How To Get Your Crush Head Over Heels And Then Some

How To Get Your Crush Head Over Heels And Then Some

We all find ourselves staring at our flavour of the week for an embarrassingly long time in the school classroom. Indeed, we all remember our first ever crush that finally made all the lovey trashy pop songs make sense.

Case and point: Rockstar, by Hannah Montana. If you haven't heard of it, firstly, what rock have you been living under – second, go and give it a listen. Suddenly, all of your 12-year-old fantasies will be validated. We are all the same, after all. We just want to be loved. To do that we have to make the first move on our crush.

Easier Said Than Done.

But that's where I come in, lovelies!

1. Practice a genuine smile – a dazzling array of pearly whites will go a long way to clinching the interest of a passing chap. It's tried and tested, just as Elle Woods swears by the Bend and Snap (patent pending), the value of a charming smile cannot be underestimated.

2. Change it up a bit! If you normally go for a full face of makeup, why not try going barefaced the next time you see your guy? Or, equally, if you are happy just chilling without make-up normally, maybe try a dash of eye shadow or lipstick. If the guys have to make an effort, so do you! Why not go rogue with accessories or some eye-catching jewellery. If nothing else, it will catch the light and get their attention that way!

3. Feel confident in your own skin! Confidence is basically gold dust in mating rituals. When you've got it, guys can sense that and you immediately stand out from the crowd. Know yourself and then you can present to the men around you exactly what they want. Hint: it's you.

4. Play hard to get – just a bit. If you're normally a very punctual (obsessive) replier, why not leave their message for an hour or two. Or leave them on read (if you have the nerve and want to see if they're going to try again). Don't do this outside the bounds of politeness. You are trying to court him, after all. But don't convey that you're always available for him. It's a fact universally acknowledged that guys want what they can't have. Such is the way of the world.

And some more, in case you didn't see anything down your alley...

Here's Some More Suggestions…

1. Bite your lip. It's just science, don't ask me.

2. Recommend a book that you think he'll like, or a film or TV show – this shows that you have not only common interests, but you are willing to engage with his worlds. Here, two worlds can meet and you can both become well-rounded individuals. You might also blow his mind by sharing the same tastes in Murder Mystery novels as he does.

3. Get his number early – maybe you feel like the guy should traditionally be the first person to make the move and get each other's numbers. Not so. It's 2019, guys! Why not be gutsy for a change and boldly request his number. While he gives his digits away he may well pass along his heart too. Well, we can dream, I guess.

4. Communication! Yes, we do love a fun period of playing hard to get and decoding each other's messages, but there comes a point when you both deserve emotional maturity. This comes with time, but try to be clear early on about personal boundaries, expectations and what you want. Taking control and having conviction in yourself is impossible to ignore and you will find that your chap will be only too happy to oblige.

And A Final Message For The Guys Or Gals On The Other Side Of The Courtship…

Whip in some compliments too, when you can see that she's made an effort to impress you. If you notice it, say something! Her hair, clothes or shoes… even her body – so long as you are respectful and above all else, when you compliment anyone, the golden rule… Mean what you say! Don't just say things for the sake of saying them or say things that you think she wants to hear. Stick to your instincts and you'll be grand.

Good luck!