How To Get The Boy You Like To Like You Back

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No, the use of spells and love potions is not part of how to get the boy you like to be yours. But that should be good news because it means you don't need any special abilities to make a boy you like to be yours.

Sure, you will need to put in some work, especially if he isn't even sure you exist. However, the important thing is that it'll probably be easier than you ever imagined.

Also, accept that patience is the name of the game. Before your crush can see you as a potential partner, you will need a bit of time to demonstrate your potential. Ultimately, the goal is to make the boy like you back.


1. Make A Move If You Like Him

I know social norms dictate that the guy makes the first move. But things have changed, and today, girls also approach guys, especially when they are clearly interested in them.

Why wait around for him to make a move when you can do it yourself? Many girls have seen guys they like get snatched up by some other girl because they chose not to make a move.


So, if you like him, and he is not aware of this fact, it falls upon you to make him realize you are a catch. Luckily, you don't have to go all the way and pursue him ruthlessly to get his attention.

If he is also interested, making a move that demonstrates your approachability is all you need to make him make his move.

2. To Make Him Like You, Be Approachable

Some people have intimidating personalities or attitudes, and if you fall into this category, working on your approachability is very important if you want the boy to like you.


If you are closed off, he might think you are not even interested. Being approachable means you have to be sociable, and that includes demonstrating your interest in him.

Also, avoid negative emotions when interacting with him. Being angry or upset will make it harder for him to develop a connection with you.

You can ask him to join you for a meal or do something else to demonstrate that you like his attention.


3. Make Him Talk About His Passions

Without a doubt, one of the best tips on how to get the boy you like to like you is to take an interest in his passions.

If you have talked to him for some time, even if it was over texts, you have probably learned a thing or two about what he loves.

Maybe he loves movies, sports, or music. Whatever it is, indulge him and that will get the conversation going.


Talking about your passions makes you feel good. So, if he can feel good about himself on your account, he will find you more attractive.

4. Use Body Language. That Will Make Him Like You

Body language accounts for a lot of the communication we have with others. And you should pay especially close attention to it when trying to get someone attracted to you.


For instance, when talking to him, you can lean a little closer, which will make him realize that you find him attractive. The right body language will make the boy see that you are interested, and if he is, he will respond in kind.

Other kinds of body language you can use include touching him lightly, crossing your arms, and so forth.

Similarly, avoid body language that implies that you might not be interested in him. For instance, avoid crossing your arms or don't look away when he looks you in the eyes.


5. Having A Life Will Make Him Like You Better

Funnily enough, the best way to draw someone in is to focus more on yourself. We are social creatures, and that makes being alone quite scary for us.

That can make us latch onto the first person who offers the promise of quality company like our lives depends on it.


But that's the last thing you should do if you want your crush to like you and even chase after you.

Neediness makes you seem desperate, and that will make him want to flee from you at the first chance he gets.

When you have a life, your true value is highlighted. For instance, pick a new activity, or do the exciting things you usually do such as hiking, going to the movies, and so forth.


Guys love being involved with girls who will not make them the entire focus of their lives. He can also learn a lot of exciting things from you and truly respect you for it.

However, even as you work to make sure you have a life, don't get too caught up in it. You still have to make sure you give him some of this time so you have time to form a relationship.

Having a life does not mean nobody else can be part of it. And making him the entire focus of your life is not how to get the boy you like to like you back.


So, learn to strike a balance.

6. Befriend Him

Friendship can get you really far in your journey towards finding love. For one, we all like those we call friends.

So, by becoming his friend, he will naturally like you as well. From there, if you are still sure you want something more, you will be in a better position to convince him to take you more seriously as a partner.


Obviously, to be a friend to him, you should be friendly by being helpful, loving his company, and so forth.

7. Try To Know Him A Little

Before you get so caught up wondering how to get the boy you like to like you back, take an interest in his life and what he might offer.

Even though you have seen the boy and liked him, it does not automatically mean he will be everything you hoped he will be once you become partners. The first step, therefore, is to know more about him.


So, interact with him more and find out what he is all about. Is he smart or funny or nice? If any of these attributes matter to you, then you should try to discover if he has them well ahead of time.

It's much better to learn the truth early than to discover an important deal-breaker when the relationship has already formed.

8. Try Flirting To Make Him Like You As A Potential Partner

When you want romantic attention from a guy, there is no better way to do it than by flirting. This will show him you are comfortable around him and that you find him attractive as a partner.


If he feels the same way, then in all likelihood, he will jump at the opportunity to ask you out.

Flirting usually starts with some harmless teasing that makes you comfortable enough with each other's company to get into naughty flirtations. As you know, that easily gets a relationship started.

9. Project Confidence

Just because you are crazy about him and can feel your heart pounding in your chest whenever you see him, it does not mean you make a fool of yourself in his presence.


He is just a guy. Just as with girls, having self confidence is part of how to get the boy you like to like you better.

So, calm down and try to have a normal interaction with him. Be confident and make eye contact.

When you act nervous, he might take that as a sign that something about him is making you uncomfortable. He might conclude you don't even like him, and that would completely ruin your chances of making him yours.


10. To Make Him Like You More, Be Proud Of Your Interests And Hobbies

If you think toning down your interests will make him more drawn to you, then you are wrong. If the guy is to like and trust you, he has to see more of you than you would normally want him to see.


That means sharing with him things you are passionate about. Don't fall for the trap many girls get into by pretending to like things the boy likes when they don't.

If you don't agree on something, then don't act as you do. You might come off as a girl who has no mind of her own, and there's nothing attractive about that.

11. Confirm That He's Not In A Relationship

My guess is that if you are interested enough in the boy to want him to take an interest in you, you want more than a friendship. So, before you decide to make him your boyfriend, be sure to confirm that he is not already in another relationship.


If he is, then you can focus on just being friends. Otherwise, if you try to make him your partner when he is already in a relationship, he will either back off or you will get entangled in someone else's affair.

But if he is already taken, take heart and know that there is a guy out there for you and that you will find him if you keep looking.

12. Look Your Best And Make Him Like You And Your Appearance

Physical appearance is very important to guys, especially if you want him to pursue you. So, make sure you dress to impress and chances are that he will notice you more.


Guys are very visual, and looking your best is the best way to make him interested in you, at least at first.

If you clearly put an effort into your appearance, he will undoubtedly take notice, and that would be a huge plus for you as far as winning his attention goes.

13. Have A Sense Of Humor

Humor is very important in dating. And if you are looking for an additional technique on how to get the boy you like, then know that a sense of humor really helps.


So, if you have a sense of humor, use it to your advantage.

You don't have to make a fool of yourself trying to be funny. Even a demonstration that you enjoy his particular brand of humor can be enough proof that you have a good sense of humor.

Also, don't be afraid to laugh at yourself. Taking yourself too seriously makes you appear too sensitive and that can make you less exciting.


14. Use Compliments To Make Him Like You

Guys hardly get any compliments, which is why one genuine compliment is one of the most effective tricks on how to get the boy you like to take an interest in you.

A compliment will make him open up to you and have a special interest in you. You can highlight his dressing, intelligence, looks, and so forth.


If possible, you can even make the compliment flirtatious, which would create an even better impression.

So, What's The Lesson Here?

A time comes when you want someone in your life. And traditionally, the guy should make the first move. That's why how to get the boy you like to take an interest in you might be of concern to you.


But what if you notice him and develop an interest before he does?

Obviously, the ball will be in your court, which is why these tips on how to get the boy you like to like you can help you make him attracted to you so you can form a relationship. As you can see, it does not take much effort. Besides, you can always keep checking out for signs that he likes you.