How To Handle A Narcissist In 8 Simple Ways

How To Handle A Narcissist In 8 Simple Ways

If you were to make a list of the most difficult people ever, narcissists could easily claim the top position. Dealing with these individuals is a living nightmare.

And let's not consider ourselves so much better than the obvious narcissist we see around.

Within each of us are some narcissistic traits. It's the severity of this trait that differs.

There is another issue. You can't always know a narcissist until you are too deeply involved with one. At this point, you will be desperately looking for the closest exit, but you can't get out without causing some damage to one of you.

Narcissistic Charm Is Very Deceptive.

It draws you in, and once you fall for it, you want nothing but to get out because you finally realize it was all a front.

What makes you vulnerable to the wily narcissist is usually the relationship. Maybe it's your parent, sibling, lover, colleague, or the person you are expected to trust automatically.

But there are times you just have to put up with a narcissist. It could be a co-worker, a teacher, an employee, or anyone else.

Today, I also want you to understand something. Narcissists are not always unbearable.

You might find that narcissism is a small part of who they are and that they are generally great people you can actually enjoy being around.

Obviously, it is impossible to live with some kinds of narcissists.

These kinds are always antagonistic and looking for a way to exploit you and take you for a ride. You are better off without this lot.

But when it's all said and done, here is how you deal with a narcissist.

1. Understand The Narcissist Type You Are Dealing With

Some narcissists actually feel bad about themselves, and that tames their overt narcissistic traits. But others have towering egos. The grandiose narcissist can do incredible things if you can make them agree to your goals.

2. Be Positive

Even when the narcissist gets under your skin, remain as positive as you can. This will make them feel like their efforts to annoy you are getting nowhere and they will stop.

3. Understand Your Anger

A narcissist can drive you up the wall, and you can control yourself better if you can manage to get to the bottom of your anger problem.

4. Have A Sense Of Humor About It

When they do something inappropriate to get on your nerves, instead of getting your feathers ruffled, you could laugh about it. That will make them question their behavior in the future.

5. Appreciate The Source Of Their Behavior

Narcissists are broken and need to do something to feel better about themselves. So, understand that and don't hold their behavior against them.

6. Don't Be Distracted

A narcissist can make you lose your focus. But even with their distractions, learn to find some balance to maintain a focus on your goals.

7. Consider The Context

Sometimes, accept that the narcissist's reactions are justified. If they go off over false accusations, at least don't hold their emotional reactions against them.

8. See The Person's Need For Help

Some narcissists are really broken and they need a self-esteem boost. Psychology has shown that long-held behaviors can be changed. So, if you are up to it, you can try to help. Your effort might change a life, and wouldn't that be something?

If given a choice to avoid a narcissist, the surest path to peace of mind would be evasion. But if you have no choice but to put up with one, there are ways you can cope. Above are some suggestions that might help.