How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Sleep With You (The Irresistible Way)

Chemistry plays a significant role in many relationships.

In addition to emotional chemistry, physical attraction also contributes to many relationships. You probably know what I mean.

We're referring to the sensations that make your skin tingle when he touches you and leave you wanting more when he kisses you.

It's likely that you experienced all of that and more with your ex-boyfriend, so it's understandable that you miss it. If you're reading this guide, it's possible that you're considering rekindling that connection and experiencing those feelings again with him.

If you and your ex-boyfriend have already ended your relationship, how can you rekindle those feelings?

Don't worry, it's not a hopeless situation. In this article, we will guide you on how to rekindle that intimate connection with your ex-boyfriend.


Before you consider getting intimate with your ex, it's essential to take a moment and understand why you want to do it.

In other words, what are your expectations from this encounter? Depending on your goals, your approach may vary.

If you're looking for a casual, no-strings-attached sexual encounter with him, you may have more flexibility in your approach to reigniting his interest.

On the other hand, if you're aiming to rekindle his romantic interest through sex, it will require a more concerted effort.

Regardless of which motivation aligns more with your desires, we will provide strategies that are effective for both scenarios.


We cannot emphasize this enough: take some time to recover after the breakup.

Emotions tend to run high after a breakup, and you may feel a mix of anger, disappointment, sadness, and loneliness.

These intense emotions can lead to impulsive decisions that you may regret later. It's even possible that your desire to sleep with your ex again is fueled by these very emotions.

Our recommendation is to follow a strict "no contact" rule.

This means setting a specific number of days or weeks during which you won't communicate with your ex at all after the breakup. This is a common practice among many women worldwide, with periods ranging from a couple of weeks to several months.

The specific length of time depends on your individual situation. On average, a good timeframe is around three to four weeks.

During that time, focus on taking care of yourself and improving as a person. Put all your energy into self-improvement.

Not only will this make you feel accomplished, but your ex will be amazed when he sees the new and improved version of you when you finally contact him again.


Seduction is like a dance, and just like any other dance, a single misstep can throw off the rhythm.

If you don't know what those missteps are, it's challenging to avoid them. Therefore, we will outline all of them for you below.

Pleading with him to sleep with you

Your main goal is to get him to sleep with you, but begging is always a turn-off. It can cheapen you and shift the power dynamic, putting all the control in his hands.

When you beg, the best outcome is that he may choose to take pity on you. However, the worst outcome is that he may walk away from you entirely.

Even if the best outcome happens and he takes pity on you, do you really want that?

In short, no. In a longer answer, you want to tantalize him so much that he's begging on his knees to please you.

Putting too much pressure on him

While similar to begging, there is a distinction to be made here. In addition to trying to convince him to sleep with you, you might be pressuring him to make a commitment to you right away.

If your ultimate goal is to rekindle a relationship with him, some degree of pressure may be necessary. However, you should approach this with subtlety. If you are too forceful or direct, it may backfire and push him further away. Instead, you should aim to create an environment where he feels like he needs you back on his own, without being explicitly told to do so.

Avoid constantly dropping hints that you want to date him again or outright demanding he get back together with you right now as this won't work. Doing this can actually make him withdraw from you forever, so it's crucial to avoid it at all costs.

Coming across as too easy

Seduction, like a dance, can also resemble a pursuit where you assume the position of the prey and your partner takes on the guise of the hunter, at least on the surface.

In reality, the roles are reversed as you hold the upper hand, and your partner may not even be aware of it.

To maintain control, you can distribute your flirtatious and seductive gestures at your discretion, and only after your partner has earned them.

Your partner can win your affection by charming and captivating you. He should focus his attention on you and establish a strong foundation of attraction that you cannot resist.

All the efforts would be in vain if you give in to his advances too soon. This will cut short the excitement and he may start to perceive you as an easy target for casual hookups.

If your intention is to have a casual relationship with him, that's okay. However, if you're hoping to rekindle a serious relationship with your ex, you need to handle things with greater care and deliberation.

Bombarding him with messages and texts

It's apparent that you have some level of interest in him; otherwise, you wouldn't want to get back with him. When we develop feelings for someone, we tend to get anxious when they don't respond to us promptly.

It becomes even more challenging when you're in touch with your ex as you're exposing yourself to him. You're making yourself vulnerable to the possible rejection of someone with whom you once had an intimate connection.

Therefore, you might find it even more challenging to resist the temptation of repeatedly texting him.

You may start to convince yourself by thinking, "Perhaps he missed my first message... If I send another one, he might take notice."

You're partly right and partly wrong here. It's true that you may get his attention, but it might irritate him instead.

He may perceive you as a needy person who can't handle being alone, and this can be unappealing to him. Nobody wants to be intimate with someone who comes across as clingy.


Knowing what to avoid is just one aspect of the challenge. Equally important is comprehending the steps that you must follow in this seductive pursuit.

Now, let's discuss the plan:

Tease him in texts

The majority of men find it challenging to resist a bit of teasing. It makes them feel like they are a hunter or James Bond, setting their sights on their Bond girl.

The trick to teasing him is to merely suggest the possibilities. To reach this stage, you need to have contacted him after the no-contact period and initiated a new conversation.

If you need assistance in figuring out what to say, we have a guide on texting your ex-boyfriend after a no-contact period.

Once you've established a comfortable flow of conversation, begin dropping some flirtatious hints. Incorporate suggestive emojis, such as the wink face, every now and then.

You could mention to him that you had an intense dream about him the previous night. When he inquires about the details, take your time responding.

In the meantime, he'll be going wild imagining you.

Do you need some additional assistance in creating the perfect flirtatious text? There is, in fact, a course that includes numerous text templates that you can use to make your ex-boyfriend crave you.

The Text Chemistry course, created by romance expert Amy North, is what it's called. We highly suggest it if you're unsure about your texting abilities.

Up your flirting game when you meet

The next step after establishing communication is to persuade him to meet with you in person. Nevertheless, when you finally meet, don't plan to sleep with him right away.

That will come later. The initial time you spend together again will be devoted to showcasing the best version of yourself to him.

Wear something cute but not too sexy just yet. Revealing too much too soon can give away all your cards too early.

To choose a meeting place, opt for a casual setting in public. Going for a drink or a quick meal are good options.

As you did through text or social media, continue building the conversation with him in person. As the conversation progresses, gradually increase the level of flirtation.

As your conversation progresses, start to add some flirtatious touches to your interactions. Gently touch his arm or hand, make eye contact and smile, and maybe even bite your lip once as you're about to leave. Take a moment to let your eyes linger over his entire body before walking out the door.

He won't be able to resist feeling the heat from your flirtatious behavior. After leaving, he'll likely be frantically texting you within moments.

Don't give in to him right away

Even if you're intensely attracted to him, it's important not to give in to him immediately. Avoid getting into bed with him right away.

This is relevant to you even if you're seeking casual and sensual enjoyment. Why, you may ask?

Engaging in physical intimacy right away takes away the excitement of the pursuit. The best sexual experiences, the ones you remember fondly, are built on anticipation and attraction long before any physical contact occurs.

It's a gradual process that requires effort from both parties. Sexual tension and passion are cultivated over time until they reach a boiling point and finally erupt.

Rushing into intimacy is akin to only partially inflating a balloon. While you'll see its form, it won't be as captivating or magnificent as it would be if you had fully inflated it. Taking the time to fill it completely yields a more enjoyable and attractive result.

If you want a relationship, let him know that sex comes with the territory of a commitment for you

This advice pertains only to those who aim to reconcile with their partner permanently.

If you fall into this category, the last thing you should do is become a mere casual hookup. To avoid this, it's crucial to communicate your intentions clearly before engaging in sexual activity with him.

It's important to be transparent with him regarding your expectations. Express that while you're undoubtedly drawn to him, your heart needs to be invested in the relationship as well.

Keep teasing him gradually while making it clear that both your heart and body are interconnected. Let him know that to gain access to your body, he must first capture your heart once more.

Remember, a relationship requires mutual desire. He must also be willing to pursue a future with you.

If you've invested time into conversing and flirting with each other, he may have rediscovered the bond between you. You may find that he's eager to fall in love with you all over again.

Have some fun, and enjoy the chase

Don't forget that seduction can be an enjoyable experience for both parties involved. While the situation may carry weight and seriousness, it's still essential to find pleasure in the journey.

Seducing him should not feel like a task, but rather something you genuinely desire, something that excites you and makes your heart race.

Rekindling your relationship with him should bring you joy, and you should cherish every moment you spend with him. If you don't relish the flirting and the chemistry, then there's no real incentive to seduce him, is there?


For women seeking to reconcile with their ex, were you aware that there's a level beyond love in the hierarchy of attachment?

If you wish to maintain a long-lasting relationship, it's essential to recognize that while love is fantastic, it can diminish over time. Therefore, to ensure that your partner stays by your side for as long as possible, it's crucial to work towards fostering a sense of devotion in them towards you.

To achieve this goal, you must comprehend the workings of the average man's mind. With this knowledge, you can leverage his psychology to ensure that he thinks of you incessantly, day and night.

The technique can even be effective on your ex-boyfriend. To gain a deeper understanding of this approach, we suggest exploring the Devotion System.

Amy North's program, the Devotion System, delves into all facets of male psychology in the context of romance. She provides strategies that will render your ex-boyfriend unable to resist you, even for reasons he may not comprehend.