How To Handle A No Strings Attached Arrangement Like A Pro

How can a single woman maintain a friends-with-benefits arrangement without developing feelings and avoiding drama or strings?

1. Don't Pick Your Actual Friend

A no strings attached relationship is focused on casual sexual encounters, rather than friendship. It requires no commitment or emotional involvement. Therefore, a true friends-with-benefits arrangement would not be suitable.


2. Don't Go On Dates

To maintain a no strings attached relationship, it's important to keep the focus solely on sexual encounters and avoid any activities or interactions that could blur the lines of the relationship. This means not spending time together outside of the bedroom and avoiding activities such as watching movies, eating meals or spending time as friends. It's also important to remember that as both parties are single, they are free to date or engage with other people.


3. Keep Conversation Casual

To maintain a no strings attached relationship, it is important to keep things on a need-to-know basis and avoid discussing personal or intimate details of your life. Also, it is important to avoid sleepovers or spending time together outside of sexual encounters. The relationship should be focused solely on physical satisfaction, not emotional involvement, so it is important to keep a cool and detached attitude and leave after engaging in sexual activity.


4. See Other People

To maintain a no strings attached relationship, it is important to keep your options open and continue to engage with other men, whether it's flirting, texting or dating. This will help to prevent you from becoming too focused on your hookup partner and help you to maintain a sense of being a single and unattached woman. It is important to remember that the relationship is purely physical and should not interfere with your real life or other potential romantic interests.


5. Don't Ask About The Other Women In His Life

It's important to remember that as you're not in a committed relationship, you don't have the right to check up on your hookup partner or be concerned about what they do when they're not with you. Instead, focus on your own life and activities when you're not together. This will help you to maintain an emotionally detached attitude, and remember that your hookup partner is only a small part of your life, rather than being the main focus.


6. Clarify Your Status

For a no strings attached relationship to be successful, it is essential that both parties are on the same page and have a clear understanding of the nature of the relationship. It's important to have an open and honest conversation to establish that you are both single and that this relationship is purely physical, with no emotional commitment or expectations. This will prevent any confusion or misunderstandings and protect both parties from potential heartbreak.


7. Experiment Sexually

Exploring your deepest fantasies without the added stress of worrying about your partner's opinions can be liberating. Communication about sex can still be open and honest, even if other aspects of your relationship are not discussed in depth. Don't be shy about expressing your desires to your partner.

8. Stay Safe

Practicing safe sex is crucial, especially in situations where the nature of the relationship is not clear or there is a lack of trust. It is important to consider the potential risks and to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancy, especially when you don't have knowledge of your partner's past sexual behavior or activities. It is important to take steps to protect yourself, rather than risking your future.


9. Have Fun

A no-strings-attached relationship can be a great opportunity to let go of the pressure and stress of traditional relationships, and to focus on enjoying the present moment. It is important to approach such a relationship with a relaxed and casual attitude, without getting caught up in the expectations and obligations that often accompany more serious relationships. Embrace the freedom and take advantage of the physical pleasure while it lasts.