How To Have Brighter, Richer, And More Interesting Life? 50 Tips To Spice Up Your Reality

How To Have Brighter, Richer And More Interesting Life? 50 Tips To Spice Up Your Reality

Do you feel like others are living a more interesting life? They live in Paris, travel constantly, have left the dusty office forever, married a celebrity, developed a business, practiced a simple life, traveled the country with seminars, and all bloggers dream of interviewing them. Internet heroes have fascinating lives. Not like ours.

Many people argue that one should not trust photos on social media and envy people whose lives are thriving. But few people shift the focus to how to lead a more interesting life. So today, I want to talk about how we, ordinary people, add more brightness and diversity to our daily lives.

Thinking thoughtfully about the question, I came to the conclusion that the point is not to start focusing on excitement and exciting events but to re-examine your reality and start enjoying what you have.

What Prevents You From Having A More Interesting Life

How To Have Brighter, Richer And More Interesting Life? 50 Tips To Spice Up Your Reality

We often feel dissatisfied, but we take it for granted. We understand that we need to change something, but we do not change it. Or we start making changes, but we stop. This is partly to blame for the wrong attitudes that prevent us from living a more exciting life and stepping towards what we love. Most people think they lead a boring life because an interesting life is expensive.

I have to say here that all the best things in life are free, but we know that money provides comfort, and everything is much easier when you don't need to think about the cost. Travel costs, nice space too, even the delicious coffee in an elegant cup that fits well on Instagram is not free. Yet, that's not always the case. You can find beautiful places close to you, arrange the space with your own hands, and at the same time learn how to make delicious coffee.

Lack of time is another issue. Being busy forever is not an excuse to lead an uninteresting life. It is more important to find the desire. Find time for adventure and pleasure. Start with 15 minutes every day.

The need for planning then pops up. All the most interesting events are usually spontaneous. Planning can kill interest significantly if it is delayed.

You are waiting for suitable conditions: "I will finish the renovation, I will find a new job, the children will grow up, and how I will start living." When that happens, you will often lack the desire to enjoy.

A more interesting life means more meaningful and thrilling. You can't turn life into a wedding or birthday party. Life happens every day. Yet, there are pleasant moments in each day so learn to notice and appreciate.

Internal resistance is another problem. How often do you turn down appealing offers? Go for a walk, to a cafe, or a master class? You complain about boredom, but you reject what can diversify your everyday life.

You believe you are not attractive enough for an interesting life. Body shaming and negative body image lead to the objectification of women and men. To one degree or another, these concepts contribute to the formation of the idea that only attractive people can have an interesting life. Flowers, attention, gifts, compliments are so impressive!

Indeed, it is nice to look in the mirror and like what you see. But, if that doesn't happen, it's time to work on your self-esteem and accept yourself - for a joyful life.

Going in the wrong direction is the issue unless your definition of entertainment is to turn everyday life into an even bigger parody of life. Don't think that gossip and intrigue can brighten your days. Or that video games are capable of this.

While we gossip and sit in front of the screen, others live. So, don't spend too much time on it.

By getting rid of wrong attitudes, you can try again to bring more diversity and turn to a more interesting life.

Living A Normal Life Is Okay

How To Have Brighter, Richer And More Interesting Life? 50 Tips To Spice Up Your Reality

Not everything can always be good. We get tired of problems and troubles, so we are afraid to change something. We are scared to quit our jobs, move to a new city, and start new projects. The Internet says that everyone, from 18-year-olds to retirees, has long since left their comfort zone, left boring jobs, moved to a big city, and started a successful startup.

Or, on the contrary, they gave up everything, went to the village, became farmers, and merged with nature. And just us, you and I are still sitting in our little town and going to our tedious job. And that's fine. Someone needs to do that.

It's okay to stay put and not want to change anything if your basic needs for food, comfort, and safety are met. You can go to work every day, which sometimes makes you tired, live in a small town, have a short vacation, so you can't fly whenever and wherever you want.

But, the key is to be happy and find that you already have a more interesting life. However, if you feel that you have to change your lifestyle and environment radically, there's nothing wrong with that. Just try the following tips on having a more interesting life now as it is – and if you fail – maybe it's time for some significant changes.

Pamper Yourself

How To Have Brighter, Richer And More Interesting Life? 50 Tips To Spice Up Your Reality

Interest in life begins with an interest in oneself and self-love. Take care of yourself – both physically and mentally.

Start with simple things. Pay attention to what you eat and what you wear. Try to choose clothes made only from natural fabrics, take the time to take care of yourself, stop drinking soda, and eating fast food.

It's not about giving up what you love. It won't work. It's about learning to respect your body. Learn to make your favorite dishes at home. It may still not be the healthiest food, but you can control its quality, at least in part.

You are worthy of natural materials. You deserve your skin to be in contact with proper textiles, and you deserve to eat delicious quality food and take care of yourself. A person who is loved and respected is unlikely to live uninteresting life. The more interesting life at the end of the tunnel will undoubtedly make you feel good in your skin and body.

Now Treat Yourself To Inconvenience

How To Have Brighter, Richer And More Interesting Life? 50 Tips To Spice Up Your Reality

Change traditional routes, listen to unusual music, meet new people, buy unfamiliar food, cook new dishes, read poetry instead of prose. Sometimes that is the key to arousing interest in something new.

Open your mind!

Life Is Already Interesting, Just Take A Closer Look

How To Have Brighter, Richer And More Interesting Life? 50 Tips To Spice Up Your Reality

You should not take pictures or record on camera your every moment. But sometimes, it is beneficial.

Try capturing your best moments for a month. When you review your collection of happy minutes, you realize that you already have everything you need for a more satisfying life.

Explore Your Desires

How To Have Brighter, Richer And More Interesting Life? 50 Tips To Spice Up Your Reality

We're pretty complex, and the brain is constantly playing with us. If we accepted all our thoughts as they are, we would not understand what lies behind them. So, you should always try to understand what is behind your desires and dissatisfaction.

When you want a new dress, you don't just want a new thing. You want an opportunity where you could wear it. Usually, it is it's time to mingle with people or impress a person you like.

Think about what you like about interesting people. That they don't have to go to work every day? Do they lead an active social life? Do they have a lot of money? Friends? Do they travel? What exactly do you like so much? Most likely, it is someone's personality, attitude. No matter how comfortable a person lives, you will not follow their actions if they are empty and superficial. You just have to try to become someone who radiates a more interesting life.

Road At The Arm's Length

How To Have Brighter, Richer And More Interesting Life? 50 Tips To Spice Up Your Reality

Not everyone has the opportunity to travel the world. But you can adjust your desires to reality.

Explore the place where you live, go on excursions, visit small towns, sleep by the river with tents. Until you have a chance to travel far, try to explore everything in your country. Lakes, parks, mountains, castles, agricultural estates, local attractions.

Participate In Marathons And Challenges, Keep Learning

How To Have Brighter, Richer And More Interesting Life? 50 Tips To Spice Up Your Reality

It's free. It helps make a more interesting life and is of great benefit.

Attend lessons and classes, learn to knit, sew, sing, dance. It can be a sports marathon, 365 project photography, calligraphy, or painting. The Internet often steals our time, but in return, provides an incredible amount of opportunities to learn something new, develop talents for free, and communicate with like-minded people.

Get A Pet

How To Have Brighter, Richer And More Interesting Life? 50 Tips To Spice Up Your Reality

A cat, dog, or anything you find amusing. Hours dedicated to caring for your pet will pay off when you realize how much richer and brighter your life has become. In addition, you have the opportunity to meet other pet owners.

We all follow the lives of interesting people. We probably won't be able to attend a Hollywood party or publish a bestseller, and we may not be able to buy a vineyard in southern Italy. Still, we may think hard about reality and break away from the sofa to have a more interesting life and not breaking the bank.

Remember That Life Is Amazing

How To Have Brighter, Richer And More Interesting Life? 50 Tips To Spice Up Your Reality

It flows calmly, without haste, and is more reminiscent of a standing water tank for some people. In contrast, others are teeming with mountain river-like events.

It is worth thinking about how to turn to a more interesting life, full of bright colors, because we are not given so much time to enjoy it.

You won't have time to notice how you'll find yourself on the brink of old age, regretting that you just existed and didn't live to the fullest.

What It Means To Have A More Interesting Life

How To Have Brighter, Richer And More Interesting Life? 50 Tips To Spice Up Your Reality

If you have managed to make your life enjoyable, it means that you got to:

see and know much more than other people;

not regret the time lost after many years;

have something to say to your descendants;

establish useful contacts;

improve your mood, get rid of outbursts of irritation, lethargy and apathy, characteristic of those who live in boredom;

collect a sea of vivid impressions and emotions unknown to others;

gain an incomparably new experience, and this is much more expensive than many material things.

How To Make Life More Beautiful, More Interesting And Richer?

How To Have Brighter, Richer And More Interesting Life? 50 Tips To Spice Up Your Reality

1. Go to a party, do not refuse invitations, and do not stay at home.

2. Sing karaoke songs.

3. Visit the unusual places you have been planning for a long time.

4. Try exotic foods or cook exceptional meals.

5. Meet new people more often, find new acquaintances and friends.

6. Get a pet.

7. Go hitchhiking with friends or travel only with a backpack.

8. Watch interesting movies, go to the cinema with friends.

9. Ride a bike, skateboard, go ice-skating or try skiing.

10. Try surfing or kayaking.

11. Go to live concerts and enjoy music.

12. Learn foreign languages.

13. Get a tattoo, but deliberately and from a good tattoo artist.

14. Try to live in another city or state.

15. Get a new hobby, or better, or a few.

16. Drive your bike, a motorcycle, a car with no purpose.

17. Go to museums, theater, opera.

18. Go to a fortune teller.

19. Practice yoga and meditation.

20. Hike or go into the woods.

21. Connect with nature; try gardening.

22. Play bowling, billiards, social games with your friends.

23. Watch sports events, cheer, and visit a sports arena.

24. Educate yourself and learn something new.

25. Learn to draw, sing, dance, photograph.

26. Participate in sports, challenges, marathons.

27. Invest in the relationship with your partner- spend quality time together.

28. Find your dream job.

29. Discover new landscapes, watch a sunrise or a sunset.

30. Start an exercise program.

31. Read books and write on your own.

32. Pamper yourself, visit a hairstylist or beautician.

How To Have Brighter, Richer And More Interesting Life? 50 Tips To Spice Up Your Reality

33. Play on musical instruments.

34. Try extreme sports.

35. Sunbathe on the beach.

36. Go fishing or hunting.

37. Do something with your hands; try some craft.

38. Make a brave decision, risk, and taste dreams.

39. Try something new and unusual for you, which you previously refused.

40. Go on a picnic at the park.

41. Go to a distant land.

42. Do good acts, help people, try to volunteer.

43. Arrange the complete redesign of the house.

44. Go to a friend's house.

45. Fight with your fears.

46. Surprise someone with a gift.

47. Learn to fight by going to the martial arts section.

48. Communicate with loved ones and relatives.

49. Walk to an unknown street, new places, and in the rain.

50. Start your own YouTube channel or make a webpage.

If you want to have a more exciting life, no one will make the changes for you. Take advantage of the moment while it lasts. Enjoy. Life is much shorter than many people think.