How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back On Social Media

Social media accounts have become an ubiquitous presence in our lives.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have a profound impact on our daily routines, influencing both the good and bad aspects of our existence. These platforms have become an integral part of our relationships as well.

The phrase "Facebook official" is widely used when referring to changes in relationship status on social media. With the ease of self-expression and connection offered by these platforms, you can document the ups and downs of your romantic relationships for all to see.

Can you use social media to win back your ex? The short answer is yes.

Want to know the details? Here's a comprehensive guide on how to get your ex-boyfriend back on social media.


Keep in mind that simply jumping into trying to win your ex back is not the way to go. If you act too aggressively too soon, it could drive your ex away permanently.

In addition, you could end up causing yourself even more heartbreak.

A no-contact rule, as recommended by numerous relationship experts, is a good starting point. This means choosing to have no communication with your ex for a specific period of time that you set.

A one-month no-contact period is a good balance. During this time, you can focus on self-improvement and healing, so that you return to the relationship stronger and more attractive.

If talking to your ex might be too tempting during the no-contact period, consider unfollowing or temporarily suspending your friendship on social media. For example, Facebook has an option to take a break from a friend without completely unfriending or blocking them.


When trying to win back your ex, avoiding mistakes is as crucial as taking the right steps.

Here are the top social media mistakes that women make when trying to get their ex-boyfriend's attention:

Airing Your Dirty Laundry Publicly

Our social media accounts are a valuable source of support, filled with friends, family, coworkers, and distant acquaintances who are part of our lives.

After a breakup, it's natural to seek comfort on social media. You may be tempted to post a lengthy status about the end of your relationship and how you feel wronged.

The desire to see all your loved ones rush to your side and to hurt your ex as much as he hurt you is understandable.

However, this approach is not recommended. Posting such statuses will only demonstrate that you are a vindictive and bitter person who cannot let go of personal conflicts.

If there was a chance of getting back together with your ex, this approach will completely extinguish it.

Hence, some females may have the urge to share a status on social media expressing their deep love and longing for their former boyfriend. However, it's advisable not to do so.

In reality, it's best to avoid posting any statuses related to him. Currently, the matter is between the two of you, not you and your 400 online followers.

Trying To Make Him Jealous By Posting About Your Dates

You might have noticed this trend everywhere, women trying to make their ex-boyfriend feel envious by giving the impression that they are attractive to someone else.

To be straightforward, jealousy can be an effective tool. When utilized correctly, it can drive your ex crazy with the desire to win you back.

But there's no need to resort to harmful methods to spark jealousy. Posting statuses and pictures with other men with the expectation that he will see it is not the solution.

The reason being, even if he does come across these posts and feels a hint of jealousy, he might just opt to unfollow you.

In the worst-case scenario, he might even block you, making it close to impossible to reconcile with him.

It doesn't mean you shouldn't go on dates or live your life while waiting. Of course, you should (just keep in mind that getting too serious with someone else may not be ideal if you still have feelings for your ex).

Simply, be considerate of his emotions. You wouldn't appreciate him sharing about other women, so keep the details of your dating life private for now.

Creeping Through His Profile ALL THE TIME

If you're frequently checking your social media for any new posts from your ex-boyfriend, we see you.

Our question to you is, what are you hoping to achieve by constantly creeping on his profile?

Take a moment to be honest with yourself, you won't gain anything productive from this self-destructive behavior. Most likely, you're doing it to be alerted the moment he shows interest in someone else or appears to have moved on.

Continuously going through his profile will only lead to more emotional pain.

Take a step back from his profile. If you can't control the urge to stalk him, consider taking a break from social media until you regain your composure.

Sharing Too Much

Even if you're not actively looking through your ex's profile, you may still have a small hope that he's keeping tabs on yours.

Thus, you start posting more pictures, statuses, locations, check-ins, and showcasing everything in your feed to make it seem like you have moved on.

As long as it looks good and makes you appear happy, it gets posted. Anything to give the illusion of having moved on.

We're willing to bet that you have at least one friend who has posted too much, flooding your newsfeed with irrelevant posts every day. And we're also willing to bet that, if they didn't stop soon enough, you ended up unfollowing them.

Overloading your ex with too many frequent posts will lead to the same result. He'll eventually unfollow you as well.

Observing your posts on social media, it's likely that your ex-boyfriend will come across a few of them. However, it's crucial to understand the male psyche if you hope to recapture his heart.

Blocking Him

It's important to emphasize that we believe blocking your ex is a valid option, especially when you need to shield yourself from any negativity or to move on from the relationship.

But, if your goal is to rekindle the relationship, blocking him isn't an effective strategy. How can you use social media to reconnect if there's no way for him to reach out to you?

If you're feeling overwhelmed by seeing his posts on your feed, temporarily unfollowing him or taking a break from social media may be a wise decision. This way, when you're ready to make a serious effort to win him back, you won't have to go through the awkward process of re-adding him.


Now that you know what to avoid, you may wonder what actually works to get your ex-boyfriend interested in you again.

The answer is simple - social media. Here's how to make it work in your favor:

Take A Break From Posting For Awhile

You may be puzzled by this suggestion, but taking a break from social media has numerous advantages when trying to win your ex-boyfriend back.

Firstly, it prevents you from committing the mistakes we've discussed, like badmouthing your ex or stalking his profile.

Secondly, it piques his curiosity. He'll naturally wonder where you are and what you're doing, and without your posts to provide him with information, he'll be left to his imagination.

He might even reach out to you to find out what's going on.

Then Put Your Wellness On Display

If you decide to return to social media, use it to showcase how well you're doing, but be careful not to overshare.

Post status updates about your plans and show everyone that you're moving on from the breakup and looking forward to the future.

You can also post occasional pictures of yourself looking happy.

By doing so, you're demonstrating to your ex-boyfriend that you don't need him. Even if you're still deeply in love with him, he'll see you as a strong, confident, and positive individual.

He'll be attracted to your positive energy like a magnet. He'll start to miss you and question why you're not missing him.

Make Sure Your Posts Sound Bright And Positive

No matter what you post, it's crucial to maintain a positive tone. Even if you're feeling terrible, don't let your ex see that you're struggling.

Present a positive outlook on your life. The objective is to demonstrate to everyone, including your former partner, that you are doing well and enjoying life to its fullest.

If you only share negative posts about your depression and inability to move on from your ex, then that is what they will see: someone who is unable to let go.

In matters of love, it's better to be in demand rather than needing someone excessively. Being too dependent on someone gives them the upper hand and can make you appear undesirable and desperate.

If you can't think of anything uplifting to post, follow the age-old saying: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Give yourself time to heal and then return to posting on your social media accounts when you feel better.

Show Him That He's Still On Your Mind

This approach is something that you won't implement immediately. You need to wait until after your no-contact period (if you did one) or until some time has passed.

If you start this too soon, your ex will think you are fixated on them and that will turn them off faster than anything else.

Instead, you will let them know that you are thinking about them indirectly. Rather than posting a status or direct messaging them to express your thoughts, start tagging them in things.

See a meme that you think would make them laugh? Tag them in it.

Did someone share a video that you know they would find interesting? You guessed it: tag them.

Don't overdo the tagging though, aim to tag them in things no more than once every day or two.

A little goes a long way in this case. They will be aware that you are still thinking about them and that you care about things they enjoy.

Start Up A Conversation Once You're Feeling More Comfortable

Wait until you are feeling better or take cues from their behavior if they show interest in you such as tagging you in things, posting on your wall, or commenting on your statuses.

When you're ready, reach out to them through direct messaging. The content of your message is entirely up to you.

You can ask how they are doing, send them a joke, or reminisce about your relationship. If you need inspiration, you can modify some of the texts from our article on what to text your boyfriend after a no-contact period for a message on a social media platform.

If they respond with more than a one-word answer, that's great. They are clearly interested in talking to you.

Keep the conversation lighthearted and easy in the beginning. The goal is to use social media to arrange a face-to-face meeting where you can discuss your feelings.

Don't try to start the relationship again solely through social media. Rather, it's a tool to arrange that first meeting.

Observe their tone and how they communicate with you. When they seem friendly and responsive, consider asking them to meet you for lunch or coffee.

In-person interactions are crucial in effectively conveying your intentions of reconciliation. This way, you can have a direct and sincere dialogue with your ex, allowing him to truly comprehend and respond to your feelings instead of them being misinterpreted through texts.