How To Get Your First Threaded Eyebrows–A Beginner's Guide

How To Get Your First Threaded Eyebrows–a Beginner’s Guide

After realizing how much better your eyebrows can be after threading, there will be no turning back. This might be the first time you are hearing about the threading of eyebrows as a hair removal technique. However, it has been around for ages, and it originated from ancient Indians.

But although it feels a bit painful to thread eyebrows, it is one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted eyebrows. So you will understand this cosmetic procedure better, here's a look at everything it entails.

1. The pain is tolerable

The pain and discomfort that comes with threading is comparable to tweezing several hairs in one go. But the pain you feel will also depend on your pain tolerance and the expert working on you.

2. Don't Go Overboard With The Makeup

Applying a lot of makeup will only result in a mess as you get the eyebrows threaded.

3. Ask

During the procedure, you will be asked to pull your eyelids in the opposite direction. But they might assume you know this, which is why you should ask any questions if you have never been through the procedure before.

4. Make It Clear What You Want

The therapist might decide what's best for you and start working on it without your input. But threading eyebrows is diverse. So, if you want something unique, be sure to make your preferences known.

5. Say Yes To The Aloe Vera Gel

It will cool you and reduce the redness.

how to get your first threaded eyebrows–a beginner's guide

6. Some Random Side Effects

You might sneeze, and your eyes might water. But no, it's not from the pain but the sensitivity the procedure brings with it.

7. The Massage Is Welcome

This depends on where you are getting the procedure. You might get a bit of Indian-style head massage that should take away any pain the procedure caused.

8. Do You Want Your Brows Trimmed, Or Not

Once the threading is over, you can get the brows trimmed to make them look neater. Unless you have thick eyebrows, skip this procedure.

9. Focus On Having The Best Eyebrows Possible

Despite everything you have to bear to get your eyebrows threaded, remember that you will end up with very good-looking eyebrows. If they were sparse or bushy, that will change after the threading.

how to get your first threaded eyebrows–a beginner's guide

10. You Can Get Some Makeup If You Wish

Once the threading is over, your therapist can apply concealer or foundation. However, that is not advisable as the product will clog up the pores left after the hair removal process, which can result in spots.

11. What About The Redness?

Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you might suffer some redness. So, make sure you have at least an hour after the procedure before heading out on that date to avoid questions about your eyebrows.

how to get your first threaded eyebrows–a beginner's guide

12. Tweezing Will Be Much Easier

You will not have to tweeze your hair in between your threading appointments.

13. Make Sure You Are Happy

After the procedure, have a good look at the results your therapist has achieved. You might note that a little more attention might be necessary before you achieve your perfect look.

14. Applying Makeup Will Be Easier Afterward

After threading, applying makeup on your eyebrows the next morning will be much easier. But best of all, you will always look much better after threading.

15. You're Good For 5 to 6 Weeks

Once you have had one appointment, you will be good to go for about 5 to 6 weeks. In between, you will not have to do any tweezing. You just have to wait for your next threading for eyebrows appointment.