it might heal you and help you see things from a different perspective.


That break can give you time to think and decide what to do next to heal yourself.

3. Face Your Betrayer

The thing you consider betrayal might be something else to the person you consider your betrayer. To them, you might have just misunderstood their intentions.

So, it is important to face the person you feel betrayed you and have them explain why they did as they did. Understand their true intentions instead of creating images in your head of how you were purposely betrayed.


This can help you let go of the frustrations and bad feelings, and you might move on with your life more easily without feeling so bad about the experience.

4. Get Help

Sometimes, betrayals cut really deep. And if you feel like it's too much for you to handle, you can always get help from outside.

You can get one person to help you or as many as you need to get through the emotional and psychological pain you are suffering. Hear out their opinions.


But also, dare to ask for their help because this kind of pain usually makes people unapproachable and therefore hard to help.

Letting them know you need their assistance can really get things moving.

5. Sleep On It

Sleep is miraculous and magical, and you wouldn't believe how many things it can heal. It can relieve stress, exhaustion, and yes, even ease the ill feelings brought about by betrayal.


True, when you wake up, you will still be bummed about the betrayal, but at least you will have the strength to go on with your life normally. Besides, sleep allows you to have a better perspective on things, which can go a long way in helping you recover from the pain of betrayal.

Finally, understand that the pain of betrayal cannot be healed in an instant–you will need time. But also understand that even as you deal with the pain and find a way to heal it, you should strive to live a normal life as you have responsibilities waiting for you.


But take heart, as long as you are attempting to heal yourself and are doing it right, you will eventually recover from the pain of betrayal.