How To Get Your Ex Back: The No-BS Guide To Getting Back Together

How To Get Your Ex Back: The No-bs Guide To Getting Back Together

You need to know how to get your ex back. Here's everything you truly need to know. After reading, you need to do a lot of soul searching to discover what you need.

Most of us have broken up a relationship at least once. Yet, we continued to love the other person even after, while wondering how to get the ex back.

Sometimes you realize that maybe we shouldn't have ended it and that there was some other solution to the problems you had in the relationship. Then you spend time wondering how to get your ex back and make everything the same as before. And to be clear, things always change, for better or for worse.

One of the reasons you want your ex back is because you may have idealized them. Think for a moment who your ex-partner is.

People often tend to return to their comfort zone. And the comfort zone is often not the best place where we can be. Some genuinely fabulous things can happen outside of it.

Trying to get your ex back isn't always the best idea, but if you're determined that they are worth it, try some of these tips.

How to get your ex back? Give them space

Although you're probably so impatient and the advice "Give them some time" sounds the worst you've ever received, experience has shown that this is what your ex needs.

If you've recently broken up, give them some space to think and realize how much they actually miss you. If they, indeed, miss being with you.

After all, how will the ex even realize breaking up was a mistake if you're always next to them?

If your relationship were real, healthy, your ex-partner would have times of doubt. However, the extra pressure will not make things any better.

Determine the reasons why you broke up

First of all, you should determine the reasons why you broke up.

Define what bothered your ex and why your relationship didn't work. Some of the most common reasons for breakups are jealousy and possessiveness, insecurity, and lack of self-confidence.

Will things be any better second time around? Doubtful, since your foundation was not healthy or mature.

Another possible reason for a partner to break up is to leave you for someone else. And there's a chance that one of you fell out of love, or got stuck in a routine.

As you can see, the reasons for the breakup can be numerous. Still, it is essential that you first understand exactly why the split happened. It's usually a combination of things, so you have to have a realistic approach to which issues can be resolved and which can't.

If you know what your problems were, you most likely have ideas on how to solve them and how to get your ex back. Still, you're not thinking objectively, and that's why we are here.

How to get your ex back? Don't be annoying or clingy

People are mostly desperate after a breakup, so they call and text their ex all day long, trying to get them back. By doing so, you're only showing how hopeless and miserable you are and proving you can't live without them.

Your ex will know that they have you in their pocket and can do whatever they want. You shouldn't call or text your ex for at least 3-4 weeks. That period is enough for you to think about everything and decide whether you really want your ex back and how you can achieve it.

Besides, if you don't call or text your ex at all, they'll ask themselves why, and start to think of you.

Of course, all of these things can make them call you first. Patience is a virtue, and by avoiding contacting your previous partner, you're showing that you're needy.

If they do call you, the most important thing is to pretend that you're in a good mood and that everything is going well in your life. Remember that your ex should never see you depressed, especially not because of them. You can tell them you miss them, yet make sure that your voice isn't shaky and that you are doing the best you can.

However, don't wait more than a month to call them back, because, in the meantime, they can meet someone new and start a new relationship. A month is quite a period to let them think and resolve any dilemma.

Please don't give in to their selfish reasons

It often happens that exes continue to contact you because of selfish reasons - they want sex.

It is possible that after all, they'll invite you to spend a day or night together thinking of only one thing. No doubt that night will be beautiful for both of you, but what do you get off of it?

After another passionate night, it can only be more challenging for you if you love your ex. Of course, your ex doesn't have to use sex as a weapon.

They might call you to boost their ego or because they need something. So, it would help if you were calm and collected while you're talking to them.

Though you're still thinking about how to get your ex back, don't let them manipulate your emotions. Be proud and hold on to your dignity.

Pride and love don't go hand in hand, but when the relationship ends, you feel more vulnerable than usual. That's why it's ok to keep certain things under control.

Thus, do not accept any intimate relations with your ex in that period because that will not solve your problem. No small favors, since you'll be paying a huge price for each one of them!

Self-love is an answer to how to your ex back

One of the old methods to get your ex's attention is to make them jealous. But, it's petty, and most of the time, they will know that you're doing everything to gain their attention. Instead, focus on yourself.

Start living your life. Enjoy. Spend more time with your friends and learn the art of being single. If you focus on making yourself happy, it sends a message to your ex that you may still love them, but you love yourself more.

If you're still wondering how to get your ex back, believe it, it always works. Don't be surprised if your ex starts contacting you because most of them do.

Try to be the best possible version of yourself, a better and stronger person. Do the things that fulfill you. Use your time in the right way; don't sit around and wait. Send a clear message that you're not going to stop living, despite not being with the one you love.

They say that success is the best revenge. And when it comes to heartbreak, the only success comes in the form of self-love.

Ultimately, the real question is not about your break up or how to get your ex back. It's about falling in love with yourself because that will make you more loveable and, therefore, a better partner.